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  1. Navarr

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    https://dev.skylords.eu/ This should answer your question.
  2. Navarr

    Jungle Temple Scenery

    Looks neat
  3. Navarr


    Wish corrutped, but actually it was granted. Or not? I wish I was a Twilight Brute.
  4. Navarr

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Probably a booster he opened on https://allcards.skylords.eu/deck.html?d=Qm9vc3Rlcj4zMDV8MzU4fDUwNnw3NnwxMzd8MjE4fDI3NHwzNDZ8 Funnily when I checked if it was really 8 cards, I got a promo swamp drake. Guess I'm rich now
  5. Navarr

    Introducing... Kubik, our new developer!

    Welcome @Kubik ! Extremely important question: If you played BaFo back in the day, what were your favorite cards and why?
  6. Navarr

    Open Beta Information

    20 pages of "takes ur time devz" and it's not gonna stop here. Take it easy & see you in the forge :))
  7. Navarr

    Your favorite Two-Orb Card

    Darkelfs. Their shots look fucking amazing. It's like they want to be friends with everybody, shooting positive energy with their arrows. It's just.. they're quite bloodthirsty.
  8. Navarr


    I actually think LS+Stonekin > Pure Shadow+Stonekin on most maps against decks who do have the aura+cc combo against harvy. But I just don't like Pure Shadow in 2v2 too much because it's pretty matchup dependent.
  9. Navarr

    Range cliffing - standpoint

    Imho cliff dancers are part of the game and should be used the way they are intended: as a long-ranged sieging tool. Obviously they're counterable but they are simply overpowered and have to be balanced without removing them from the "must have" pure fire equip. A power cost increase could be an option.
  10. Navarr


    Don't agree. Nature+Shadow t1 is insanely strong. Using this combination, one player can stay t1 for a pretty long time to get map/power advantage if needed. Snowballing that advantage into bigger t2 fights with undestructable cannon tower (nature cc+kobold trick) + aura... it's pretty ridiculous. Edit: Obviously a kinda lame strategy tho^^
  11. Navarr

    BFP Rewards From Wins

    You guys remember elo boosting? If you'd get more bfp for beating higher-ranked players, many ppl would lose some games to get more bfp after all. It's not a waste of time as you might suggest as you can just search for a game and then go clean up your room or stuff.. free +%bfp.
  12. Navarr

    Opening Tournament

    What if my PvP opponent doesn't answer? Do I lose then? What if they don't send you a message with a replay? Apart from that, the rules seem legit. And ty for premade teams :3
  13. Navarr

    Opening Tournament

    So first we have to make sure that we don't decide to make it random Actually this number thing is a pretty good idea (still hoping we don't ever use it) even though it could be quite difficult to use. 5+5 > 8+2 imho. Btw, maybe the highest rank a player ever achieved would say more than a guessed number, or both in combination.
  14. Navarr

    Opening Tournament

    Imho randomizing the teams wouldn't balance anything at all, because there is still the same amount of veterans, casual players and new players. Many players (like e.g. me) would enjoy the tournament much more if they could play with a friend or a mate from the good old BaFo times. Assigning each player to a team would also result in a pretty much imbalanced tournament as there is no way to tell which player is good or bad. TL;DR: I wanna play with my m8, bro
  15. Navarr

    Opening Tournament

    signing in for 1v1 and 2v2 (with Silverdragen)

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