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  1. pesmontis has sent me this pictures Amazing !!!
  2. pesmontis told me that the problem with no DE FA comes with the different Matierials. He said , that most of the Spellforce 2 .drs Files had different ways to import the materials , so he had to "hardcode" the most things. And with the Battleforge 2 .drs Files he said : The files are bigger then the Spellforce 2 Files -> so this could be a problem for parsing through the files.
  3. Good News ! I had contact with pesmontis himself. He gave me his program lightsong and some extra documentation. I testet the program with an model but it gave me a "no DE FA" error. According to pesmontis , this is a material problem ... He don't want to give me the source code , but maybe someone can reverse engineere the code ;D (it's a VB6 program) or Make a new program with his documentation He gave me also some spellforce 2 .drs files , so we can check their file structure with our battlefroge .drs files. If someone needs more information from pesmontis , I can write to him. Here's the link https://mega.nz/#F!kltllJAB!2RMk13XRxV1DRm3KJrbfXQ
  4. Today I started in school again , so I don't realy have time to further go on this , maybe on the weekends. I think next step could be to write a little progamm , which fechtes and displays our current known informations. And maybe a simple check , which chracter patterns are in 2 and more files the same. Maybe there are other delimiter in the hexdump. @Titan Have you discovered something new ? ;D
  5. I think the root node always starts with 00FFFF FFFF0100 00 P.S I found a model called unit_reaver.drs And there I also found an image for this unit. I have never seen this unit before. Maybe some new units which should have come into the amii edition ? Looks a bit familiar with amii phantom like they have the same armor.
  6. Thank you Titan ! I tried your suggestion with the unit_demon_insect_inner_l.drs file. For little endian conversion I used this site : http://www.scadacore.com/field-applications/programming-calculators/online-hex-converter and i switched the offset from hex to dec in HexDump So i figured out : EntryList1_Offset : 1602 EntryList2_Offset : 1794 Total "Elements" : 6 The ClassList (EntryList2) contains then following 6 Elements : -root Node -CGeoMesh -CGeoOBBTree -CDspJointMap -CDspMeshFile -DrwResourceMeta The EntryList1 contains , according to Pesmontis , the offsets for the classes. This is the following list : 0000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0000FFFF FFFF0100 00000500 00000000 0000F8BA FC050100 0000A605 00009C00 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00008C43 BA8E0400 00001C00 0000DE04 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00003685 17B00300 00001400 00000800 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0000EB9E 5BC80200 00002605 00008000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000522 17F50500 0000FA04 00002C00 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 0000 This are total 384 hex-digits. Because we have 6 Elements it could be possible that one element needs 384/6 -> 64 hex-digits. I should check it maybe with a bigger file , but have now no time ;D What do you think Titan ? Probably , I can check it after 2-3 hours. Maybe you have til then discoverd something more ;D unit_demon_insect_wing_inner_l.drs
  7. Thank you Titan for researching this site. With the information from this forum I figured out following points: 4 bytes 1EF17CC5 -> All files start with this , so they are 4047 DRS files. 4 bytes 01000000 -> Should be an integer 1 as mentioned from the external forum 4 bytes XXXXXXXX -> This is an offset to a list which then contains more informations 4 bytes XXXXXXXX -> This is an offset to a second list which then contains more informations and after some space 4 bytes 1EF1544E -> all files end with this at the header , so it must be something like an ending delimiter. My problem is : How is at the begining 1EF17CC5 converted to -4047.07 ? I tried it with the IEEE 754 format but it's not the same. And second : The offsets for the lists are bigger than the maximum file's offset. Maybe someone can help with these problems. For testing I used the smallest file I have found. They are called something like unit_demon_insect.....drs I will also put the .drs for the swamp drake here so you also have an other example (because the other files are to big to upload) unit_demon_insect_wing_inner_l.drs unit_bandit_swamp_drake.drs
  8. Hy guys, With QuickBMS or also with DragunUnpacker I was able to export the content from the .pak files. There are all the cool stuff like textures , sound files and also the 3D models. The models have the file extension .drs and their animations are the .ska files. The problem is that I haven't found an exporter for this file format. My Question : Is there some one whos able to export or convert the meshes from this files in something like .fbx ? I tried to analyse the file format with a hex-editor and find out where the "header" starts and ends. But yeah, I'm not very good in this topic and I stoped it ;D