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  1. that one is really good 🙂 MmBab, da da doo bab.... hahaha on spot!
  2. Hi, i am a native german speaker and my english is good enough i guess? 😄 I never did such a translation job, but i think i should be able to do it. I am quite new to Skylords Reborn, but i played the old Battleforge a lot back in the days. If u want we can give it a try 🙂 Regards
  3. Hi Kubik, i didnt wanted to open a new threat for it, but the quest "play a set number of matches in any game mode" doesnt counts up if i played a pvp game. Is that intended?
  4. thanks for fast answering i didnt knew u have not the game code. else i would have suggested like a big red X going over the card or something like that. or a red frame. but i have no clue what options you have.
  5. Hallo again, dear community, dear devs, today i stumbled over the Bell. That shitty thing some of your cards can have, making them untradeble. Please make it possible to sort them out if you are trading. In addition, i think an icon showing a card is untradeble in a TCG should be a little bit more visible placed. I am sure you have your viable reasons why these untradeble cards are even existing, but mark them obvious untradeble. Else you just generate frustration, like "ohh, i can sell this and that" and then in the last moment u figure out you cant. Pisses of one self and y
  6. if thats the rookie tournament, i read about it. wasnt able to join due lack of time, but in case it was a spot for noobs to get in, my complaints should be lesser ofc. that your good willing got answered that cheap is unlucky and stupid of these ppl. in case we got to play some time, i would appreciate any advice To make 1 point clear: I appreciate to work for my desired pvp deck too. I enjoyed the path to it in the old days very much. Difference is, in the old days we all had something to begin with. we had cards we could offer and sell, to get what we want, part by part. But her
  7. maybe we should clarify what the people actually want. i am a pvp only player. only means i dont want to do pve if not necessary. The old BF i played as a competetive pvp game. that was my fun. here i often read people are only interested in pve. though i can hardly imagine why, because as already said there are better pve games, due even one of our devs is a pve only guy, maybe we should do a poll about that topic. if it comes out most want pve, then this game is probably just not my place, and then i shouldnt complain anymore But this thread got strong activity since i opened it,
  8. First i want to thank Navarr to step on my side. Second, after the very first, super short answer i got from you, Kubic, i am now a bit shocked about your behaviour as a "Lead Developer". I am a new guy interested in what u work ur sorry arse of i guess! I am exactly that guy you want in thousands for your game! And it took about 4 post of you to make me think "Where do i got here". Laught about me, dismiss me, its ok. I am no child, i will feel like you shouldnt probably be the voice of the games makers, and leave. After talking to several people ingame, combined what Mr Kubik sais,
  9. that gives me a thinking. not elegant, not the way it should be, because it doesnt change anything for what i said about tediousity, but, it might go faster. i still think its far to boring at all atm. hope that will change somehow.
  10. I do know. But for the market i need some BFP. To get BFP i have to do dailies. They are always the same, and in case u have to pvp, u have to ask because else there will be nobody in pvp. And in any case, there will be nobody with low elo deck as you. So, my point still stands. I mean, i wrote this after 3 days of noticing i kinda dont want to play the game i want to play You understand me? P.S: Just right now, i am online, doing nothing, waiting for my quests to recharge. 0 BFP, because all my Bosster yet were "unlucky". No csards i want and no cards of great value to
  11. Hello dear communnity :), i began Skylords Reborn 4 days ago. I know the game, like probably all of you from the past. Of course i was super happy when i learned about Skylords. In addition, i liked the fact its complete free. But: It is boring. There is no reason to stay longer ingame, after u did ur 3 (boring) daily quests. The gain in Cards and BFP is so slow it takes probably weeks to get out of the "i play with a mixed deck i dont like to play with to beat dailies" zone. That makes me thinking about droping. That makes probably the same with other newcome
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