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  1. update: - added community decks table option to adjust number of rows per page, with the options: 10, 25, 50, 100 decks per page (25 by default, was 3 by accident for development purposes) - fixed community decks table page when filters are changed to go back to the first page - fixed community decks sorting
  2. major update, version 0.2.3: - added new community decks feature and related things like discord login authentication and deck database to keep track of the added decks - other adjustments and fixes that would probably be to many to write here Community Decks ( https://smj.cards/community/decks ) - choose between pve and pvp decks - filter pve decks by orb order, achievement, map, difficulty, position and if they are recommended for speedruns, (semi-)solo play or the current map of the month for rpve - filter pvp decks by orb order and map - view detai
  3. update: - updated the changed cards including affinities, abilities and values - added new achievementes that are checked for the selected deck on deck page, with the new achievement images following at a later date
  4. update: - updated new cards to not be displayed as "not released yet" anymore - updated upgrade maps for the new cards
  5. update: - added main page column settings modal for selecting only columns that are of interest to you and moved resetting columns to this new modal component - updated api deck image generator to have a standard scaling of 0.5
  6. update: - fixed main page sorting and resetting of the column order - updated main page column headers click sorrting, so that the clickable area is bigger and the active ascending/descending indicator arrow is colored - added indicator for when new data could be available. When the api next load count down reaches 0, the ( i ) icon will change into a colored flame icon to indicate that refreshing the page may result in updated prices
  7. update: - added main page column Total Difference of Current to Median (DCM) and updated previous Difference column to now be the Relative Difference of Current to Median (DCM) - added main page columns "Personal Price", "Total DCP" and "Relative DCP" (DCM= Difference of Current to Personal Price), with which it is possible to set personal prices with which the current prices can be compared, to be able to make a quick decision of whether or not you think it's worth to sell/buy a specific card at that moment. all personally set prices are saved in your browser, so that you do't need
  8. update: - updated deck page displayed deck name to still be "No Name" if no deck name is chosen, but it won't be selected as such, so when editing a new deck, the deck name input field is empty. - updated display of 1W notables to save on display space. now anywhere there is no week indicator will always be the notable prices of the last week. - added achievements info to the deck page, to show which of the deck restricted achievements can be completed with the given deck. also includes tooltip tooltips with the description of the respective achievements. - added a d
  9. update: - added full card image tooltips with current and median price to every basic card image that links to the respective card pages, except on the main page, since the virtual window runs into some graphical issues if a tooltip exceeds the bounds of the virtual window, which the new tool tip does nearly all the time. - updated url paths that redirect to the respective card pages. - before it was: https://smj.cards/[id] which would redirect to the card page, where [id] was equal to the smj id, official id or the card slug - now it is: https://smj.cards/[code] or https:/
  10. Thanks. 🙂 It wouldn't be right to receive money for working on a website that relies on a project where none of the people working on it receive any kind of monetary compensation for it. This is also why I don't add any adds to the page, well this and I don't want to cause any problems that could jeopardize the project as a whole. I also don't really rely on additional financial income and view the smj website as a really fun project to put my time into, get creative and hone my skills with, but not that I would have to tell you about dedication to the project. 😁
  11. update: - updated creator to not scroll to the top, when the reset everything button is clicked - updated official card ids code to now be a comma separated list of official card ids, but now enclosed in square brackets, to be parsable in-game. (official ids without the brackets are still parsable on the website) this also solves the previous edge case of decoding one card as an official id, with "[1640]" == "1640," and "1640," != "1640" - updated deck page deck code type visuals to indicate whether or not they are parsable in-game and added click to copy functionality to the te
  12. update: - updated average reforging returns on the main table page to be the average value of the card gained from reforging 4 of the card minus 4 times the 1W median price of the card, since current prices fluctuate more than median prices - updated random deck generator open and close animation - added the 4 new upcoming cards with basic info from the anniversery stream. they are marked as "not released yet" to prevent confusion
  13. update: - updated random deck generator's orb order input to be separate from orb order output, so that the input doesn't change when no specific orb color is chosen for the respective tier - added average reforging returns to the main table page including the option to sort by it. The displayed value is the average value of the card gained from reforging 4 of the card minus 4 times the current price of the card
  14. update: - fixed some minor issues related the the random deck generator - added Type Tier Split option to the random deck generator, with which it is possible to choose how many cards of a given type and tier there should be in the randomly generated deck (1 t1 ground unit of the t1 orb color is still hard set, so that the genearated decks are are actually playable)
  15. update: - fixed heatmap category axis and last row - added random deck generator to the deck page (can be opened with an expand button next to the "ADD" butto at the top) with the following adjustment features (more options will follow): - No Duplicate Cards (like promo versions and different affinities), which is active by default - No Neutral Cards - Select Orb Order by yourself (any non colored orb will be randomly switched to a colored orb) There are currently also the following hard set card selection filters: - at least 1 t1 ground unit of the t1 orb color
  16. update: - fixed drag and drop sorting functionality of cards and main page sorters when using the website on a mobile device - added information button to the header to show a tooltip with info on: - when new price data is available from the official api - when current and short term prices were last updated - when notable prices (recent/median/mean/min/max) were last updated - what the discord server provides
  17. update: - fixed creator reset everything button issue, where you needed to press the button twice to cause a full reset - fixed heatmap weeks sorting - added "Show Empty Weeks" checkbox to the heatmaps to show weeks with missing data for each day of the week, since the default was set to not showing them - added available previous data in long term format, with data from the release and from the introduction of the reforging system with the 1 year anniversery - updated maximum number of weeks to look back on for the sums displayed on the Totals Views of
  18. update: - fixed a creator issue where the personal artwork would reset every time a modifier was changed if no card preset was previously selected - fixed a creator issue where it was not possible to reselect the same personal artwork again if it was the last selected artwork - updated creator "Download Image" button positioning to be above the image to prevent missclicking it instead of the "Upload Artwork" button
  19. update: - added "Download Image" button to the creator - added image scaling UI component to the creator, to allow for downloading scaled images from 0.5x to 10x size (this may be useful if you upload a higher quality artwork, but keep in mind that the images may end up pixelated if enlarged and the scaling doesn't seem to appy to text shadow correctly) - added creator url parameter input validation - fixed creator issue where setting card preset, uploading own image and then changing any modifier would revert the artwork to the previously set card preset artwork
  20. update: - fixed creator automatic color change when "None" is the active color and any modifiers are changed (except the 2 checkboxes and color filters) will automatically change color to "Neutral" - fixed personal max input of the heatmaps, which wouldn't reset, when changing cards - added new api route to generate deck images on the server for embedding them in the forum, discord and other things (correct font and symbol color is not applied, just like the other server generated images, as I still haven't figured out how to fix this) Any deck code type works, the code can co
  21. update: - changed heatmap number of steps from 6 to 7 and colors to be a gradient from green to red - added long term weekday heatmap to the card pages, - added "Missing Data" group to the heatmaps to not cause sivual bugs, if there are no values available for a given day - fixed creator card preset functionality - added ability to set personal max to heatmaps, to not lose usability when there are some outliers. values exceeding the personally set maximum will be grouped under "Excess" - updated charts display so that they hopefully aren't squashed to unreadable o
  22. update: - added deck code input to the deck page, to make creating shareable deck links from ingame deck codes more convenient, once they are available - added long term weekday heatmap to the totals views of the deck and main page - fixed some visual issues with the card creator
  23. update: - total views of the deck and the main page now show sums of daily median prices if there is no median available for the card on that day, the 1 week median is used. this is a temporary solution until ich change it to the last known daily median in the next update, as well as adding some price heatmaps. - creator page now adjusts the url and inputs can be changed through the url parameters this means that creation presets can be shared, everything except the personal artwork upload is applied when opening a preset link. there is one parameter which doesn't have a ui compo
  24. update: - added new deck encoding type (in accordance with the types supported on: https://jakub.bandola.cz/wa/deck_info/) - added "None" as an option for the color selection of the creator, to allow for the color modification of the card back artwork - changed color filters order of the creator so that sepia is applied before hue to make fully mono colored cards of any frame color possible
  25. update: - added loading animation to the new deck/list image generator - set image generator columns preset to 10 for lists/deck containing more than 10 cards, otherwise preset is set to the number of cards in the list/deck
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