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  1. Fyrios


    @Nephilim What is that thing, the cringe... it's palpable... it hurts
  2. You still didn't fite me in Battleforge :rage::blight::mo::jorne::kaboom:

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    2. ThomasMann
    3. Ultrakool


      Given the current state of the server, you two probably will only be fighting until one admits defeat.

    4. Eddio


      I admit defeat.

  3. Fyrios


    I need the worst battleforge puns you can think of. It's for scientifical reasons.
  4. Hey, wazzup ?

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    2. Eddio


      Very interesting conversation :thinking:

    3. Ultrakool


      yeah im confused too :thinking:


    4. Fyrios


      I just wanted to befriend you :pizza:

  5. Fyrios

    Old name in Battleforge

    Mine was always Fyrios
  6. I found how to update my cover pic, yeay nobody cares

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    2. Eddio


      @ThomasMann so are coming back? 

    3. ThomasMann


      I guess, but there is no chat box, the stress test you are not going to get in and the discord is garbage apparently

    4. Eddio


      For now yeah, but I am sure all of that will change.

  7. Fyrios

    When did you Join the Skylords Reborn Crew?

    I'm new, what is Skylords ?
  8. Fyrios

    What's better

    I think that's the third art of someone crushing a crab I saw on this community. Why all this hate
  9. Fyrios

    What's better

    Why do you all hate crabs so much
  10. Fyrios

    What's better

    so many duels to come....
  11. Fyrios

    What's better

    Every wrong answer may result into a 1v1 against me
  12. Fyrios

    Should I come back to the community?

    I voted yes, I like Watermelons
  13. Fyrios

    Card Ideas ?

    Because I love you @Eddio ?
  14. Who r u


    1. Eddio


      I am your father

    2. Fyrios


      Bad response, rip rep


    3. Eddio
  15. Fyrios

    Best Anime moment

    Ending of densetsu no yuusha no densetsu anime

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