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  1. It's probably it, but I will still argue for fun that it could been meteorite as well and with speed it goes it almost turns into huge fireball.
  2. Bombs explode very loudly too and they make huge explosion with fire spreading around.
  3. Still it's like calling a car powered by fuel a water car. There is no water and Thunder Wagon is all fire, everything has fire effects and stuff and it definitely has nothing to do with thunders.
  4. Whatever Ultrakool is or was or anything. I think he is awesome and nice guy. He gave me rep, I will give him rep. Thank you man, once again!
  5. Is there a difference between Drake or Dragon? If yes, then you are right, he is not a dragon, but drake.
  6. Told you, I will post it. Now, if you want to share your thoughts on Ultrakool, post it here.
  7. Hmmm, then they should be called Earrape Wagon, right?
  8. I mean there is no thunder type, but I mean it's fire type card and I don't think it has anything to do with thunders or lighting bolts or electricity. The whole thing even works by heat, maybe a coal or something. Who knows, this is magic.
  9. I like it, he looks pissed. I would be too, if I would look so amazing and I wouldn't be an actual card in Battle Forge.
  10. Fire is the one! Besides without it, there is no Bandits!
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