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  1. Flrbb

    Please fix the Bell

    I thought it is a bell, too. But somone (recently in this forum) pointed out that it is some sort of thumbtack instead.
  2. Flrbb

    Loot List / card upgrades (2018)

    I think the goal was to assign uprgrades to maps where their cards come to an use. Also, starting missions are easier than later missions, so common card upgrades are mostly on earliers missions..
  3. Sending a pending notification when a player opens the deck selection window and sending the selected deck name, level and picture id to up to 3 other players. Somone has to open/close that window like a maniac to raise the overall tranfer data volume by a reasonable ammount. Compared to in-game data when someone moves units one by one, this could not be much, I'd guess..
  4. It buggs me that you have to play a "pure fraction" on T1, even when you want to play a "mixed" one later on. For example, if you want to build a "full Bandit deck", you still have to use fire T1 or shadow T1. What about some (few) units (and buildings) which are in the favour of the mixed fractions? As designing cards takes lots of time I like to suggest to take just some basic T1 units (like Forsaken, Sunstriders, Master Archers or something even more "generic") and apply a themed skin to those units, as well as the usual benefit from that fraction. (eg. the heal for the Bandits) A tradeoff to use these mixed units on T1 should be, that you are forced to have a certain orb colour when raising your T2.
  5. During matchmaking; it can be frustrating if everyone is ready (has the check-mark to start playing) except one. This might happen, when a player still seraches for a deck he/she/it wants to play with. A notification, that a player has the "select deck" window open for the other players would be a good addition here. Such message could be a "pending..." instead of a actual deck name and an invalid deck level - you could name your deck like "pending ..." to confuse people. Before adding this feature, there is a bug which might have to be fixed first:
  6. Flrbb

    Auto-OK to request deck

    I like to suggest a feature for the in-game "request deck" function. As I do have no secret decks and I also do not really care if someone wants to see my deck; a checkbox for an automated "ok" to show deck would be a nice addtion.
  7. Well, then that happened to me.
  8. Recently, I put auctions to AH until I reached the allowed limit. The next day I had only the return-messages from AH in my inbox and got a note that more messages are stored on the server. So I doubt that these limits are both 40.
  9. There allready is a "collect all" function. If you delete the mails, their content is added to your collection. Besides: There is a limit on the allowed auctions, but the limit of your in-game mails is lower. After each hosted auction (successful or not) you'll get a mail. I would appreciate, if these two limits would be aligned.
  10. If you get your unwanted card back you receive a mail. When you offer many cards this gets messy. Especially, when having a mixture of valuable and 3bfp cards in the AH. You just do not know really which cards came back and which were sold. Also, it takes quite some time to open/read each single mail. Can you add the name of the card to the title? Or even better: add a picture of the card to the overview?
  11. NAME: Bandit Sorceress leaving ally's building SEVERITY: 3, also client sided (but cannot create topic in that subforum?!) LOCATION: in game, tested in campagin missions REPRODUCIBILITY: always DESCRIPTION: Player 1 spawns a Bandit Sorceress (we did it with red affinity) and sends it to a tower of Player 2. Now, that player has the control of that unit. First, the "leave builing" button is only available to Player 2. Second, after leaving the buildind, the unit belongs to Player 2 (with resources and unit count and everything) and cannot be controlled by Player 1 anymore. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: this behaviour might be a disign choice and not a buged behaviour. Also, it might would make sense, if the building gets destroyed (on purpose) the Sorc will first be sent out automatically.
  12. Title should be "assigning" not assuming... Also not capable to record a video.. Anyhow, using need/greed (with 2 players) and chosing to skip all upgrade (both players) doesn't give gold, too. Well, except that from the chests in game. Even after a restart the gold amount does not rise.
  13. Flrbb

    Boosters for new players....

    Okay, I do see you have taken you time to (deeply) think on this issue. That's good to hear and I appreciate it. Still, introducing new players at the very moment is kind of difficult (or complicated) under this circumstances. Also, as the reboot has no set time ( which itself is good, if you'd ask me) it is not an option to say that things will get easier/better soon. So, maybe a slight change for the moment might be a good thing... I understand that a mix of tradable and untradable cards is confusing but there are allready untradable cards. You could circumvent this ifyou use my initial suggestion, but set all untradable cards to tradable after a certain amount of time... anyhow, thanks for reading!
  14. Probably there are slmany threads around here addressing this topic... Personally, I think that having to play several hours to get the first boosters ( and thus the first variation to the game) is quite long. To be honest, this is where the fun of the game and its originality comes from. How to introduce new players to a game, when the core mechanic of the game doesn't show?!! As I understandthat there was/is an issue with multi accountings I like to suggest that you reduce this first time span and make these "starting boosters" (and their cards) untradable. To improve this, you could grant different themed boosters to chose from.
  15. Sorry for not using the template - I am writing from my mobile. Chosing "assign" as loot distribution method for a campaign mission. Then winning a game. Assigning some upgrades to players, but "disenchant" the rest doesn't give gold to players. (The box where usually "player xyz receives upgrade as reward" is printed, stays empty too) I don't know if this is intentional, but at least in original BF you got gold then...

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