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  1. I forgot today! 2 tips left though... Belgium 1 - 0 Panama. Belgium is the winner. Tunesia 0 - 2 England England is the winner.
  2. Costa Rica 0 - 2 Serbia. Serbia is the winner. Germany 2 - 0 Mexico. Germany is the winner. Brazil 3 - 0 Switzerland. Brazil is the winner. It’s all going to be a bit one sided.
  3. Hey BurningWorld i just want to tell you real quick, nothing important.


    So you probably know i am bisexual and stuff, but only you and my parents knew. I told you because you weren't really in any state to tell anyone i know. :P

    I officially came out of the closet yesterday and the response was supportive! :D :hype:

    I'm so happy for that! Anyways, just letting you know friend. :P

    1. BurningWorld


      Ohhh nice I'm very glad to hear that your friends etc. support you :) 

      If there's any people who don't accept you the way you are just screw them, even if they were close friends til the day the learned about it. You usually can't change the way how people think neither the way you are so just leave them in their closed minds :P

      You're a nice person and that's all that matters ;) 

      Much love and peace! <3 

  4. France 3 - 1 Australia. France is the winner. Argentina 2 - 1 Iceland. Argentina is the winner. Denmark 1 - 0 Peru. Denmark is the winner. EDIT: Forgot to tip Croatia Nigeria, whoops. Croatia 2 - 0 Nigeria. Croatia is the winner.
  5. Russia 1 - 0 Saudi Arabia Russia is the winner.
  6. Hey buddy, haven't talked to you in a while! How are you doing? :)<3

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    2. batorfly


      Life is like a sine wave. 

      Sometimes life can by joyful, happy, sometimes we are sad, or even want to kill ourselves. 

      But my sinusoidal life is disrupted by diode. In this case i'm left with only negative voltage. Half of my life is vegetating, other half is sadness, darkness, solitude, depression... 

      Trust me, i'm an engineer. 



    3. steezy


      hey cool idea. since we are now comparing our lifes with mathematical equations, waves and what not i will elaborate.

      Mine is a straight line following the coordinates as follows:

      Start: 0, 0

      Path: 0, -1

              0, -2

              0, -3

      End: 0, -

      So basicly its a line that only follows the fastest way possible down into more negativity.

      I dont know what happiness is and its getting worse everyday as depression starts to become chronic but how could i even tell at this point :)


    4. batorfly


      Actually i restrained my philosophical shitpost only to electronics. But math is also good i suppose. Also i think you can create deeperer and more complex comparison. This one is too straightforward. 

  7. YASSS Finally someone to use Cabbage.. err... KOOL in a comment! But i think we can all agree on one thing. That thing is that @Ultrakool is himself! We all love him for it (at least most of us do). I don't know him very well, so i don't even know if this is true. I'm just here to be gentle and spread love throughout the whole forum!
  8. Yoo congrats on the giveaway win! :D<3 

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    2. xs0ulLess


      Grats. Cool pic

    3. Sykole


      I could have sworn you were already a beta tester?

      Congratulations either way, hat-for-a-face Bionic

    4. BionicReaper


      @Sykole Wow! I've been exposed!


      Thanks Sykole! :watermelon:

  9. Oh my god. This is the result you get when you play english games at least once a week for 11 years straight... Only talking and reading in english. I was 4 years old when i started to learn english. Now at the age of 15 i'm surprised what english games did for me. My dutch friends will be proud of me.
  10. I agree he's awesome for doing stuff like that. The same thing can be said about Fauchderial.
  11. Ultrakool has to be a healthy and positive individual, who has never ever gotten angry over anything.
  12. Man i made my account once, and this is what my first post looks like. I am very pround of myself haha xD
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