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  1. Hey folks, during the good old days a played a lot battleforge. I played almost exclusively pvp because I am not so much into pve. Now that battleforge is back I picked it up and it is a blast to play pvp again. I already played against Radical and TopSecret who thrashed me like in 3 minutes but I still enjoy it so much! SO WHY DAFUQ DO I HAVE TO GRIND PVE TO GET GOLD?!??!?!?! You get like 0 gold from pvp. I have one decent pure fire deck and it took me like a month to get all the upgrades. So could you maybe pls up the reward from playing pvp? most of the time I have to search around 3-10 min until I find an oppenent and then after a 10 min game I get like 600 gold. whats up with that. I would have to play around 16 rounds to get 10k gold which takes around approx. 4 hours and then I can upgrade like two common cards. Just add a 0 to the end of pvp rewards and It would be fine. Warm regards Misconceived
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