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  1. Damage count

    why dont we just make damage at bottom right of the cards dmg per hit instead of the confusing 20 sec one? i mean ik how to count it but new players having hard time with it.. and i think it will be just easier to understand at all.. idk phenomic made it like this? maybe iam wrong idk. correct me if iam wrong not the most pro play here tho. (iam bad at english sorry)
  2. Blacklist

    iam pretty sure its ip banned
  3. Blacklist

    well i thing negative rep cant get you blacklisted overall its just likes/dislikes but if you have done something rly bad by breaking the rules hard or even insult ppl or even devs then you are for sure on this list IMO
  4. Hello, I guess

    Hello welcome fellow skylord
  5. Open Beta Information

    use 7zip instead or winrar..if still that hapends then redownload
  6. Our comunity

    well i dont ask for em just thanks to ppl who wanted to help also its not spam actualy its many diferent ppl (most times) who help u all awesome guys but now sereously stop xD i just wanted a 0 no more well i dont know much eng sry not my laung :/
  7. Our comunity

    y idk why they downvote me all time... but anyway with good ppl around (more than bad ppl) that almost solved..even talked to kiwi once to remove my downvote cause someone just spammed me with downvotes for no reason..just want a 0 and then who cares imo but having a bad rep for no reason.. dont like it..
  8. Our comunity

    thanks to those who helped me with my reputation iam so gratefull + iam very happy that our bf comunity is like it was and even better !!! what do you think about our beutiful comunity?
  9. Enforcer Vs Mauler

    u cant compare cards.. every card have its purpose..
  10. Cards Stats - i never understood

    this may help
  11. How much time would you spend in game?

    not working right now so maybe when iam not out with friends il be on game
  12. Whats ur fav unit concept in BF!

    Spirit hunters ! hit n run + looking cool, rogueish and poisonous just love em
  13. video "Battle between fire and frost"

    this is beutiful ! would like to see more + download links to use as wallpapers
  14. The legendary forum game "count"

    w8 guys what are u even doing here? does days last half hour from now too? what have u done here..
  15. The legendary forum game "count"

    prophetic ^^