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  1. Super exciting features! Great work everyone ❤️
  2. Lookin' good! Always happy to see active updates! 😍
  3. @Kapo Look at him not even tagging us 🥺
  4. Hey everyone! Just ran across a document that I had no memory existed. I don't even remember what its purpose was, yet I'll go ahead and post it for you guys to have a laugh! Let me know what you think and if it awakens some fond memories from the past 😊 I was prompted by no other than @Dutchyto share this with you! It was 2009, But then I was 10, My brother and I, Weren’t yet men, But despite the odds, A game with gods, Had found our souls, And set our goals. But wait a minute, Those aren’t called gods, They’re awesome S
  5. That sweet pure pure pure green nature forest elder fluff kitty of magnificent furriness
  6. So nice of you Ultra! Hmm... I think I would want a.... Lyrish Knight! Since i think i will be playing frost pvp
  7. 6/10 It's a bit too aggressive for my taste, but it's not bad This one is really meaningful to me at this time... Hope you like it!
  8. Hi! You can call me Alek! I come from Serbia, I am 17 years old I go to a high school at the time, a gymnasium type in which i attend the scientific educational track.. I also went to music school playing the piano, and i actively compose orchestral music just for fun and pleasure! (One of them was spooky and composed for the competition itself last week to suit the games theme) Besides the music, I absolutely love art and I draw mostly using pencils, but i can do watercolor as well..I love drawing animals in particular I am really passionate about science! My favorite subjec
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