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  1. 8/10 pretty solid. Here is a new one I am enjoying recently
  2. -Song before you sounds like a mix between hardstyle/ DnB and dubstep -6/10 not my kind of music Time for some summer vibes
  3. My friend called Brent had the following steam name: Generaal Brendolf (translation: General Brendolf) My old game name is Sp0re_FreAk, but that got a little outdated. So I just used my name (Mark) and adapted it to my friends name, which made the following: Graaf_Markus (translation: Count Markus) pretty original
  4. I just reworked the Artwork of Tempest, Was not my intention make it exactly the same as the real stonekin tempest. I think tempest artwork is much better then stone tempest. btw:
  5. So after 4 hours of tinkering around I've modified the HD art. Feel free to use it Photo 1, I just removed the background Photo 2: Made it into stonekin I am not a pro at photoshop, so there could still be mistakes
  6. Watch out!, a twilight witch is getting close to the shard
  7. NAME: Unable to switch position when host SEVERITY: 3/4 LOCATION: Lobby REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: When creating a group, I am unable to switch positions on the map (if its a 2 player/ 4 player map) When we where testing multiplayer on saturday, Dawson also had the problem. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -This used to work a few days ago -Team mates can switch position, host cannot
  8. 7/10 I've heard better electro swing Lets shake things up once again, btw you need to listen this with good speakers + a sub
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