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  1. update: - fixed reforging values calculation for hybrid cards, a modifier had a wrong activation condition - fixed Sleet Storm's wrong orb requirements (sorry, that it took so long for me to fix this) - updated cardArtwork api to now serve images in .webp format by default so lower traffic for sites that use it - updated default notables from 1W to 2W, so if not otherwise stated median/mean/min/max are taken from the last 14 days before their calculation, this is to prevent the values from being too influenced by sudden spikes that last more than a few days - added fun
  2. update: - fixed card creator personal artwork upload - fixed card search select for card creator, deck builder and others where no card names were visible for the selectable card options - updated some card data (values and abilities still haven't been updated yet)
  3. update: - improved website security - updated card upgrade claim and apply gold costs - updated cardArtwork image api to allow SMJ IDs - updated header tabs to have menus and group subpages into the categories: Info, Tools, Community, Personal - updated /lists path to now be /personal/lists The plan is to expand the personal features next, for which 2 larger (and hopefully helpful) ones are planned and currently being conceptualized. On another note: I plan to transfer and recode the website, bot and scripts to integrate new knowledge and hopefully mak
  4. update: - fixed displaying description and veteran actions for decks without a description - added option so select "Any 3 vs 3" when creating PvP decks, but without option to select specific maps - updated settings page for veteran players with some basic information (will be expanded on in the future) - updated allowed description characters to now also include: / * = < " (links are not allowed in the desctioption, if you still want to share a YouTube video for example, please use the forum link option.) -updated community deck filtering to now provide more option
  5. update: - updated orb requirements and affinities of changed cards (all other card values haven't been updated yet) - added outdated indicator to median/mean/min/max prices to be able to immediately see if the values are outdated (if they were last updated more than 24h ago) as the script that updates the notable prices hasn't been automated yet - added option to add a short description to the community decks with specific parameters and a related veteran action: descriptions can be up to 500 characters long for now, the only allowed characters aside from letters a
  6. update: - added deck complexity to the community deck creation - added new additional deck tags, currently only "Creative/Fun" (feel free to suggest more additional deck tags) - added functionality to edit decks (you can edit and delete your decks here: https://smj.cards/account/community/decks) - added actions that veterans can take for decks, those include: (suggest more, if think others are necessary) flag deck as "Outdated", for example when it's not playable anymore due to orb requirement changes to cards ("Outdated" flag is displayed if at least 3 veterans
  7. Greetings fellow Skyfolk, Now that the Community Decks Database has reached a passable state with the most recent updates, I wanted to create a separate post specifically for this feature. You can find the Community Decks Database here: https://smj.cards/community/decks It is currently possible to: Look up decks other users created (filter for different settings, like map and orbs order) Copy the deck code and import the deck directly ingame with the command " /importdeck [code] " Vote on decks that you liked or disliked (make it easier
  8. update: - added missing achievement images - updated Nightmare's End and Blight map images - updated the delete own created community decks table to habe the same pagination settings as the community decks page - updated default difficulty when adding a deck to the community decks database to Expert for Scenarios and Difficulty 9 for rPvE - added featured community maps to the add community deck page as well as filtering for them on the community decks page
  9. update: - fixed next price data load time indicator - fixed reforging value for common cards (added a hard modifier that results in accurate values, even though a different modifier/formular would be more correct) - added new card Sleet Storm (other card changes that happened with the recent patch will follow at a later date) - updated card creator page titel - updated basic card image to now have card names on them everywhere on the website - updated card tooltips to now be switchable to show fewer details (your preference is stored in your browser) and adjusted
  10. Thanks 🙂 Regarding the Reforging column it should show your return (4x card median price - average median price of the returned card). Looking at the prices for common cards there does indeed appear to be something wrong with it, I will investigate that, thanks for pointing it out. 🙂
  11. update: - added card search to community decks page (currently only one card selectable) - fixed card collage image generator (still doesn't work sometimes with a lot of cards in the code)
  12. update: - fixed some issues with the boosters, maps and related cards features - removed "None" map from maps page, since it is not relevant for upgrade checking, which the maps page is intended for - added "Forum Link" as a filter option of the community decks to only show decks which have more info on the deck itself through the creator providing a link to the related forum post - added outliers option to the Short Term Buyouts chart to show ouliers (troll prices), as they are now hidden by default to not cause cause the graphs to be unusable when outliers are present (cu
  13. update: - updated server generated images (should now render a lot faster) - updated toggle affinity differences to now work with button instead of pressing "Ctrl" - added card names to the miniature basic card images
  14. update: - added number of upgrades per rarity and map to the maps page - updated header quick access link tabs to have enough space to not switch to scrolling on large screens
  15. update: - moved Batariel/Satanael/Lost Grigori into their own unit model category as they have enough differences from other "Behemoths" (like their death animation) to warrant their own category "Balrog" - renamed Forest Elder/Bloodhorn unit model category from "Predator" to "Canine" - fixed some enums that are exposed through the cards api - added simple booster and map pages for a quick overview of booster contents (e.g. https://smj.cards/boosters/7) and upgrades available from the respective maps (e.g. https://smj.cards/maps/4-8). was already possible before, through th
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