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  1. Little Lambs
  2. I'm not so strong in animations. something is wrong with position/rotation in smd/ska I tried import smd to 3dsmax then make fbx for Unity, didn't work. Then i tried copy/paste position/rotation from smd file to Unity, didn't work. there is no native import support in Unity i wrote my own importer. Thanks to @Blank for sharing file structures i will make something like model viewer. and maybe try to make drs/ska converter to fbx
  3. for SKA file structure from previous posts struct _Headers { uint Unknown1; //uint tick; //from LightSong uint Unknown2; //uint interval; uint Unknown3; //uint type; type==0 - position vector, type==1 - rotation quaternion uint Unknown4; //uint boneId; same as CSkSkeleton.Bones[].Version (uint Version) } Headers[Length]; int Length6; uint Unknown1[Length6]; //float times[Length6] struct _Unknown2 //animation keyFrames, if type==0 Point(valX,valY,valZ), if type==1 Quaternion(valX,valY,valZ,valW) { uint Unknown1; //float valX uint Unknown2; //float valY uint Unknown3; //float valZ uint Unknown4; //float valW //for type==0 valW==1 uint Unknown5; //float tanX //tangents for animation curve uint Unknown6; //float tanY uint Unknown7; //float tanZ uint Unknown8; //float tanW //for type==0 tanW==0 } Unknown2[Length6];
  4. never tested in Blender i think problem is in converter probably LightSong wrongly exports rotation/position of skeleton bones
  5. my results of loading drs/ska in Unity just managed to load and play animation properly