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  1. Flrbb

    some numbers on the current ecconomy

    14.5% is from 29*1/200 did not invest much brain capaticity to that math...
  2. I thought, maybe you are interested in some numbers... I took all my BPF and bought 29 boosters from the shop. So I spent 13050. Despite this should shave been 13.5% of a promo, I got none (is it still a chance of 1/200?). Anyhow, I kept one or two uncommon and cheap rares to complete my collection and put all the other rare and ultra rare into the AH. Basically all for a slightly lower buyout price than the current market value. If all the cards will be bought - I doubt, because a Sandstorm for ~50 is quite high - I get 8190 back. Result would be 280 BFP per booster.
  3. you guys do retire? I thought you just "participate less frequently" xD
  4. Then implement my suggestion!
  5. Never thought of not having at least 20 cards for a certain tier. Well, I'd say in that case a player should see less. Anyhow, there should bei another rule for selecting the displayed cards: those who were played recently should not be in the new selection of cards. I disagree. A player gets only a mixture of sub-optimal cards for the current situation. It would be an (optional) gaming mode only. For easy and probably advanced game play. I doubt that you can beat many expert missions and PvP might bei fun, but probably noone wants to risk the ELO. :D
  6. If so I'd like to suggest an alternative play mode, which should bring more diversiy to the game. When having 0 orbs, a player gets 20 random tier 1 units of any colour. This is to define the starting orb colour, as well as playing the first unit. After playing the first card all the cards are replaced. The new 20 cards are a random selection of units, spells and buildings (5 of each group minimum). These have to be playable, matching the players orb colour. After a single card is played only that card gets replaced (alternatively: again, change all cards). After a player rises the tier there will be 20 new cards of the new tier. Of course all the cards which can pop up are from the players personal collection. In the same way upgraded and charged. But charges don't really apply here. If a player does not own a certain card, it does not have a chance to pop up. What do you think of this game mode?
  7. Flrbb

    What a surprise!

    Oh, well. I played even the original game almost from beginning, but just today I realized that you can drag and drop units into another group. What a game. Happy playing to you all!
  8. Flrbb

    RNG from card packs?

    Well, I do get all the sandstorms !! They are kind of hard to sell, I can tell.
  9. Flrbb

    Inflation Incoming!

    A possible way to create a BFP sink within the AH would be not to have gold as auction fee, but BFP. This is basically what each real life AH (e.g. ebay) does. It also would slow down the inflation of cards, just because AH would not be frequented much by peoply who do only trade for the win of BFP. Lets assume an auction fee is like 10% of the sold price (which the seller of the card has to pay, so he recives only 90%), then manyl ppl who really do want that card will buy it, because someone yould have to sell it for more than 110% of its original value to make profit. Such hugh profit margin will be not common. So, the frequency of which a single cards gets bought and gets re-sold drops down. This would lead to a emptier AH. Direct trade would become more interesting. To add more stability (price-wise) to the AH, and also to have more "worth" from an AH which then costs BFP, a AH should not run only for 24 hrs, but a week (or such) instead. In the end: my bet would be that this idea will not be liked by the comunity. Because it feels like you lose BFP and do not get the whole worth of a card. But, the longer I write about a fee in AH, the more I do like the idea. It really could save the ecconomy of BF/Skylords Reborn.
  10. Flrbb

    Inflation Incoming!

    Just a quick thought on that PvE point: What, if you make some sort of optional "bet on you style of play". Like, if you play a certain mission you can bet (a fixed amount of bfp) that you beat that mission in a certain time. If so, you gain a (maybe set/coosen) card as reward, if not the bfp is lost. The next time you want to set a bet, you either have to pay more bfp or the time you have to beat decreases. You could exchange the time restriction with "only up to t3" or such.. I guess this system is not easy to implement, though. At least, you could implenet the system and thest its functionality. ;-) The balancing on prices/costs is, of course, not testable at the moment.
  11. Flrbb

    Inflation Incoming!

    I think that the basic thought on economy are going in the right direction. There has to be some sort of sink for BFP. Like a tax for unplayed, but collected cards. (That would lead to a more fluctuating market (hopefully)) But this is a bad suggestion. Also there is another effect. Some rare cards prices rise drastically, while other rares going downwards. This comes from saturation of (unwanted) cards, I think. In the end only a collector will buy unwanted rares. All other will try to sell. On the other side, everyone wants a Harvester. So, either some traders buy all copies of Harvester to put it back in AH for a high price or the demand for special cards (which are hyped) is unbrocken. Just my 2 cent.
  12. Flrbb

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    I do like what Cocofang is saying and I want to expand that idea. What if you give out rewards if a player completes a "branch" of the campaign? To elaborate: I mean those drawn lines on the map (like Dwarven Riddle and GoL). Lets say, if a player finishes all quests on advanced which are chained together he gets a (pre defined) reward. If all those quests are also done on expert, the player gets another reward. Or, if that would leed to too many rewards, then make it like U2 if done on advanced, U3 if on expert. To have enough rewards I'd use all legendary cards (personally, I am unsure if using Promos for this would be a good idea). Also, you could give out single copies of cards, so that a player has still to spend gold to combine/upgrade those rewards.
  13. You definitly want to add resource booster. When taking my skill into account; I'd say your t1/t2 is not solid/stable enough to beat lost souls t3. Well, you gonna need a good play mate on your side. But, I have not enough experience with Stormsinger (your second card, is it named that way? ) A comment on Breeding Ground: I would swap that card out - it is not that usefull within a Constuct deck. You cannot afford to summon you constructs at your starting base (or wait until you've built a BG somewhere on the map) because your constucts are slow. (With faster, flying units it would be something different, though) When I play Constructs, I usually build 2 construcs before I start rolling on. These two were the only ones where I could use the bonus from BG.
  14. Flrbb

    Balance proposal: Amii Monument

    Uhhh. Wait. What? Just 14 / 39??? I am one of 39? Unbelivable. Edit: I thought the gap between stadard and advanced is a bit smaler and the gap to expert is much higher.
  15. Flrbb

    Rifle Cultist

    I just quit Discord. Too much time consuming. Do you mind suggesting it there? In my name, if you wish...:)

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