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  1. Holy Cow! @Maze And you did this as a side project for fun? Dang, I'm sure there's a development team somewhere toasting themselves every evening they've got you on the team. I really like that little touch where I can hover over a card with two different affinities and it brings up a description of both with the differences highlighted. Such a simple thing that is wonderful boon to trying to wrap your head around how to build your deck. I'm just starting to plumb the depths of what you are allowing me to do with this magnificent site. I do have a question about the "Reforging" c
  2. Hey, Thanks @Kubik. As @Fury surmised I overlooked/didn't understand the "more intense color" part. Here's an example in a single card: It has been upgraded twice as you can tell by the roman numeral 2/ii in the upper left. It has an extra charge as indicated by the bright blue/white markings on the sides of the card (roughly at the halfway point) and has room for an extra charge as indicated by the muted markings above the bright blue/white markings (even with the hand holding the staff weapon on the right). The third marking above these two do not appear as it is not avai
  3. Umm, nope the markings on the side don't always correspond to charges. See: and how it appears in my deck: and another in case that one was just an overlooked bug (kinda harsh to call it a "bug" but ..) and in my deck: So the markings don't help in doing the quick glance through your deck to see what needs to be upgraded. Perhaps it works with the third upgrade? That would be useful as then you could at least skip the fully upgraded cards. I can't check as I've not been playing long enough to pick up those third upgra
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