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  1. BFlove123

    Should I come back to the community?

    hey thomas !!!! <3 welcome back my friend :)
  2. BFlove123

    Open Stress Test Information

    oh u rly bad bro xD (kiddin)
  3. BFlove123

    Open Stress Test Information

    iam just happy they making pretty fast the game and work all time ! (DONT THINK WITH 5-6 DUDES YOU CAN HAVE IT FAST ! FOR 5-6 THEY DO PRETTY GOOD... ITS NOT EZ..) + i w8 from 2015.. and?
  4. BFlove123

    Cluster and MySQL

    yee performance ! great job fiki !
  5. BFlove123

    hello and greetings!

    lucky u ! u wont w8 long..i am w8ing from 2015 like others..
  6. BFlove123

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    argentina iceland 3-0 , france australia 2-1 tomorow
  7. BFlove123

    Closed Beta Applications

    thanks bro ! iv been busy with my job lately well iam writing here so i dont make a new post.. ok so iam a freak with performance and stuff... i know alot of software and hardawe and i do everything alone + sometimes my uncle wich its his job about pc overall. iam doing like everything about performance fps etc.. i know alot tricks and testing every game hours with settings and other tricks until i finally play one hour after testing stuf about 2 hours LAWL i can give whole suturday and sunday and 2 hours daily my exp with battleforge is il say from 1 to 5 umm.. 4.. i know everything how it works and played years this game.. but i wasnt too much of pvp like for example 100 games a day ( carefull example :D) the 65-70 was pve with friends thats all i can give maybe.. or more i have to rememb the game a bit :P.. and my discord name is ✫ ???? ? ?????????? ✫
  8. BFlove123

    The story behind your nick.

    I love battleforge duh?!
  9. BFlove123

    What was your favorite Card/Character?

  10. BFlove123

    Your ideas about new cards

    one of my ideas is a rare or uncomon? idk with 1 or 2 orb ,spell with 75 power cost or more. effect = replace that card with a random one (from whole game) or (from the deck u actualy play) pure fire ? get a fire random. fire nature? get a fire or nature or twilicht random) .i know its early for new cards but just to talk a waste some time while w8ing open beta
  11. BFlove123

    Booster same card x2

    Umm maybe something like that
  12. BFlove123

    Booster same card x2

    i know that they are two diferent cards a green with a purple aff but u always get like the card A for example with green aff and then right next to this card the same A card with diferent affinity..always if it was random it would propably be like the A card green aff..next to this card an other not the same card.. and then the A card again with diferent aff.. but if it was like that i was going to accept that but now u get the same card ALWAYS next to each other.. for me its like a bug thing like @MrXLink said and i hope it fixed by fiki. il check back to a recent thomasman video about booster opening to check if it was fixed.
  13. BFlove123

    Booster packs

    u could at the old server too? if yes i never did lol iam so nab sry
  14. BFlove123

    New Element/faction in the game!!!

    IMO we have shadow? Then we need light. We have fire? We need water.we have nature? Umm idk whats the opposite..xD etc etc u get it boyz
  15. BFlove123

    Booster same card x2

    I see lot recent booster opening and i see getting in a booster like 2 same cards with diferend affinity usually and iam confused about the rng of the boosters..+ they always come next to each other no like a space further.. How random is that? So u tell me from (x) cards the game has i get the same card again with diferent affinity? Idk maybe i dont understand something? If so someone explain me.

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