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  1. Navarr

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    Why? I actually know a lot of people that don't play and rather wait for the next reset and an update of the quest system. For different reasons. Some don't play games that have daily quests cuz it interferes with their time management. Some don't like bugs and crashes and wait for everything to be as stable as possible. Some just want to start at the same time as everybody else cuz they missed the Stress Test start. The second part of your post is damn right tho.
  2. Navarr

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    If the market was fair and stable and the progress way faster, I think most players wouldn't have a problem to regrind the cards. It may be true that some people would lose interest after obtaining all cards 1x including promos, but I don't think that most core players share this opinion. At least for all PvP players I can tell for sure, that they START their actual progression when they have 4x every card they need. PvE players that add any value to the community also most oftenly need more than 1 charge of enlightenment, infect, and so on. So I don't really get who constructed this whole idea of how fast the progression should be in his/her opinion, but it clearly doesn't work out for the community. There have been a lot of suggestions so I assume you, dear Skylords Team, will figure out what will work in the long run. Just gotta start listening to the right people :p Edit: Looking at some statements in this thread, I want to add that the team clearly tried to make a compromise between hardcore and casual players. It just doesn't work the way it's meant to be due to multiaccounting and the VERY different goals and speeds of the players.
  3. Was already done when I wrote that
  4. Navarr

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I'm playing since several months and I don't even have NEARLY half of the cards I need. My calculation 3 months or something ago, where I said I'd need over a year, is still correct. So where do you have this number from? Are you just counting single cards and don't care about charges? :'D
  5. I should've looked at the date before entering the tournament. Can't play sadly. Gl hf to all participants.
  6. Navarr

    Cyruel's Decks

    On small maps it's actually very stronk but on bigger maps too slowwww
  7. Navarr

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Btw I don't know how I could forget that. But Thugs are really, really good to tank tree spirit damage.
  8. Navarr

    Snapjaws damage weird/wrong?

    Red Snapjaws are playable in nische pve situations btw cuz they apply dmg buff against buildings.
  9. Navarr

    Nature Deck T1

    You need all 4 charges to have a viable nature deck because on small maps you can't win mirror matches against more shamans.
  10. Sadly I don't have time to play at the moment eheheheheheh
  11. Navarr

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Against tree spirit spam write "thanks gg" in chat and always push the 1 more well so your enemy is forced to attack if he doesnt wanna lose on power. Then use the well to tank the tree damage and place units behind it. Firesworn is pretty good when you don't have enough space for splitting the sunstriders. On spots like the Lajesh corners where you can't place units behind your well, you obviously have to be careful with this tactic.
  12. Navarr

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Make 2 scavengers guarded by 1 or 2 sunstriders each and fight with these 2 squads on 2 different locations. Nature units are too expensive to keep up with the pressure in early game so if you place the erus well to finish quickly and take map control, you should come out ahead
  13. Why do you want me to lose a lot of rankeds on purpose so I can participate?
  14. I was a bit confused at first cuz from how it looks I thought the "Best Time" would be possible with the shown deck. Also very interesting that the all time fastest Mo run is done without the all time most broken ability Are you sure about that? :OO
  15. Navarr

    nerf amii monument

    To add to this, many cards from the core edition have been nerfed very hard since then. Surge of Light, Tremor, Silverwind Lancer, Home Soil, Wildfire, etc - the list is pretty long ^^
  16. Wow I really like where it's going. Good job! It's a valuable resource with lots of solid decks. But as far as I know some of the times stated there aren't possible with the deck shown. I'm just a PvP nub so correct me if I'm wrong but for example Mo 11:29 shouldn't be possible with that deck after the stampede nerf. Insane God 5:45 was probably done with Scythe Fiends, not Incubator. And btw Treasure Fleet is much easier with Enlight + Batariel.
  17. Navarr

    Enable all cards for testing in the forge

    @Kubik If you think that most people would move to that kind of server, we should ask the question why that is. Maybe it'd be a good idea to reduce the massive daily grind in favor of more cards and variety So it's more accessible for newcomers and players that don't have the time to play daily as well as PvP players etc etc. Edit: Also I don't think nobody cared about missions or pvp there. I remember playing a lot of PvP and speedruns with perfect decks which was very beautiful.
  18. In this thread Kubik stated otherwise.
  19. Navarr

    Redesign/modify display of buffs

    Already being discussed here.
  20. Navarr

    nerf amii monument

    You seem to be pretty new here
  21. Navarr

    Removing Amii Monument - Game Balance

    By void control I mean something like Cultist Master + Furnace of Flesh, Shrine of Memory, Shrine of War, which gives you void back faster.
  22. Navarr

    Removing Amii Monument - Game Balance

    It's cheaper than normal t4 because with void control you get most of the 140 activation power back and only use 250 bound power for the 4th orb instead of 300.
  23. Navarr

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    How can you say I'm incorrect if you didn't see the replays? Also I've been following this thread and now where you bring it up I wanna say that I don't like the attitude of both these teams. In my opinion we should work together to make the absolute perfect fastest times for every map. ps: Could also be 2 players getting fed by 1 player each. Still same thing just kinda mirrored. Mark of the Keeper is one of the oldest cards for these situations too so maybe it's getting used too. But whatever, I'm more of a PvP player. There are people that can guess it better, I'm just saying these tactics have been around. We know them. So we should make decks public for the newer players to get into speedrunning (and probably expert maps in general) easier. ps2: And I'm repeating myself when I say Guns of Lyr and MAYBE Oracle are kind of the only maps left where the meta tactic isn't 100% publicly known.
  24. Navarr

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    No I didn't see it because it's not public. So you could hypothetically say I never will. Why? Well, according to your logic: They need to get the fastest possible time (frame perfect) first, which will probably take several thousand runs because of server latency and all that, because why would they share the replay before making sure nobody can use their totally new tactic to get an even faster time. BUT, even without seeing the replay I don't think it would surprise me by a lot. We'd see 3 players feeding into a decomposer. Some Rifle cultists or whatever clearing the houses to trigger the final wave which will be defended by some huge anti air damage like more rifle cultists, wbg or something like that. As there are 3 more players you would think there is a lot of room for variety, but as most or (more likely) all of them stay t1, I don't think I have to elaborate more on this. Even a PvP player without a lot of speedrun experience can easily use the same old tactic that has been developed by the community - if he remembers it ;). The problem here is getting a good time, which is not only the direct result of lots of runs and practise but also comes from remembering the correct move/build order and stuff like exact well count etc for maximum efficiency. SO, we will see if they changed more than a few cards. I very much don't believe it. Also, another thing I want to add to this discussion when we think about deck variety. Don't you think public decks would GREATLY enhance it in the long run because there would be a reason to play pure decks or other weird strategies and still get good times with them to impress others? It has always been that way, so why remove this component?
  25. Navarr

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    "If someone figures out better strategy" = change a few cards from the existing decks. Please remember we didn't have a balance patch for a looong time. "players might be not capable" - you might have a point here. I will think about that. I didn't compare anything to dark souls speedruns, I was just referring to the feeling of uncertainty some players want to maintain. The term "correct" explains itself pretty well as there is a limited amount of possibilities on deck and movement so you can definetly play "correctly" by using the best possible cards with (very close to) perfect micro.

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