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  1. update: - fixed some issues with the boosters, maps and related cards features - removed "None" map from maps page, since it is not relevant for upgrade checking, which the maps page is intended for - added "Forum Link" as a filter option of the community decks to only show decks which have more info on the deck itself through the creator providing a link to the related forum post - added outliers option to the Short Term Buyouts chart to show ouliers (troll prices), as they are now hidden by default to not cause cause the graphs to be unusable when outliers are present (cu
  2. update: - updated server generated images (should now render a lot faster) - updated toggle affinity differences to now work with button instead of pressing "Ctrl" - added card names to the miniature basic card images
  3. update: - added number of upgrades per rarity and map to the maps page - updated header quick access link tabs to have enough space to not switch to scrolling on large screens
  4. update: - moved Batariel/Satanael/Lost Grigori into their own unit model category as they have enough differences from other "Behemoths" (like their death animation) to warrant their own category "Balrog" - renamed Forest Elder/Bloodhorn unit model category from "Predator" to "Canine" - fixed some enums that are exposed through the cards api - added simple booster and map pages for a quick overview of booster contents (e.g. https://smj.cards/boosters/7) and upgrades available from the respective maps (e.g. https://smj.cards/maps/4-8). was already possible before, through th
  5. update: - updated unit model category names to not clash with unit species/class names (namely Ancient, Gladiator, Giant, Ogre) - added more related cards categories and moved them to a separate tab on the respective card page (more will follow soon) - added enums to the cards api (https://smj.cards/api/cards) to make it easier for people, who want to use the smj cards api, to understand the smj specific values. alongside this, building and spell classes were reverted back to descriptive names instead of number values.
  6. update: - added new main page card filters: - card power cost, damage, health (with operator inputs) - ability name/description (with option to use Regular Expressions to refine the ability filtering) - upgrade level to refine the above mentioned filters on a specific upgrade level (changing this option will also change the card image and abilities on hover) - unit models (accessible at the bottom of the "Other Filters" section) The Unit Model categories are not official, but were manually chosen to define the differences and similarities as good as possibl
  7. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂 I planned to add something like related models, counters/countered by or something like that soon, but what you suggested is actually a really nice idea, a bit of work though, since most synergy connections would need to be added manually, I think, but absolutely something I can add. ^^
  8. update: - added related cards, card description and card abilities to the general info tab on the card pages - updated card tooltip to now also show card abilities with an option to compare differences between affinities, when pressing "Ctrl" (there might still be some bugs)
  9. I found a potential error: Recharge rate seems to have only been changed for the nature affinity, as the frost affinity still says 15 per second in the in game ability tooltip.
  10. update: - added option to delete own created community decks (accessible through the account button in page header) - updated community decks page to remove the expand and close option for the tags display, since it's not needed
  11. update: - added community decks table option to adjust number of rows per page, with the options: 10, 25, 50, 100 decks per page (25 by default, was 3 by accident for development purposes) - fixed community decks table page when filters are changed to go back to the first page - fixed community decks sorting
  12. major update, version 0.2.3: - added new community decks feature and related things like discord login authentication and deck database to keep track of the added decks - other adjustments and fixes that would probably be to many to write here Community Decks ( https://smj.cards/community/decks ) - choose between pve and pvp decks - filter pve decks by orb order, achievement, map, difficulty, position and if they are recommended for speedruns, (semi-)solo play or the current map of the month for rpve - filter pvp decks by orb order and map - view detai
  13. update: - updated the changed cards including affinities, abilities and values - added new achievementes that are checked for the selected deck on deck page, with the new achievement images following at a later date
  14. update: - updated new cards to not be displayed as "not released yet" anymore - updated upgrade maps for the new cards
  15. update: - added main page column settings modal for selecting only columns that are of interest to you and moved resetting columns to this new modal component - updated api deck image generator to have a standard scaling of 0.5
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