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  1. Maze

    Buying and Selling BFP

    If a player were to send/trade thausands of BFP to another player, without receiving a card of similar value, the staff would probably notice it and take measures, if there is no other reasonable explanation for this action, such as a community organized tournament. As for you being unable to complete multiplayer maps, that is just a issue for the earlier Test Stages and will surely be resolved once the game is ready for release. Seeing as there will be at least one wipe (maybe even multiple ones) the current progress doesn't really matter. A way to start multiplayer matches that works most of the time (but not always) is to invite people you found through the chat or the list on the side. Only once all team mates are in the group should you create the game, select your starting position and start the game. I hope this helps you.
  2. Maze

    Fast method of ranking up?

    I suppose the fastest method to level up would be to play expert maps, but I'm not that knowledgeable about which has the best exp per time ratio, or if there are even better ways. Your current exp and how much you need for the next level can be found on your profile page of the lore book, where you can also take a look at how many cards of the different rarities you have, as well as your pvp statistics and more.
  3. Maze

    Let people keep their avatar

    @Tevio Seeing as it is currently not possible to change the in-game portrait, it may not be possible to change it until the game is going into its next stages, as it is not that important of a feature. As far as I remember, in one of the most recent twitch streams it was said, that it is planned for the "Set as Avatar" function to cost Gold instead of BFP, but I couldn't find the exact time just yet. Nonetheless, I wouldn't think too much about the in-game portrait mechanism just yet, as a lot of things might change until the finished release. I hope this helps a little to ease your mind.
  4. Maze

    Skylords Reborn Official Loot List

    @MrXLink There is still a mistake regarding Dying Breed, it is listed 3 times at the moment: Dying Breed (Nature) under Sunbridge Dying Breed (Fire) [doesn't exist] under Nightmare's End Dying Breed (Shadow) under Slave Master You should maybe look into that again, but thanks for updating the Loot List nonetheless.
  5. I am really excited as well, can't wait to see what new things you can tell us. On a side note, the count down is wrong, it shows the time until Wednesday 20:30 UTC / 22:30 CEST not 18:30 UTC / 20:30 CEST, just to let you know. ;-) Also, it's great to be back. I also just noticed that I joined exactly 2 years ago. What a coincidence. xD
  6. Maze

    Bringing back your old account?

    It's true that you won't get your account back, but as far as I know, old replays can be watched ingame. Also, the files in "saved data" are probably only the screen shots, replay files and maybe a save for the settings, bot NOT your account, as this would make changing the file easy and therefore simplify the cheating process, just like with normal games, such as Torchlight. Also, there are no account based online games, that save the account data on the computer of the player, as the login screen connects you to your account on the server, this step would otherwise be useless. BattleForge is no exception to this. I hope this was clear enough.
  7. Maze

    Profile Pictures

    I think it's more important to express oneself, but if you express yourself with BF related pictures then it shows more of your hype, I think. As you said, it sometimes causes confusion, but checking the name should still be done to be certain. As for myself, I really like my profile picture, I used it in another forum a year ago too. Also, everyone can recognise me easily, as there is no one with a similar one.
  8. Maze

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Each one of those pictures looks just absolutely amazing, nothing more to say about it. (Just realised that the Forest Elder doesn't really have pupils xD I thought it was from your rendering, but the original doesn't have any either, kinda weird. But it kinda fits, as wise elder people also tend to be depicted with white pupils/eyes.)
  9. Maze

    Custom Campaign: ?

    As @Saspatoon says he is into level designing and map editor, I think he is gonna make those maps himself... right? I meant the artwork for the map of in the mission selection screen, there could be a new continent added for example.
  10. Maze

    Next contest

    @Strek0za Looks nice, but I don't think it's functional, it seems to be made out of quite the hard kind of wood so it wouldn't be really flexible, making it quite hard to do a good shot. I'm not an expert on bows, but I like it nonetheless. Great job.
  11. Maze

    Custom Campaign: ?

    I think there is a simmilar post already, but it's a good opportunity for different people to create their own campaign, so that there is more content in the future. If a campaign is finished, maybe someone could even create a map for the missions to take place on, and maybe the devs implementing a tab feature to the map layout, to switch between the different campaigns. But for now the game has to work smoothly and all the stuff, the staff has planned, to be implemented. Also, I don't know to what extent the game can be modified without trouble from EA or the likes, so don't expect too much. But I like the idea of expending the world of BattleForge, as the number of campaign maps is quite limited, and the other generated maps are quite always the same. So, yeah give it a shot, I would say and let's see what the future may hold.
  12. I only bought: The retail box (Juggernaut) with CD, starter card and BFP for 30€. The original BFP box (Tremor) for 20€ The renegade BFP box (Bloodhorn) for 20€ So 70€, I think, as I am not so sure about the price of the retail box and also the BFP you got from it. I still have the boxes in my shelf. It was so funny when we bought the retail box, one of my friends started running to the shop as a joke and then all of us ran in the shop to grab the box. xD (we were 15 or 16 I think xD)
  13. Maze

    Thanks everybody.

    If it wasn't for this I would have totally given +1 xD Anyway, I absolutely agree with you. Even though I've only been here for a bit more than a week, I feel like I have been part of this awesome community for way longer. Also, I think the reason all the people on this forum are so great, is because they are mostly dedicated fans that want to enjoy the game with everyone and not bother other players. All the hardcore trolls, cheaters, flamers and not so friendly people normally don't stick to a game that long. It's actually really impressive that there are so many dedicated fans, despite BattleForge being over 7 years old and not existing for the last 3 years. This shows just what a great game this is and how much we value it, compared to other people that didn't know what to do with it. So, I also want to express my thanks to everyone on this forum and just say: Keep up the

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