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  1. Sorting by price is planned and one of the things I will work on next, I just haven't gotten around to implementing it yet.
  2. I decided to implement a few additional feature that were suggested, and were on my list in some way anyway, so I just went ahead and coded them up. But keep in mind that they are only in a preliminary state and layout changes are highly probable. It was surprisingly fast to code with 2 long evening sessions. xD Anyway, the features are: - add cards to a favorites list that is stored locally in your browser - filter the cards on the main page with your lists or a List Code - copy the List Code of the currently filtered cards - set the favorites list with a List Code so you don't n
  3. my cardSlug is also just generated with this as a basis: https://hub.backend.skylords.eu/api/auctions/cards?id=all just make everything lower-case, add "-promo" if it's a promo, add "-r"/"-p"/"-g"/"-b" for the respective affinities and in case of Protector's Seal add either "-tl" or "-ls". but if there would ever be a card that needs all 3 different extensions I would probably go with the order: color -> promo -> affinity, just as a suggestion. I will expose it in the next patch (hopefully before this sunday), then you can use it for your mapping. I only created enu
  4. yes I have, I just forgot to expose it through an api (the cards have my own enums though, so not sure how usefull that will be for other people)
  5. these might also interest you then: https://smj.cards/api/buyouts (current buyouts by card) https://smj.cards/api/details (current details by auction) the full data from the details api will be used by the reinstation of the deals page once it's done, but currently it is only used by the current auctions at the bottom of each card page lol, didn't notice that, but yeah sucks to be nox trooper xD Luckily there is at least no card with 500 as the id, xD I should be able to change that, but I don't think that many people look for nox trooper by it's off
  6. totally forgot about that one and that I didn't take it down yet I still don't know why you would need the full table view for that? Were you scraping the site for the values before? If so, you could have just used the same apis that the site uses. https://smj.cards/api/notables might give you the data that you are looking for. (I still have some problems updating the values though, because of the way they are generated from the database. so they are not always correct yet. all other price apis should be accurate though, it's just this one that's been buggi
  7. What do you wish to gain from a static view? Please tell me more, as I have something planned down the line that may be what you are interested in, but maybe not. I made the table virtual to make the rendering faster when you filter as it only renders what you are able to see, since otherwise the site would have been quite slow in that regard.
  8. New Website is now available, check out the main post for all the juicy details. Enjoy! (I just hope my server is able to handle all of you. xD)
  9. Hey, I am working on the new version of the website and since it is pretty close to being viable I will finish it up and won't update the old site anymore. I hope to release the new version by new year .
  10. I agree that the unit classifications aren't always justified. I guess the Maurauder class is due to Thugs and Strikers having the Looter passive ability as the only cards in the game, but that alone shouln't justify a separate class. Same with Gladiator which would only be justified by the model of Amii Phantom, but even Gladiatrix is a Soldier... Maurauder and Gladiator are ones I would just change into Soldier, since I don't believe there is any benefit in having them in a separate class. The classification is better for buildings, but there are still Statue, Ba
  11. All prices should now be available again. Please tell me if I missed some.
  12. The site wasn't working correctly and to test if it was related to the data size, I saved and deleted the data, but that wasn't what was causing the issue. I planned on adding the data again, I just haven't gotten around to doing that yet. I will hopefully add it again soon.
  13. The site is updating again and the bot has a lot of new features.
  14. Thanks, but I am aware of that ^^ I was in the process of deploying and testing my new scripts, when I realized that the APIitself wasn't working correctly. I already forwarded the problem, other than that there is nothing I can do. The new features that I am able to implement with my new scripts should soften the disappointment of the currently not working site though, so look forward to that.
  15. Added a feature that allows you to adjust the number of days that you want to get the data for. Standard value is 28 and you can adjust it with pressing "Enter" in the input field or through the button.
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