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  1. Tobbezeichnet

    3 - german translation mistakes

    SEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Login, Forge, in gameREPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: e.g. Login Screen...Login not Login, but 'Anmelden'
  2. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    We need a cue of not 1 minute but 30 minutes or above to prevent that from happening... But if the data of the server just crashing and noone is rly playing helps for the stress test, keep it that way I was at least able to finish one game yesterday, but I think a 30 minute cue would help a lot. Before you are able to press the login button the first time there appears a 30 minute timer that you have to wait. No restarting or other tricks
  3. Tobbezeichnet

    idea as an option to have in interface

    thats why you don't go for 4k in gaming atm ;P not enough supported games to do that...had mine too like 2 years ago and did resell it because of that issue what I can advice you to remember the cards is that you place a card that you often use at eh beginning of each cluster...like F1/F5/F9 that way its easier to keep track. Don't sort your deck by the Tier list from T1 to T4. Since the order you go the Orbs should be possible to remember
  4. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    did 2 games already and opened my 4 boosters...but just saying...hope noone also not the dev expected it not to crash instantly
  5. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Ah, thx... but still...if the stream hits 1k marks, you could expect the servers to crash, if you only "allow" 200 slots. Even without a stress test
  6. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    a release of a stress test is also a release ...dont be so picky
  7. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    at least 1,3 k people were waiting atm of the release... we should've expected the servers to crash. If they are not able to handle min 1,3 k its kinda pointless
  8. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    english mate please
  9. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Its slutz you know
  10. Tobbezeichnet

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    it always shows me "your client has lost the connection to the server"
  11. Tobbezeichnet

    ATK per second???

    My question is there why not just putting in dmg per one attack? Instead of dmg over 20 seconds... same issues as with the 20 sec but the information is helpful at least. The only reason rly why they did the dmg/20 is to make it look better with the hp number...since it would look kinda odd to have a 45 besides the 720. I would think more about the information that the card is giving us...and atm the information is pretty much zero. Well not zero but maybe the following example can show my thought process: You got a card that has a atk of 2000 that means that card is dealing 2000 dmg in 20 seconds, which is nice to know, if you let cards fight 1vs1 all the time. But what if this card has a attack speed of only 1 attack per 20 seconds...and you need to fight multiple small targets (10 targets) with 200 hp... If you were thinking of the unit as a one attack per second...the unit would be able to destroy all the 10 targets in the 20 seconds... BUT if the unit is only attacking every 20 seconds, it would do a overkill on every single target would need 181 seconds to clear all the targets. you always need 3 values to calculate the dmg correctly atm we only got 2 at all the melee units only the ATK and that it is dealt by 20 seconds...what is missing is either the dmg per attack or the attack speed to calculate it correctly... obviously, the attack speed value would make more sense... In my opinion, the best solution depending on the information we can gather from the cards would be dmg per one attack plus the attack speed. And I wouldn't be to concerned about the values false and what it would be with squads and so on, since atm all the ATK values aren't correct already. what means that the ATK doesn't show the correct DMG the unit is dealing in 20 seconds...this depends on as already said if it is, for example, a squad or if it is splash damage. And calculating it up to 20 seconds makes the gap even bigger and the mistake even worse, than just showing the damage the unit deal per one hit and the attack speed I don't know if I was able to describe my thought process or if I'm appearing angry on my argumentation sometimes^^ this is absolutely not the case and might be so because English isn't my native tongue hope my quote above is helping to understand why atk/20 might not be the best choice
  12. Tobbezeichnet

    ATK per second???

    No you can't...only at range units and still at the range units its misleading mostly I don't think it is confusing at all, since the dmg per 20 gives you pretty much NO information...at least in PVP fights...they are mostly short, so the only way to rly tell the dmg your unit is about to deal with the next blow is by feeling...which REALLY REALLY sucks
  13. Tobbezeichnet

    ATK per second???

    What do you guys think about adding the information of a single attack DMG or the attack speed of a unit to the cards or at least the quickinfo (when hovering over the ATK value)?? Atm it is so that the ATK value is showing the dmg the unit is dealing in 20 sec...BUT, since not every unit has the same attack speed, it is more confusing and misleading as it is helpful. I personally never checked the ATK of a unit at all, always tested it myself in the forge. What I mean with my suggestion is at least a description that the ATK value is meant to be per 20 seconds, even better to mention the DMG for a single attack or the attack speed...best in my opinion would be to list the DMG of a single blow, that way you can see instant what dmg the unit deals with it's next attack...where with listening attack speed you would've to calculate e.g. 20 seconds divided by 1,5 attacks per second (attack speed) equals 13,33 ...then you have to divide the ATK value e.g. 2000 by 13,33 to get the value of a single attack...meanwhile the enemy destroyed your whole army I myself don't really have any problems with the status atm, since I played the game already in the EA Beta and I am pretty much used to feel the dmg of the single cards...but for not so trained players or even new players this might be a big problem, to expect the actual damage of a unit.
  14. Tobbezeichnet

    video "Battle between fire and frost"

    like already few years ago I wanted to draw for the project...and also create the content for the patreon... but it seems I was to bad or something
  15. Tobbezeichnet

    video "Battle between fire and frost"

    So let me just open this topic real quick, since some guys were wondering about me posting it in the chat to many time For all you folks out there that would like some content, while waiting for the open beta

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