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  1. Welp I bet no one can take you serious with that avatar xD. (No offence btw)

  2. 5/10 dont understand anything
  3. Really good stream... i couldnt get into alpha this time tho... but im up for anything that might help you guys
  4. Wow really awesome news thanks for the work as always
  5. well i tried to add bones to the model to give it certain postures... i kinda did something but adding bones is really hard lol Was also able to add a floor with the forge texture (i think) + some lighting effects
  6. @Kiliangg well i dont know much about that actually... if you can tell me how to do it then we can just split the work too
  7. @Kiliangg What's your pc's specs?
  8. wow thats really awesome now we can make custom animations
  9. wow thanks for the program guys... anyways can we add like bones to the models? i mean like to open in cinema 4d with different postures and stuff
  10. Yeah please if someone could do that @bobfrog @Pesmontis
  11. As i dont have access to the game files yet... can someone upload some models like jugger harvester and mountaineer which can be opened in c4d i want to test out what might be possible with it... and whether bones exist or we could add some..
  12. wow thats awesome... but can you guys tell me where to get the model files from? i think i will need the game files anyways. and how do i open the model in c4d?
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