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  1. Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    Wow, that's an interesting information. Thank you for sharing it with us. I never heared anyone mention this name: Skanes.
  2. Random giveaway start

    I don't think it's worth it. Why would they bother making all this automated bot system for closed giveaways, if soon Open Beta might happen anyways? Many people I think are overexcited, I was too, but then I found out that servers are down anyways. So if we look at this it's really nothing that you should be so excited about, the main reason you should be excited about is that Open Beta is getting closer and closer. To sum it up the whole giveaway situation right now looks like this: It's 12th of February, the end of February is the time when Open Beta might happen. If we will be optimistic enough then we could assume that it's going to happen that time. However like I mentioned it's 12th, soon 14th and that is going to be already a half of February, so there isn't much time left. All closed beta testers that have been selected so far, didn't even launched the game once (Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not 100% sure), because servers were down and all developers are trying their hardest and best to fix everything up for Open Beta, so we won't have to wait another month for it. So overall I think we shouldn't make such big deal of giveaways, because: The chance you will win is usually around 0,2% - 0,3%, that's very low. Usually it's like 300-600 participants, there is very low chance that you will win or me or someone. Even if you get access to Closed Beta, it's really not access. Sure It would be awesome to have nice rank Beta Tester beside your name that would stay forever, I would love that, but other than that you get nothing, because like I mentioned servers are down anyways and they probably be for a while. Of course I don't mind that at all if that will mean that Open Beta will be more complete and free from bugs or at least most of them. We don't know when servers will be up. For now all we know is that there is no doubt servers won't be up until another week, that's 19th of February and that is going to be just 2 weeks left before Open Beta (if it happens), so it's really not much time, there is even a chance that they will all fix up and have finnaly time to put servers up when actually Open Beta should happen and who knows, maybe Closed Beta won't really happen, because before it happens, game will already be able to handle Open Beta start, but who knows. I'm not developer of this proejct, I don't know their plans or what they are thinking, or anything. All I know is that they are hard working people that are doing this out of pure passion and I respect that, they are working a lot and they really want to deliver this game to us in the best form as they can. I think we shouldn't really bother them with constant requests of making giveaway or making automatic giveaways or anything like that. Instead of spending time on making such things, they should take that time to work on this project, because it's more important and if they aren't working on it and they have a bit of free time for themselves, they still shouldn't spent that on making some auto Discord bot, but instead take a rest, so they won't get bored of this project or they will just not be able to handle everything, because of exhaustion and amount of work and I slightly know about this, because I am working on some project of my own and I would like to call myself amature developer, but I don't have much to show now, because it's still to early in development, but all I can say is that from my experience I know that if you just work so hard on something and you would just spend too much time on it and you would force yourself or do it even if you are exhausted or something, that will only make you hate this project even more and that's really not what projects are about, they should be fun, but also something to be proud of, instead of something that you will hate. Sorry for writing such long monologue, I just wanted to express my opinion like everyone here did.
  3. Yeah, I thought that the reason why you wrote more and expended your reply, wasn't because of my reply, but you just had an urge and you weren't satisfied with your previous one, but I just wanted to make sure that everything is clear, it's hard to tell sometimes what someone was thinking by just plain text. Thank you again for expanding your previous reply, because you didn't have to, but you did it anyways, because you cared. About alarms, yeah I always double check and set up few of them, you never know if you might oversleep or not. Yeah, that's awesome there is another person that liked Bandits like me too. I also loved them mostly for Soulhunter and his ability to make line of mines and Corsair which could spawn Banditos. It's been so many years, so I hope I remember right, but I'm pretty sure flying units couldn't take over places where you could build Power Wells or Monuments, that's why you needed land units and with Corsair you could spawn Banditos anytime and since they were ground unit, you could start building Power Wells or Monument right away. One card I didn't mention and I had it and I thought it was really cool was Artillery , I think it's the coolest and the most powerful tower type card. I just loved when you could just target some units and shoot them with it and it just made an explosion and threw them around. Yeah, I think it was very obvious from the start, besides you can just look at avatar and it speaks for itself. Thank you for joining the topic, Eddio. Again, no problem. You don't have to make any explanations, I also like one liners and if everyone would write so much stuff, I don't think I would be able to read them all. I also always played BattleForge for fun. I never liked the idea of turning every game into e-sport game. I actually hate when that happens, because they usually destroy all the fun and I will never like the idea of turning RTS games into e-sport, it's just ridicilous for me. Fast clicking on units moving like crazy around the map and just spamming shortcuts on a keyboard is just not fun for me. Whenever I see those RTS E-sport tournaments I just get bored very fast, you can't even tell what is going on. I always thought that the most fun you have from RTS is actually when you can just play one map for very long time, maybe even spend hours and build your army and just have fun. So to sum it up, I always prefered playing PvE and even just hang out and play around in Forge. However when I do get access to the BattleForge, either Closed or Open Beta, I would like to test everything out and maybe I will try PvP again and we will see if my opinion will change a bit.
  4. Thank you for expanding your previous reply, I'm sorry if I sounded like I was criticizing replies that are just one liners, it wasn't my intention at all and I would be glad to see any type of replies, either if it will be one liners or not. All of them would be nice to see here. I only ment that if you do write a bit more, it just tells a bit more and I would like to get to know a bit more about your thoughts, so anyways if anyone want to join the topic, but doesn't want to write long monlogue that's also fine. You also mentioned that it was quite late, well as I'm replying right now it's 2:31 in the morning for me and I have to wake up something like 7:20, so I have less than 5 hours of sleep. I like that this time this reply is more into game mechanics and statistics, which adds a bit more variety to the whole topic. I'm glad to see variation here and that there is both some replies that go more in depth of look, feel and how they present, but also some replies that mention skills, abilities of some types and how it plays out during gameplay.
  5. Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I was waiting so long for someone to respond and share his thoughts, I saw many people who thought that Amii should have been expnaded way more and I also saw many people who would like Fire/Frost to be actual thing. I really like all stuff you mentioned here, many people complains how they cannot read more than two lines of text, but I was just hypnotized by your reply. I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end. You mentioned many stuff that I forgot completely or I wasn't aware of. So starting of with the Amii topic, I think that it's mainly EA's fault too. I cannot see any reason why would you make one card of some type (in this case Green/Purple) and then just leave it and not expand the whole type. It almost feels like unfinished painting and makes you a bit frustrated and makes you wonder how would it look like and how many great looking cards would we gotten if only BattleForge would live a bit longer and they would actualy make another expansion and expand the whole Green/Purple type. As you mentioned and I didn't thought of was the fact that Amii is like legendary almost god power, I mean obviously Nature is life and Shadow is Death connecting those two gives you Life and Death, and as we all know there is no life without death and no death without life. It's connecting very nicely and who has better control over life and death if not gods. The thing that you also mentioned that frustrated me A LOT was the fact of existing card called Amii Ritual. As for the monument, it makes sense why it's neutral. It seems like something that should be legendary and shouldn't be accessable by any double color type factions or whatever you want to call it. Besides it's something that's part of whole gameplay like in game structures. It makes sense to me that it's neutral like Moon, Viridya etc. They are something that's just something that lives in part of game's world and something that is living without player's influence, so that makes sense that it's neutral. I hope you know what I mean. You probably wonder why then I brought up the fact of Amii Ritual and why it was always frustrating me, well that's because I hated that it's a Frost Card, I always thought that since it's Amii, it should have been Green/Purple. I don't think there was much reason for it to be Frost. I'm pretty sure that if they were going to make whole Amii type cards, I am sure it would become part of it too, instead of Frost. I'm almost sure that the fact that it became Frost was that since they weren't going to make whole Amii type (Green/Purple) and/or even that maybe they actually wanted so badly or had very nice ideas for it, they wanted to make those cards anyways and since they weren't going to make more Green/Purple, they kinda scattered them around and that's why Amii Ritual landed in Frost Type for some reason. Just to quickly add, I had awesome idea and I thought one of the units of such Amii type, so Life and Death, should have been (for ranged units type) ghosts would throw something like the balls that you could saw happen in Lost Souls when Lost Soul unit died. I don't know how would you explained them, but I think they could been like some sort of magic ranged units. They would look something like this: they would float a bit above the ground like Lich from Heroes of Might And Magic V, they would have black hoods and long dark capes covering they whole torso. From the inside of hood you could see white or red eyes looking something like Spirit Hunters, but more leaving trail like Lost Soul units, maybe they would even have some book with them or something, they wouldn't have physical form so you would only see those eyes and whole body would be shaped, but slightly distorted by something looking like gas forming something looking like actual body, something similiar to Heroes Of Might And Magic V unit called Spectre. Second idea I had was that the biggest unit and the most powerful you could summon would be Grim Reaper. It's simple and I think the best idea, it would be amazing to see Grim Reaper unit in BattleForge and it would suit as the best Amii unit ever, he is the one takes away life, he is death himself. With Grim Reaper as a card, I think Amii would even beat my love for Bandit cards and I think they would even go to the first spot of my favourite two colored type cards. As for the Fire/Frost, I'm actually amazed and blown away. I was wondering for so much time how would Fire/Frost look like? They were complete opposite, but with you explanation I realized that it's obvious that if you would add something very hot to something cold, it would result in steam. I love the idea of steampunk units, , maybe not mechs and if mechs, I think it should have been something with bolts and rachets. The units should have been black and gold and background of each card should been steam colored almost gold like desert wind. I love this idea and it actually doesn't break the whole BattleForge vibe and style. It's not like Heroes Of Might And Magic III were authors wanted to add cyborg city and break whole fantasy world and feel, which of course later on changed into Conflux. I can see steampunk units going around BattleForge lands. I mean Bandit units are very close to steampunk feel and Fire units, so I think the actual fully steampunk units would fit perfectly and makes perfect sense that if you burn water the steam comes out, so even from elements perspective it makes total sense. Anyways, thank you erakus very much for your response, It's really awesome vision and thoughts you have and I really liked your whole explanation and I'm really glad that you took your time to join my debate and write all this.
  6. Awesome, thank you for making such list of all your thoughts on every type. It's very nicely written and everything looks nice and in order. Besides I can get to know what you think of all of them, which is also interesting. This time I see someone liked Lost Souls the most, which is cool, but it's also so fascinating that Stonekin keeps high position in people's rankings and it's either their favourite or second favourite. I'm more and more happy that I made this post in the first place, because the results for me are really surprising and for person like me who's from all double color card types, the Stonekin was actually the smallest and I had maybe only few cards. It's hard for me to tell however, if I had more Twilight cards or Lost Souls. For sure the most double cards I had was Bandits, but second place is a mystery to me. I think Lost Souls didn't had that many cards and they weren't cheap at all, comparing to Twilight, so I think second biggest collection of double color cards would be Twilight, however I still love Lost Souls, my favourite card and at the same time card that I owned was Lost Grigori.
  7. Wow it surprised me so much, that everyone went for Stonekin. I thought the most liked one will be the Lost Souls. It's really something that surprised me, because Stonekin from all 4 double color cards has the biggest amount of cards that are just reskins. However I do understand and I agree that they have some nice abilites. It's nice that I saw some people that liked Bandits and Twilight, because I also liked them espacilly Bandits and when I played years ago the old BattleForge it was quite rare to see someone with Twilight cards, so it's another big surprise that there were people that liked them, I also liked them like I mentioned before, because of their abilites and style, but still I think Bandits will always stay as number one on my list. Two people (A Potato in HD and Tam Hawkins mentioned the Amii, I also agree on that and it's very funny that you mentioned that and the fact that it's actually quite common for people to mention Amii and that they think it's a shame that it never got expanded. I actually made a post about that, if you want you can join the conversation here .
  8. Amii cards and Fire/Blue

    While I was making a post about favourite double color cards, I thought of the Amii Card called "Amii Phantom". I always felt like one Amii card wasn't enough and It deserved to become another one of the main two color type cards like bandits, twilight etc. It's a shame that this type was never expanded and there was only one Amii Card ever created. For me it could have been nice opportunity to have 4 main types of Two Colored cards. So what are your thoughts about the whole Amii Type? Do you think there should have been more Amii cards and why? Have you ever wanted Fire/Blue to become an actual type and complete all possible variations?
  9. I'm talking about Bandits, Stonekin, Twilight and Lost Souls. I loved all of them, however I always loved the Fire attribute in any fantasy media, whenever it was a game or movie or something else, I always loved fire spells and overall fire attribute, that's why I played as Fire the most and Bandits were both Fire and Shadow, which were my favourite attributes in that order. That's why Bandits were my favourite and I started collecting them before any other two color cards and I used them the most. I always dreamed to have full collection of Bandit cards, but unfortunately the game closed before I was able to complete it. My favourite cards were: Soulhunter and Corsair So overall my order would be something like: Bandits -- explanation above ^ Lost Souls - I loved how they looked and the ability to resurrect a copy of them Twilight - I always liked the virus, disease themes in games like zombies and infection and I also loved their ability to turn into other units if you have other Twilight card in your hand Stonekin - Last, because I felt like they lacked on some special abilities, one thing I really liked about them is that some of them or one of cards (can't remember) had ability to give himself a shield What about you guys?
  10. Did you spent money on the old BattleForge?

    I bought like 800 BFP and then I didn't notice that they added those boosters that contained cards that were time limited and I thought they were just regular boosters and I spent all my BFP on them. I got many cool cards from those boosters, but because they were time limited, later on I lost all of them, because time run out. I remember how pissed I was about all this.
  11. Booster Simulator

    That's a shame, I know the whole simulator won't recreate the same feeling when you actually earned those BFP and you were actually hyped about the cards you will get, but still I think it would be nice small thing for at least few minutes of fun. I guess all that is left is to wait for Open Beta where you will be able to actually open boosters and use those cards that you got just like years ago.
  12. rate the map desigen

    I like the overall design, but If it's a PvP map, I think it should be more mirrored so the corners of the map would be the same and if it's a PvE map, I think there should be a bit more variation to it and a bit more paths. Overall I think It's going in a right direction, I mostly agree with Tetroniks, a bit more detail would probably make it even better. Of course I know this is just an early stage of map and more things will be added.
  13. I drew the Harvester 6 years ago

    Wow, that's amazing work. I'm amazed you did in 8th grade and even during classes. All I could draw during classes was just sick figures and some doodles. Now nothing really changed, even a bit. If I would try to draw anything it would probably look exaclty the same like back then. One thing for sure, I'm not good at drawing.
  14. Are they going to have merch or smthing?

    I would love to buy figures and t-shirts or hoodies from BattleForge. There was even once a original, licensed by EA Juggernaut figure that you could buy, I always wanted to get one, but I never did. As for merchandise idea, like I said I would love to have possibility to buy stuff like that, but EA is really greedy, they don't screw around and I would rather have no merchandise, but at least this whole game project would be safe. I'm sure everyone now after so many years just wants to play the game. I would say that for people that just want to have BattleForge T-shirts, I know there are websites on the internet where you can design your own T-Shirt, maybe use picture from the internet and I guess you could use BattleForge art or something.
  15. ElementG's Battleforge Zergs

    I was able to handle the graphics of BF and I wasn't surprised by them when I saw the stream, but I was surprised that it still looked so good. BF had very good graphics for it's time and it still holds up and it was even a free to play game.