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  1. SpiderFanI


    That'll be me.
  2. SpiderFanI

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    I forgot today! 2 tips left though... Belgium 1 - 0 Panama. Belgium is the winner. Tunesia 0 - 2 England England is the winner.
  3. SpiderFanI

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Costa Rica 0 - 2 Serbia. Serbia is the winner. Germany 2 - 0 Mexico. Germany is the winner. Brazil 3 - 0 Switzerland. Brazil is the winner. It’s all going to be a bit one sided.
  4. SpiderFanI

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    France 3 - 1 Australia. France is the winner. Argentina 2 - 1 Iceland. Argentina is the winner. Denmark 1 - 0 Peru. Denmark is the winner. EDIT: Forgot to tip Croatia Nigeria, whoops. Croatia 2 - 0 Nigeria. Croatia is the winner.
  5. SpiderFanI

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Russia 1 - 0 Saudi Arabia Russia is the winner.
  6. SpiderFanI

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hello my name is Edo and i am online known by the name of Spider (SpiderFanI). I have been watching this project for updates and progress since the name was still BFReborn back in 2016. I made an account on the forums as soon as i saw the news that open beta was coming in february. That didn't happen though, which is not a problem for me. I realise the fact that this is hard work and i really appreciate all of you for making this thing happen. That's actually why i'd like to join the closed beta. I always like testing early acces games, but the lack of the beautiful BattleForge.exe on my desktop is also not helping me wait. I have been giving applying for closed beta a long thought since i could easily wait for open beta. But i'd really love to help, find bugs and give feedback to refine the game's experience while also enjoying one of my favourite games from February 2010 to June 2012 (The times i actively played it). I have been testing games since the age of 7 (2010) all the way to now (2018). I have played BattleForge from 2010 to 2012 and since i was very young i didn't really play PvP alot, but i must admit i wasn't horrible either. I played alot of PvE with my father (At least twice a week) and played on my own with others aswell. I watched alot of youtube too. I can dedicate at least 3 hours a day, and max 6,5 hours. My experience on testing beta games is pretty good, but probably not as impressive as some of the people appyling. List of closed beta's i have been a tester in: Maplestory 2 global closed beta 1. The Legend of Pirates online closed alpha & closed beta. (Now in open beta). Heroes of The Storm technical beta. Diablo III Reaper of Souls beta. Rust early acces. (Since the end of legacy / beginning of ''experimental'', which is now released) Starcraft II Wings of Liberty beta. and a bunch of other early acces games on steam, other platforms and personal projects of friends. My discord name is Edo#1672 and i'd really appreciate the developers & staff team for letting me help, but i do understand if i can't get in the closed beta. Goodluck to everyone applying.
  7. SpiderFanI

    Introducing... Ultrakool, our new Moderator!

    Congrats Ultrakool!!!
  8. SpiderFanI

    Converting cards

    I love it!
  9. SpiderFanI

    Ultrakool is very cool or ultra kool?

    YASSS Finally someone to use Cabbage.. err... KOOL in a comment! But i think we can all agree on one thing. That thing is that @Ultrakool is himself! We all love him for it (at least most of us do). I don't know him very well, so i don't even know if this is true. I'm just here to be gentle and spread love throughout the whole forum!
  10. SpiderFanI

    You're favorite type of deck

    100% Twilight
  11. SpiderFanI

    English Grammar Test

    Oh my god. This is the result you get when you play english games at least once a week for 11 years straight... Only talking and reading in english. I was 4 years old when i started to learn english. Now at the age of 15 i'm surprised what english games did for me. My dutch friends will be proud of me.
  12. SpiderFanI

    Ultrakool is very cool or ultra kool?

    I agree he's awesome for doing stuff like that. The same thing can be said about Fauchderial.
  13. SpiderFanI

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #2

    Oh boyy i'm in! YEAHH LET'S GO!
  14. SpiderFanI

    Ultrakool is very cool or ultra kool?

    Ultrakool has to be a healthy and positive individual, who has never ever gotten angry over anything.
  15. SpiderFanI

    Ultrakool is very cool or ultra kool?

    Man i made my account once, and this is what my first post looks like. I am very pround of myself haha xD

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