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  1. Just a quick idea from me. The problem here is that players that dont know the values are sometimes willing to buy overprices cards bcs they just dont know better. Implement an easy average estimation of a cards price on top of each card in the AH. For example if a card is sold in general for 100 BFP and someone buys all cards of the same kind...lets say 20 cards...the person has to spend 2000 BFP. So in the background this would mean, that the general price or you can also call it recommended price for a card shows up as 100 BFP. If this person now puts in th
  2. SEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Login, Forge, in gameREPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYSDESCRIPTION: e.g. Login Screen...Login not Login, but 'Anmelden'
  3. Zyna: Tooltip changes will be done post reset. SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge, in game REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: Wardens Sigil green Affiniti also "may be attached to buildings under construction" as blue is. Or changed so that it doesn't
  4. We need a cue of not 1 minute but 30 minutes or above to prevent that from happening... But if the data of the server just crashing and noone is rly playing helps for the stress test, keep it that way I was at least able to finish one game yesterday, but I think a 30 minute cue would help a lot. Before you are able to press the login button the first time there appears a 30 minute timer that you have to wait. No restarting or other tricks
  5. did 2 games already and opened my 4 boosters...but just saying...hope noone also not the dev expected it not to crash instantly
  6. Ah, thx... but still...if the stream hits 1k marks, you could expect the servers to crash, if you only "allow" 200 slots. Even without a stress test
  7. a release of a stress test is also a release ...dont be so picky
  8. at least 1,3 k people were waiting atm of the release... we should've expected the servers to crash. If they are not able to handle min 1,3 k its kinda pointless
  9. it always shows me "your client has lost the connection to the server"
  10. like already few years ago I wanted to draw for the project...and also create the content for the patreon... but it seems I was to bad or something
  11. So let me just open this topic real quick, since some guys were wondering about me posting it in the chat to many time For all you folks out there that would like some content, while waiting for the open beta
  12. Hey me and my mate would like to participate in the tournament Back in the days we were rank 3 at the 2n2 ladder...we will start all over fresh and clean at SLR. Our game will also be stream, not sure if it would be a german or english stream, we ll see LG Tobbe
  13. isn't open beta meaning OPEN beta ? so there isn't a restriction anymore, as it is in closed beta right now? greetz
  14. Would you pls stop downvoting me because I like the quote of a musician. Thank you Even changed it up. To not be similar to yours.
  15. the goal for me is not to fix my position with the thread...it's more for me to realise what problem some people may have with me...and that could lead to maybe fixing the position. or simply ignoring people just talking nonsense ...depending on what I decide about it...but for now, I'm searching for material to work with if you understand what I mean. I'm fine with who I am right now, and you are right, being friends with everyone is not what I'm aiming for, but changing something to please some of the more important mates cant be wrong. AND I already learnt a lot by thi
  16. mentioned that...sry is that forbidden? ok, don't want to annoy anyone
  17. btw @SilenceKiller99 never took it as an insult...don't worry thankfull for your productive help
  18. you are right *kappa sounds rly exhausting if you try to improve on the other hand xD i will just ask once politely, if i dont understand what someone means...afterwards ignoring further conversation with this person. to avoid an endless argument.
  19. no need to be sry...but i rly dont know where that jerk thing came from i was always polite until someone wasnt to me. overall thats how our economy works?
  20. THANKS-.- im not totally fatass tho ^^ HAHAHA and i also dont rly know where i was a jerk...i never was? its like coming out of nowhere
  21. nice suggestion rly!, but wasnt that what i did...i just ask him what he meant with it...all he did was downvoting that question. kinda hard then, dont you think like the mean voice suggestion
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