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  1. Flrbb


    Bloodhorn is Swift? o.O Anyhow, as much as I second a complete reset when the beta is finished, as much I don't want that anymore, to be honest. I collected and upgrades all cards. I won't do that another time. But back to the topic: nice work!
  2. Flrbb

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    GoL: are ice brriers (with infernal machines) strong enough to kill the last wave which spawns when destroying the building in the corner?? also, when I remember correct, that tactic dies mit hurt flying units?!
  3. Flrbb

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    3.52?! insane
  4. Flrbb

    Frost T4 Card: Battleship

    Battleship is the air support for Construct. Both need to be slow, because Construct is too good. edit: imo Battleship could use a buff by reducing its energy costs
  5. Flrbb

    Numbers within Collection

    Under Cronicle->Statistics->Page3 are card upgrade levels shown. From those names I'd expect to count cards, which I allready do have applied the upgrades to. Instead, it shows how many upgrades I do own. (I don't know if upgrades, whose cards I do not own are taken into account). I'd say there should be another paragraph showing the numbers I had expected. Also, it seems that promos do not count as upgrades. I'd count their upgrades, too. Which might be arguable, though.
  6. Flrbb

    Spells of the Lost Souls

    Does anyone have experience with Revenents Blessing, Lost Evocation and Ethereal Storm? I tried to play Crussade on Advanced with a pure LS deck. Luckily those Lost Shades die simultaniously. Keeping the revenants alives requires both afinities (that are lots of deck slots) and in the end the charges ran out. Also, I did need shadows' void pool manipulation to have all the required energy (enabling the revenant ability and cast lots of spells). I wasn't that much pleased with the power level of LS (PvE-wise). I'd suggest adding more charges to all the LS spells and some automatic void return. What about enabling the revenants' ability as default when spawning those LS units? Or would that be to overpowered (especially in PvP)? Anyhow, does anyone else played more games with pure LS and can enlighten me with some tactics?
  7. Flrbb

    Test server Ultra Major Update

    12 player maps. ultra. cool. besides.... are they implemented as 3 sepreate missions or as they were originally?
  8. Flrbb

    Promoting long time playing

    I think that some rewards at "level up" would be a nice touch, too. But bfp or boosters are allready a reward of long time playing (via daily rewards). Gold or beeing able to chose a free upgrade would be an option.
  9. that solves the mystery! you may close this now
  10. Because I did not changed my settings. The two different styles of the anouncements should not be visible within a single screen capture.
  11. Originaly, this was not a bug report. I was confused why (within like 5 minutes) the format of the anouncement changed (without me doing anything inthe settings). With me gaining knowledge about this behaviour in here, now this is a bug report. I know that there is a template but as a) I cannot reproduce this bug and b) I can contribute to this forum wirh my mobile it is way to complicated to use that...
  12. Those 2 anounced promos from my first picture were very close together (within one game I was in, so two promos within less than 20 minutes. but I guess it was like max 5 minutes apart), also I did not even open the options inbetween. I am not aware of an short key to change this anouncement. Maybe there might be the possibility for hitting an unknown key-combination twice, but honestly I suppose there is a bug in here somewhere. But as this happend just once it will probably hard to trace.
  13. that is new to me. never saw names before. I did not chage anything (on purpuse at least). have to check my settings
  14. Flrbb

    Game coming out when?

    how to get onto test server?
  15. Flrbb

    Game coming out when?

    there is a test server? ...so basically the comunity is split in half due to two different servers?
  16. Flrbb

    Battleforge undocumented details

    Some (if not all units) do have a varity of attack animations. These differ in duration and dealt damage. So, the above number of 20 seconds is just roughly an average number by all means. CONSTRUCTION HUT Similar to Breeding Ground this one does help your allies, too.
  17. Flrbb

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    I have to admit that I did not play the deck versus LS (yet).
  18. Flrbb

    Looking for the Infected Tower rPvE Zerg Deck

    Personaly, I think the two decks above are not very well tought. The following is my improved version: Comments on modifications below. Changes: - Nomad red: dealing more damage is more impartant, IMO (helps destroying the spawnhut at t3 a lot) Outs: - How to spawn a bloodhorn when at max cap?! Yes, this deck needs allies to take out flying bosses, but same is for ground bosses. Other (minor) flying units can be killed with Thunderstorm and Soul Shatter, Unholy Hero is therefore not needed - Breeding Ground doesn't help much (I play fire - shadow - shadow - nature) at t3 you can get your ~10 Cultists allready - Why Shrine of War? When the Nightcrawlers diea round FoF, the void is allready at 0 - I think the small heal does not help much later on - edit: forgot about the second FA. Had to save deck space, the green one can be cast on buldings. Ins: - Portal Nexus brings your bugs faster to the front - Incredible Mo is allways a good addition - Motivate and Crystal as above stated If you want to change some cards, I would take Neather Warp and/or Resource Booster out. That deck does not need much energy (all the bugs do not bind energy). Nether Warp is nice for toying around, but not needed that much, especially with Portal Nexus. Also, the Crystal is not my favourite... As a side note; it is fun to play but it is much to manage. And you do miss all the action because you have to create new bugs all the time. It is just a "send your bugs to the front" and nothing else...
  19. NAME: pin needle in opened booster SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: when flipping cards after opening a booster REPRODUCIBILITY: just noticed once DESCRIPTION: a rare card within a booster does have the pin needle icon. Card(s) in collection do not have the needle (that card is not upgraded, so a needle should be visible) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  20. NAME: possible wheel of gift bug SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: in play REPRODUCIBILITY: saw it just once. I've read somewhere that you guys are the replays on the server. So you could look into this. Otherwise this report is useless and could be deleted... DESCRIPTION: in a game I noticed a double wog icon on an unit. Might be something like a display bug or did we accidentally build up two wheels at the same time? (I thought the abuse of more than one wheel was corrected) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: game was on 28.4. and ended 10:50 German time zone
  21. I thought, maybe you are interested in some numbers... I took all my BPF and bought 29 boosters from the shop. So I spent 13050. Despite this should shave been 13.5% of a promo, I got none (is it still a chance of 1/200?). Anyhow, I kept one or two uncommon and cheap rares to complete my collection and put all the other rare and ultra rare into the AH. Basically all for a slightly lower buyout price than the current market value. If all the cards will be bought - I doubt, because a Sandstorm for ~50 is quite high - I get 8190 back. Result would be 280 BFP per booster.
  22. Flrbb

    some numbers on the current ecconomy

    14.5% is from 29*1/200 did not invest much brain capaticity to that math...
  23. If so I'd like to suggest an alternative play mode, which should bring more diversiy to the game. When having 0 orbs, a player gets 20 random tier 1 units of any colour. This is to define the starting orb colour, as well as playing the first unit. After playing the first card all the cards are replaced. The new 20 cards are a random selection of units, spells and buildings (5 of each group minimum). These have to be playable, matching the players orb colour. After a single card is played only that card gets replaced (alternatively: again, change all cards). After a player rises the tier there will be 20 new cards of the new tier. Of course all the cards which can pop up are from the players personal collection. In the same way upgraded and charged. But charges don't really apply here. If a player does not own a certain card, it does not have a chance to pop up. What do you think of this game mode?
  24. you guys do retire? I thought you just "participate less frequently" xD

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