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  1. heh I will try to think of something funny and then I can toss in a decent reward for a challenge on its own those 4 banzai lords were just a fun bet for Kapo's CCC it's a bet, and I raise it to 8 Banzai Lords G I am convinced that a 1 point run is impossible. If someone proves me wrong then I will for sure enjoy that replay
  2. I am willing to bet even more that it's impossible
  3. if anyone posts a run with 1 point I will give that person 4x banzai lord green
  4. just to clarify: different affinities do count as different cards, right? (game mechanics say so, but maybe the event rules are different)
  5. To be fair there's worse stuff than Satanael or Twilight bug decks when it comes to causing lag spikes... Have you also looked at all the teleport stuff that can get extremely laggy if you ass in a couple support cards? No idea how you would want to balance that stuff other than just removing certain cards... Anyway, in order to address the peformance issues, are you also planning to do similar changes to cards such as cultist master and/or infect? Even though not permanently, they still can significantly bypass the population cap, which can also be long enough to make the lobby crash bec
  6. I would love to see this be done without frenetic assault infect shrine of war mine
  7. 8 Years ago, some good friends helped me making a huge Christmas giveaway, which kind of marked the end of the good old Battleforge as we knew it. This winter, we are celebrating the release of BF Reborn! Of course I kind of want to keep this "tradition" going. So yeah long story short, if there's a card you've always wanted to have in your collection deck (or just cards of a certain color in general), post your wishes here and I will try to make them come true as long as they are realistic. See ya ingame! Donors of this giveaway: - Evil market guy Bozzah
  8. This never happened before, and it's pretty weird that I was only stuck like 30 seconds in the loading screen. He was way too fast at my base. I could imagine that somehow, the other player was already in queue, got a matchup and his former opponent got disconnected... unfortunately, I don't have a replay of that match
  9. I started a ranked match some days ago and while I was in the loading screen, the other guy was lucky enough to be able to get a head start. Cost me the match because by the time I was able to do anything, I was already down 1 well
  10. it gives me as the server IP .... so I guess you are right
  11. Getting the same error. Everything was fine a couple hours ago.
  12. 2647 Finally back, does anyone remember me?
  13. needs to write one more post to become megakool with 1000 posts
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