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  1. Flrbb

    rPvE 9 - need advice - Bloodhorn centered deck

    In some way you are right. I do use Mo and Blood Healing for comfort reasons. Anyway, thank you for your input on new cards - especially I totaly have forgotten that Inferno exists. :) If I remember correctly, the nature Frenetic Assault slows the target to walking speed and the shadow version adds a (very small) life degen to all units within the circle. As all units will stand still and fight each other, why do you recomend the nature affinity? You wrote something about fire start. Downside would be that resource booster comes availabe one tier later. And that I am not used to fire t1. I suppose Mine and Nomad (green) would be enough? Even for Lost Souls in rPvE9?
  2. This is my current deck. In general, I'd say Shadow Phoenix would be better than Shadow mage, but when T3 is close to T2, then the Mages are definitly more stable (with Soul Splicer). This deck destroys camps wery well; Infect, Cluster Explosion, Stampede. But it really struggles against two things: single unique enemies like Nyxia (Only a few Bloodhorns can attack simutanously, I do spam Ashbones in that case, works ok-ish) and even worse: other small groups of enemys on the run. Bloodhorns are not very effective against those. Usually, Infect and Undead Army don't work on those (because not dead yet), Lavafiled and Soulshatter do not kill all of them. It just takes ages to kill them. This is why I 'd like some advice, maybe a card I overlooked. Aura of Pain is the least used card (and also very, very ineffective), so I do have a spare slot. Which card to substitute? Thanks in advance.
  3. Oh, sorry to mix that up. It is somewhat confusing, though. In the announcements there are two stickies: "Open beta" and "Open stress test", so I thought they are basically the same and the name is interchangeable. Also, after a second read, the timestamp of both entries differ a lot. My bad. Anyhow, I (as someone who is not born with this kind of developers slang) would think that a stress test is done before a beta release, as I assume a beta would be the last thing before a official release/version. Not all information in the Open Beta is outdated, so I like to suggest you un-stick it and copy/paste the valid infos into the other thread.
  4. I am confused. Isn't this the open beta right now?
  5. Flrbb

    my deck does not gain level

    Did you apply updates??... A deck does not level itself ..?!?
  6. Flrbb

    Report Section for toxic players?

    There is an in-game report function. But I do not know if that is working or still beta.
  7. Then let this be a Request: 1. How many active players (lets say logging in at least once a week or somewhat) are currently around? 2. How many Infect (also Mountaineer and Church of Negotiation) are currently owned by those players? 3. How many boosters are opened per day? By the way, is this the right place for such requests?
  8. Flrbb

    Pure fire deck

    If I am not mistaken, Nyxia should be the name of a unique enemy in rPvE.
  9. I read this for the first time. Is this plan somewhat official?? Anyhow, personally I am the most interested in something I'd call a saturation rate of the AH/player cards.
  10. Ok, first of all. The title is a bit vague, but I couldn't think of better one right now. Sorry for that. I was thinking about the prices changes in AH. Basically the net worth (game wise) of a card remains constant, because the attributes stay the same - no buff or nerf is announced for now. But on the other hand prices in AH change very much. As far as I can imagine there are two effects for an upward tendency and one cause why the price will/could drop. Up1: a player buys a card and wants to trade for profit, so what ever it takes he will sell it for a higher price. Up2: lower price cards will be bought first, the higher price cards will be bought last (but more players want to buy these cards time-wise together) this will rise its price. This effect is hard to describe, especially because English is not my native language. Down: saturation of the marked. Each day the card count rises, each player get some cards. So - starting with common cards - no one will be interested in buying them. Assuming no new players will join the game. This means that in long term all prices will drop to zero, but in between all prices (of rare and ultra rare cards) will rise constantly. Anyhow, am interested in at which point of this curve we are at the moment. To estimate this, I would like to know how many cards are owned by the active player base and how many active players are in game. Also, it would be interesting if each player gets a booster dayly. This would be needed data to make some basic estimation. I know this all is maybe confidential data, but.. well, the least thing I can do is asking for it.
  11. Flrbb

    Improve Upgrades Tab

    Do not filter on what is missing. Add a filter in which you can name a campaign mission. Then it shows all upgrades from that map. Which ones you still miss, you have to figure out on your own. This would be my attempt.
  12. Flrbb

    4 man map problem

    My guess would be that the player with the fastest computer gets into the game. The others are stuck at the loadings screen, missing some sort of" terminate the loading screen" signal - because a game already started.
  13. Just a thought... When you add a short text which bugs you address with a restart you probably will get better feedback if that countermeasure did work. (A few restart messages do have this sort of information with them.) Also, you please the fan base a bit more. Thus, gain understanding for the restarts.
  14. Flrbb

    Improve Upgrades Tab

    When doing map runs for loot, you can easily see which upgrades still missing and then decide which map to farm.
  15. Flrbb

    Improve Upgrades Tab

    That list is flooded with all earned upgrades and this is why I think the current list is useless. You could improve its usability by adding filters. Sort by orbs and tier like the cards would be a first step, on top filtering per map and difficulty would be better. Also, an option to hide all applied upgrades would be great. This would slim the list and it would gain of value. Edit: it might be a but vague which upgrade tab I am writing about. I added a screen shot.

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