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  1. Navarr

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    Ha why do you even mention that run xD
  2. Navarr

    Help shadow/nature

    Brannoc is by far the best XL choice for SN in most matchups. For beginners I recommend using burrowers. Edit: Deepcoil is really stronk with good micro but you kinda need LW to make it reliable so I agree with the common opinion that it's generally a bad pick. It will always be the kind of surprise early t3 finisher thingy :p
  3. Navarr

    What are you collecting ?

    - Knowledge - ummm.. Battleforge Cards
  4. Navarr

    unfortunate but reality

    There are a LOT of nice people in this community! Maybe you were just unlucky. Almost everyone I know and play with is really stupidly noob-friendly. There are some people that demand certain deck levels from their allies but these people tend to play really bad and want to get carried so yeah.. In PvE you can literally complete every map pretty easily with decklevel 20 if you don't use only trash cards. PvP on the other hand requires you to have a shit ton of upgrades and good cards for serious play, but there are still a lot of low level players to practise with.
  5. Navarr

    damage your allys

    We have a small community. Jerks will be known really fast and will stop trolling after they got kicked from the Xth game
  6. Navarr

    Church of negation

    For that matter CoN players use to have 2 churches relatively close to each other so they can split up enemy units with their 2 nether warps. Can't really break through on even power. So as a non-fire splash I'd recommend to take the free win on time and use the 15-20 remaining minutes to flame the church player and laugh at him
  7. Navarr

    Global support cards for cooperative play.

    Some of the buildings you mentioned and then Area Ice Shield + both affinities of Ice Age for infinite shields. Very strong with very few visual FX so it doesn't feel like you're helping too much
  8. Navarr

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    This is pretty much the only good idea I've read in this thread. Instead of making mortar or phase 75+ power we could just remove them from the game. Mine is crap in 1v1 and will always be. And concerning Frost, I don't see the only real problem discussed, which is fmage spam vs nature which makes the latter unplayable. All in all, it's really hard to talk about balance when there is no ranked system where we could see which tactics REALLY lack counterplay, because when i for example see a phase tower spammer in ranked, I will take the free win with fire (or at least make him waste 1 deckslot). Predicting enemy tactics and countering them in advance is a thing I dont see taken into consideration at all in all these balance discussions which kinda make me lose hope on getting to a good result. It's very obvious that Phase Tower needs a nerf, but rather than removing it from the game I'd rather see some minor buffs for some counterplay possibilites, TOO. Also one point I want to bring up that isn't taken into consideration a lot is that 2v2 and 1v1 differ quite a lot. For example nature + shadow t1 is absolutely broken, still nobody demands a nerf for SoL or Dryad, because nature t1 is so underwhelming in 1v1 due to shadow and frost matchup. So as you can see, this is a rather fragile and really complex system, where it is very much more likely to make it even worse by just nerfing everything we don't like into the ground. Without an efficient mortar and phase there would only be nox/dryad spam in 2v2. I think I could go on forever complaining in my mediocre english about the too simplified way of thinking that is propagated by some people here. But let's cut it here and see how the discussion turns out. Sorry if I stepped on too many feet :p Edit: Last point I want to mention is that Frost and Nature are very map depandent whereas Fire and Shadow don't have this disadvantage. This is probably where we should start tackling this issue. Edit2 bc I cant help myself: Shadow is also the easiest deck to play which obviously make it seem stronger from noob perspective. Similar thing for fire
  9. Navarr

    Church of negation

    Sunstriders work. They DO have longer range than church if you activate them from the correct spot. If you use the ability and let them move without additional micro, they will sometimes run into the church range, but if you place them at firedancer range and then use the ability, the will shoot without moving => ez hard counter
  10. Navarr

    Pure shadow pvp

    Nox Carrier can be quite ok in 2v2 though on small generated maps with huge clusters of wells+orbs.
  11. Navarr

    The Stress Test Open#3 08.12.18

    Maybe a wider prize pool range could help (eg including the 7 best players instead of only 4). Also higher bfp amounts could raise motivation - one obvious way to do this is for example charging Radical 1k bfp joining fee to stock up the prizes.
  12. Navarr

    Bug: can't upgrade some cards

    Might sound obvious but maybe it's not. Did you try to relog?
  13. Navarr

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Drag all the Stonekin into the towers with LB spam? Enlighten us @Treim :3
  14. Navarr

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Probably: Firebomb+Mine for the start Shadow Phoenix + Lava Field for the stonekin
  15. Navarr

    Building Cards (PvP)

    I understood your proposal. Could you answer my question?

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