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  1. Both Lyrish Knight and Amii Phantom have conditional Swift. Lyrish Knight: Triggering the first ability Protector - Be near friendly structures (40m). Amii Phantom: Activating the third ability Amii Ashfighter. If you look better, both Swift are below the conditional ability, maybe the placement of the icons / text could be better when hovering them.
  2. UltDragon

    Altar of Chaos

    I have mixed feelings about Altar of Chaos, it has a huge potential but not that good play wise. I built this deck around it: Build 4 Altar of Chaos in a circle pattern Build Furnace of Flesh in the middle Spawn 5~6 Cultist Master Then use his ability and the altars with Nightcrawlers, repeat 4 times. Spawn 1 Lost Warlord and activate Revenant Doom. Go to the enemy base with 1 Lost Warlord, use Life Weaving so he won't die easily. Cast Frenetic Assault on the enemies. Put 1 Nether Bomb near enemy camp, cast Shield Building on it.
  3. War eagle does really seems a bit slower So does this mean that an attack speed of 3 could be from 2,5 to 3,5 sec (or lower/higher depending on rounding rule) ?
  4. War Eagle target and splash damage are both higher than Skyfire Drake, but the displayed the number on the card is lower. One or both of them are wrong: War Eagle = (20 / 3) * (170 + 250) / 2 = 1400 Skyfire Drake = (20 / 3) * (150 + 230) / 2 = 1266
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