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  1. Flrbb

    to fast to boring.. nerf rPVE!?

    I'd say McLongDickson is (basically) right. There is an imbalance between the game modes. But because most players are frustrated when something gets nerv'd, I'd say you should strengthen the loot distribution of the campaign missions. If a player gets a guaranteed upgrade he doesn't have yet (out of the upgrades available on a specific map) then the appeal to play campaign missions would be higher. On the other hand, it might lead also to a ceased player base, just because you get your upgrades faster. If you buff campaign on this way, then there should be a bug to PvP, too. But I do not play that, so no idea how to do so. As a side note; the way BF is conceived it has an end! (Only random mission intercept this a bit) The campaign missions are (very) limited, so is the card pool, too. Probably a new Orb color could buffer this. I am playing roughly since 9 month and I have collected almost all cards...
  2. Yesterday and today I played some rPvE where lots of ppl disconnect during "initialisation". Happend like every 3rd match. One of them was able to chat with the rest of us.(usually all 4 players are listed in the group on the right border, even if disconnected. in this "very early/quick" disconnect the player was missing there, also if I remember correctly, his stating orb&well were empty) So frequency of disconnections is higher than usual. But I got only these connection losses at the end of a match, after you click on that victory message.
  3. Flrbb

    WTB Promos

    It seems, I am the collector type of a player. I think, I do own all the regular cards. Moving on to legendary and promos. Sadly, current prices in AH are way overpriced - at least in my opinion. Anyhow, if anyone is willing to sell Lord Cyrian, Promo Firedancer, Promo Grinder, Promo Constuct, Promo Juggernaut or Promo Harvester just let me know. Most interested cards are Harvester and Construct. My current wallet doesn't allow me to buy all of them at once but I have to start somewhere.
  4. Flrbb

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Wait. What? You guys are doing Guns of Lyr in expert solo, roughly 9 minutes? I should quit gaming. ps: do you realize, that you need to play it 4 times in a row to get your daily booster?!?
  5. Alright. Tested in forge: With 3rd Inc. Mo active, you can instantly warp your units. Back an forth. Which is nice. Without, there is (better: should be) a 10 second delay. This delay is shown on the unit itself (where e.g. Wheel's symbols are shown, too). Sometimes this countdown refreshes itself back to 10 seconds. I think, this happens when the unit doesn't move out of the target warp zone. I would say this is a bug. Because you then need more than 10 seconds between a warp. I also tested the radius of the warp. Right now it matches the animation of the warp, so it seems correct to me. I swear, the radius was smaller recently because in a random game a few days ago it warped just a few units from the center of the pulk. If a unit walks into a warp zone, it gets teleported. This was not the case recently. But now, everything is fine here. Anyhow, there seems to be some sort of delay of warping units, which do not warp with the cast of the spell but walk into the warp zone. Either this delay is bound to a timer or due to ping. I don't know and don't know how to test properly. This might get me thought that the spell did not work properly.
  6. Flrbb

    Build Deck

    What do you want to focus upon? Campaign missions? PvP or random battlegrounds?
  7. I do not know the state of Inc. Mo while I played the random 4 player maps. Might be possible that another player had a "unusual" setup. I hadn't any interference with that in mind, so I did not check. In one game, I could only teleport like 4 units out of 5 constructs and 4 battleships and even if I walk the constructs into the animation of the warp, they did not warp. Also, in another game I could apply two NW (both affinities) directly after each other. There was a game with another player, who did also use NW, I warped my units into a camp and he did warp them out. Was kind of confusing. But don't know the name. As my information seems to be not precise enough and I play lots of Construct/NW games lately, I will report back.
  8. Flrbb

    3 - allcards database error

    was fixed, as far as I can tell edit: regards gut now, Tortugun and Bloodhorn are assigned wrong...
  9. NAME: Nether Warp changed behaviour multiple times lately SEVERITY: 1 if you want to use NW, otherwise 2, maybe even 3 LOCATION: probably everywhere, but definitely in random maps REPRODUCIBILITY: yes DESCRIPTION: lately there were a bunch of updates, most of them seem to have impacted on the behaviour of Neather Warp. NWs behaviour changes after updates to a different usage. Usually, you create a warp zone and each unit that gets in contact (even after a short time of existence of the wrap zone) will be sent to the other spot. The behaviour was altered in different ways: the radius of the warp zone was modified, units which did not instantly warp away cannot warp, even when moved later into the warp zone. And the current state is, that a unit seems (sometimes) to be immune to warp for some time, after it was warped. In consequence, you cannot use both NW in random missions to move faster. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I think, it all started when an update mixed up the right-click menu in the forge and noone had access to some entries like show/request decks.
  10. Wise words have been spoken!
  11. NAME: allcards database error SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: allcards.skylords.eu REPRODUCIBILITY: well, yes. but don't know, how long this happens DESCRIPTION: when selecting frost only, stoneskin and bandit are also displayed SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I guess the database has some wrong entries
  12. Flrbb

    Inconsistency of PvE Scenarios

    Some thoughts on your nature/frost deck: - upgrade breeding gound to level 3, asap (nature and stoneskin tend to have costly units, the bereeding ground compensates for it) - if you want to manipulate the void in that deck, add shrine of memories (that deck has lots of spells, might worth it) - coldsnap and curse of oink might be a bit much (both serve the same purpose). oink is faster (instant CC), but your rageflame benefits from coldsnap. personally dunno which one to keep - your t3 only has costly units. as result it might take some time until you do have a big enough army to engage t4. - the aggressor serves the same purpose as oink and coldsnap; aggressor does only little damage but is a great CC. personaly, I'd replace it with razorshard - I'd add another t4 unit (you just have 2 to summon until your "long recharge penality") - personaly, I' like healing garden very much. It's ability is global, so each spell get more efective. you just have to build two buildings to keep it up all the time...
  13. Flrbb

    Market Market regulation

    Just because the cards are in the AH it does not imply they are get sold for that price. So, the market regulates itself over time - after 24h the overpriced cards vanish. Maybe a hotshot will buy an overpriced card, though.
  14. Recently I tried netherwarping these constructs and ships, too. ..still figuring out a good deck around those cards. For now, I cannot complain about problems with bloodhealing - never used it. There are two units which do get a lot of healing spells form other players: shadow mages and constucts. (Well, that is highly dependant but still...)
  15. Flrbb

    reverse AH

    These kind of restrictions should apply to normal AH, too!

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