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  1. NovaDaemoN

    Rate and suggestions for deck

    Gonna remove Unholy Hero and replace it with Ashbone Pyro. Need very confident in cultist master for capturing T4 orb
  2. NovaDaemoN

    Rate and suggestions for deck

    Why does the card say unit if it also can affect buildings (frenetic assault G)? thats weird
  3. NovaDaemoN

    Rate and suggestions for deck

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions really aprecciate it. Put together a deck on allcards: https://allcards.skylords.eu/cards.html?d=UnB2ZTkrMTA+OTV8MjQ3fDQyMHwxOTh8NDIxfDIyOHwyNjl8MjIzfDEwNnwzNnw0NTh8MTk3fDE4NXw5OHwyMjd8MTM4fDIxOHwyNzB8MzQ3fDIyMnw= maybe you can take a look at it sometime? if link doesn't work i have saved the image if that is better
  4. Hey everyone I'm thinking about building this deck mainly for rpve. So I'm wondering if I can improve on it in a few ways. T1: Forsaken, Decomposer, Soul Splicer G Motivate, Life Weaving T2: Harvester, Resource Booster, Furnace of Flesh, Nether Warp G T3: Cultist Master, Ashbone Pyro, Breeding Grounds (I know it's a T2 card but I get my nature orb at T3), Frenetic Assault P, Revenge, Infect, Soulshatter T4: Overlord, Grim Bahir G, Death Ray, Regrowth Thoughts I aleady have in mindS. wapping Forsaken for Nox Trooper but don't if that is a knowbetter choice, Life Weaving I'm not certain of if I want to keep it in but don't know what to replace it with, Death Ray I really like so I don't want to take it out. Lost Spirit Ships I'm not a fan of (want to try to find a different way to make a deck like this work without the usual cards at t4)

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