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  1. umm i play this game on ultra settings.. i do have a pc with graphics card gtx 1660 super 6gb, 16gb ram 3000mhz a good ssd and i5 9400f 3.0 ghz 6 core and thread and a monitor with 144 hrtz BUT when i encounter lot of units and fights i have drops and bad frames overall..is something i miss and this is hapening or what? please help me if you can. :S
  2. iam just happy they making pretty fast the game and work all time ! (DONT THINK WITH 5-6 DUDES YOU CAN HAVE IT FAST ! FOR 5-6 THEY DO PRETTY GOOD... ITS NOT EZ..) + i w8 from 2015.. and?
  3. argentina iceland 3-0 , france australia 2-1 tomorow
  4. w-w-wheeeen?!? ok. awesome to have one dev more. good luck hope u wont get any high time waste problems and find the solution fast to anything !
  5. some troll cards.. and how i imagine shadow/nature(ik where pic is from :P) https://ibb.co/jsphS7
  6. i prefer it instead of crashing all time game. still love ya devs !
  7. we are very close fiki fixed lot crashes and now only one freeze thing is to deal with for the open beta to come..thats what i saw to discord anouncements at least.
  8. use 7zip instead or winrar..if still that hapends then redownload
  9. this is beutiful ! would like to see more + download links to use as wallpapers
  10. w8 guys what are u even doing here? does days last half hour from now too? what have u done here..
  11. well i like this deck the only i was going to change is y the parasites with another spell or mortar tower and swamp with a mo if i want to go agro instead of swamp defense a xl enemy unit but mo lot power.. also i thank for ur advice from u (a high rank player) + i learned to play and create good decks from you and far rock but i like using parasite to def an attack (if enemy took a well while i took a secornd orb and he have t1. + attack with burrowers and use it to distact enemies who have to micro to avoid it)
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