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  1. Navarr

    Starter Deck

    I like the new decks. But the old decks were more intuitive and beginner friendly.
  2. Navarr

    Top 50: Underwhelming cards in the game

    I agree with the vast majority of these buff ideas but I think it's worth to mention that a lot of these cards would really need a rework instead of a simple buff. Still really nice ideas which also hold up to the principle you stated in the introduction. Good job Radical. Some criticism tho: Emberstrike - This is a too huge buff. I would even argue this could make t4 viable on big 2v2 maps in some matchups, no kidding. Earthshaker + this insane ability spamming Emberstrike after a very defensive t2-3 could definetly work. I mean it would be far from OP due to deckslot efficiency but I could see some games taking very long because of this change. Shatter Ice - Imo this card needs a power reduction or less cooldown so it can be easily used after the relatively expensive freeze spells/abilities. It's damage is neat already, just gotta spam it more. Maelstrom has only 20s CD while Shatter Ice is on 30s so why not synchronize the synergy instead of buffing dmg numbers.
  3. Navarr

    Stress Test going well

    May I ask what you did to try and save the original Battleforge?
  4. Navarr

    servers ....

    I totally understand your feeling thats why I think we should all do our best to create a relaxed atmosphere for the devs so they can concentrate on the server issues instead of some forum rage
  5. Navarr

    servers ....

    We can really all feel the tension now! But seems like we gotta take a deep breath and dont let the emotions take over. Devs will get stuff to work when they figured out how. Its all right bois :p
  6. Navarr

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    Ability/Card Specific: - Destroy 20 units with a single Shadow Worm - Destroy 20 units with a single Church of Negation
  7. Navarr

    Favorite Worm

    Cuz they have extreme trample range+dmg and strong abilities Shadow Worm is the one and only worm imo. Mobile church Edit: and M knockback !
  8. Its one of my favorite t1 cards as well :p But at the moment its op in nature matchup. As Radical said its also a bit too stronk vs Frost but thats only cuz the home soil nerf was too harsh imho Edit: It's important to mention that Phase Tower is not a god tier card because Fire t1 got Sunstriders & Sunderer and Shadow has frenzied Forsaken/Skeletons as well as Nasty to effectively make PT a bad play in the vast majority of situations on most maps. Frost need a slightly better answer which could be achieved by making Home Soil great again. For Nature I dont have a good idea atm (+ I'm pretty sure Siege on WW isnt the best solution )
  9. Navarr

    The best color for PVP?

    In high elo, Pure Fire and LS are objectively the best 2 decks, mainly cuz they dont have a lot of disadvantageous matchups. FN, pFrost, pNature, pShadow and SN are very viable but will have a hard time with some matchups. Stonekin and Fire/Frost can be good because they work pretty well vs meta decks + have a slight suprise factor. Also some tactics like ice shield spam are good to catch inexperienced players off guard.
  10. My favorite phase nerf: - reduce range by 10m - reduce relocation debuff time to 15-20s BUT increase dmg taken in this time to 300% dmg This way phase stays viable and is more of a way to snowball your t1 advantage which can easily be stopped by attacking it directly after port.
  11. Navarr

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    Ability/Card Specific: - Destroy 5 or more buildings with a single Worldbreaker Gun shot - Destroy 5 or more buildings using a Stampede ability - Kill a Boss using only Termite Hills - Kill 3 enemy units with an enemy unit (by using Amazon, Parasite Swarm etc) - Let a Tortugun eat 120 population or more in 1 match - Get 1000 power from your void within 3 seconds - Decompose units worth 666 power with a single Decomposer - Use Phase Tower abilty while there is a Bandit Sorceress inside - Use a healing spell to revive at least 35 squad members at once - Have at least 10 units/towers connected via root network - Travel through a Deepcoil Worm with another Deepcoil Worm - Deconstruct a unit that has more than 6k health (by using Wrathgazer, Grigori, Shadow Worm, etc) - Break the population limit - Kill a Nightguard that was once yours with a Nox Trooper ability - Build all 4 Affinity Crystals in 1 match - Complete a difficulty 5 BG only using Manawing and Deathglider - Kill 3 Skyfire Drakes with an Eruption - Make a Shadow Phoenix come back 10 times or more - Summon all legendary cards in 1 match - Kill at least 5 units while playing an Aura of Corruption into another Aura of Corruption - Grab a paralyzed target with a Deep One - Use Enlightenment to build an Ice Barrier
  12. Navarr

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    https://dev.skylords.eu/ This should answer your question.
  13. Navarr

    Jungle Temple Scenery

    Looks neat
  14. Navarr


    Wish corrutped, but actually it was granted. Or not? I wish I was a Twilight Brute.
  15. Navarr

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Probably a booster he opened on https://allcards.skylords.eu/deck.html?d=Qm9vc3Rlcj4zMDV8MzU4fDUwNnw3NnwxMzd8MjE4fDI3NHwzNDZ8 Funnily when I checked if it was really 8 cards, I got a promo swamp drake. Guess I'm rich now

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