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  1. Added a feature that allows you to adjust the number of days that you want to get the data for. Standard value is 28 and you can adjust it with pressing "Enter" in the input field or through the button.
  2. I added a second Noteworthy Prices table that shows Median, Mean, Lowest and Highest prices for the last 28 days, enjoy.
  3. It is certainly logged internally, but my site gets the data from the official public API, not the game database, so it only provides information on the auctions that are currently in the auctionhouse and not even any info on wether or not a card was actually sold for said price.
  4. Is now added, I just replaced the average mean value column with it, as I probably won't add the mean values again (in this current version at least). Is now added and I will add the prices from when they were made tradable at a later date as it is a bit more work. Thanks for pointing that out, forgot to add the Snapjaws Promo in a dataset that the table view uses. I seem to have overestimated myself there. But things have calmed down a little after starting a new job and moving to another location and I think I learned an even better toolset on
  5. No Problem, I am glad there are still people out there trying to contribute. Good point. I'll see how I would want to incorperate it. I already did some streamlining of the data, but not to the point where I am satisfied with it. I sourced the raw information from the cardbase once, but adjusted it myself, as there were quite a lot of errors. The only reference that I kept is the image link, as I couldn't be bothered to handle the images otherwise. All of this might change soon, as I plan to invest more time in April into the overhauled website and im
  6. Exciting news, I bought a domain and verified my account for the current hoster. This means that you don't need to switch between links anymore. Here is the link to the site: http://www.smj.cards/ Please note, that I haven't bought a SSL Certificate yet, so https://www.smj.cards/ won't work, and the site is marked as not secure, but since it's just a reference to the hosting link, there shouldn't be an issue. If you would rather use a "secure" link, you are still able to use https://smj.herokuapp.com/ which my domain points at.
  7. Not a bad suggestion, I thought of adding something similar in the overhauled version, like putting an indicator how the price developed over the last week or so with a simpler short term preview graph from which you could make out price manipulations. I also recently noticed that calculating the mean values over all prices isn't very usefull, as the Amii Monument steadily increased in price since the game launched and the mean price isn't representative anymore, for example. I will need to overthink the whole price datastructure anyways, so let's see what is possible. Not sure abo
  8. There was quite the simple solution to this and I managed to decrease the load time of the site by around 15 sec to about 3 sec. It was only a minor adjustment needed, so I should have done that sooner...
  9. I updated the site a little bit and you are now able to see the current lowest buyout price for any card on the cards page (mean/min/max are still missing). I noticed a lot more QoL annoyances, like: the table resetting the price sorting when page/cards per page changes needing to go back a lot of pages when the max display value is adjusted extremely long loading time of the general cards information to be able to filter and sort the cards, even on the card specific page, which doesn't really need the whole data. I know the cause of all of these, but the time in
  10. That is correct. I split the promos into their own rarity group, as they sort of have their own rarity when you get them from boosters, an it kind of fits better for the auction website. But you can just filter for Promos and count the rarity symbols in the corner of the card. Also, Promo Snapjaws are not yet available on my site, but I will add them at a later date.
  11. I updated the main post. Please bare with this current and temporary setup until I can provide better accessibility to you all. Sorry again...
  12. As Mynoduesp mentioned, I mirrored the website, as the free active hours of the hoster on the first site ran out earlier today. I will update the main post later today to clearify some things. For now please use: https://smj2.herokuapp.com/
  13. You mean like this? I was planning on implementing lines for the median and mean values of the cards, once I've completed the overhaul. But your idea is also not bad, but quite useless when displaying it for cards with a value of 3 BFP. So, how do you want it to work? Like the max diplay value, so you can set it yourself?
  14. I changed my scripts and you should now receive messages not later than 1.5 minutes after new data is available from the API.
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