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  2. sunscreen is important because if you forget you will end up feeling a thousand tiny ant bites on your skin.
    pain and itching for hours + you get to look like a tomato

  3. Little lambs
  4. sounds fun, can people join in at anytime :D? (as in if you miss a challenge is it ok to join in for the next one?)
  5. just one last, is the timezone, because if it will be abit hard to make a schedule if people follow different timezones since even a 1 hour difference can kinda rip a schedule appart if its not known. and another thing puzzles me abit, will the rp be speech or text based? - because it kinda looks like a talky talky rp system like DnD/pathfinder etc
  6. how active does people have to be and what timezone is the RP done in? and how many times a week/month will the rp be?
  7. my main had Archmystic i had a 2ndary but i cant remember its name, it was mostly used when a friend of mine that did not want to make an account wanted to play
  8. Parrots or owls probably. especially if they act like cats and dogs.
  9. are you talking about SHANDALAR? that game was nice to spend time on i think i still have it in zip on a HDD somewhere there is a kind of "card" game rts called SAGA but its servers are made of wooden toasters fixed with tape and cardboard. and its about as old as battleforge i think if not older(it did not take off but had a small playerbase, then they "remade" it into a new version which flopped hard and then they re-released it on steam) tho it did give abit of a "battleforge" feel but its still different, but probably the closest ive seen to another game like BF. It is kinda shitty but its F2P so if the servers are working its a decent timewaster not "too far" from bf (but it will take forever to grind any good/decent cards other than the f2p starter ones)
  10. i just dont like the contradiction of "i dont want the f2p to change into p2w so heres how to change it into p2w"
  11. Yep, Kevin is kind of an unusual name where i am from, i actually think i have only heard/seen the name in movies/series
  12. wheres the option for "Home Security Genius", "bad burglars worst nightmare" or "Trap aficionado" ?