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  1. Flrbb

    3 - badge after level up

    NAME: badge after level up SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: journal and matchmaking screen REPRODUCIBILITY: I noticed this the first time. DESCRIPTION: I played a Gus on Lyr, which made my score rise above the border between 4 yellow dots to 1 cyan (1200000). Within the book my rank was displayed correctly, but my badge at the next matchmaking screen (new group, other mission) was still the old one. but after this next match, a random pve, the badge while matchmaking was shown correctly. this time a random match again, same group as before. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  2. Flrbb

    Balance Proposal: Emberstrike

    I'd suggest to remove the restrictions of spawning without beeing near to a home base. (Half lifepoints etc.) This is more radical but would support this units' unique mechanic.
  3. Actually, I do use Ashborne Pyros, (even in T4) because I do not use them that often and for killing single enemies they are good enough. Also, I do not have space for another t4 unit ... as said, I use many, many spells. With Offering you do not "waste" spells, because they recharge, too.
  4. Bloodhorns are my favourite unit for clearing these random camps. I might be able to help here. Bloodhorns (upgraded) have Stampede to destroy buildings fast, also with big/large units they have no real problem. This leaves small units and single high health units to care about. My solution are spells. Lava Field, Soulshatter, even Erruption. Best one: Infect. Just move on with your Bloodhorns to the next camp. Most the times I do only use 2 or three of them, saving energy for spells. But what about void and charges? Shrine of War and Offering. There you go! For the single high health enemies I do use ranged units. But I summon only when I encounter them.
  5. NAME: deck empty (AH and ready on the same time) SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Matchmaking / randomPvE REPRODUCIBILITY: was once. cannot really reproduce DESCRIPTION: I was host for a 4 player random pve game, waiting for a 4th player. I had not set the ready-check yet. I cannot remember what state the other had. (When I started to browse my cards and delete mails of unsold cards one of the others had a trade deck, so he was not ready) My guess would be that both also had not set the ready-flag. I was setting up an auction, when a 4th player joined. In the very moment I clicked on "create auction" all other players set the checkmark. This caused(?) my deck to go empty. Chosing a new one grom the deck list had no effect, all decks did not contain cards. Had to reastart the game. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Probably a mixup of sent packages caused the error.
  6. Flrbb

    Balance Proposal: Twilight Hag

    some information I do miss: when will the modification be applied?
  7. Flrbb

    Language Flags/Tags

    As I sometimes see players with "de", "en", "pl" in their names... A way to show (multiple) flags would be nice. Maybe instead of an avatar. edit: or as an overlay to the avatar
  8. Flrbb

    WTB T3/T4 units

    I'd use one purple orb,.so Offering would be available. That way you could generate charges..
  9. I do have my own construct based deck (with battle ships, too) and it has the promo version ^^
  10. Flrbb

    Could some cards get a speed buff?

    what about a (small) buff when no enemy is in range ...just a thought, though
  11. per column or row? xD by the way, how do you deal with flying enemies with the constructs? Imo, Overlord is barely enough to be effective.
  12. Flrbb

    2 - Stuttering on Insane God

    Right. The OS is upgraded to Win10, but nowadays the only background programs are Steam and Dropbox within the taskbar. In former times it was at least Skype.
  13. Flrbb

    3 - Game requested to send this

    You are welcome!
  14. Flrbb

    2 - Stuttering on Insane God

    Well, my PC is (execpt a SSD) exactly the same as with the original BF. There was no stuttering at all on that map, even with the graphical features tuned all up the highest setting. Nowadays the game perfomance seems to be worse, that is why I decided to turn all graphical settings to the lowest setting. (This, indeed might be caused by "computer hardware got to old" and also might be a cause for the stuttering on that map.) No, this happens even if you do/did not do anything at all, just pan by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen.
  15. NAME: Game requested to send this SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: random mission, nothing special. REPRODUCIBILITY: probably not DESCRIPTION: There was a single message like "server restart" (dunno its literally text), but without any count down. Some minutes later the game, while within a random mission, hung. So no screen movement, unit movement etc. possible. Then a pop up came which requested to post the attached file together with a bug report. I do not think this in particular is a bug - just a not-so-well-done-server-restart. But who knows. So heres the log. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - _launcher_log_2019.07.31_542.log

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