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  1. Faction related achievements: 1. Complete a match playing 20 or more spells that require sacrifice and at least 1 shadow orb. 2. Complete a match playing 20 or more heal spells that requires at least 1 nature orb. 3. Complete a match playing 20 or more building cards that requires at least 1 frost orb. 4. Complete a match playing 20 or more damage spells that requires at least 1 fire orb. I like the collector achievements: We are reserving colored name for GMs. What could be done is animated effects, like a gold shine or lightning like bor
  2. Try reducing the resolution: - Go to "C:\Users\<USER>\Documents\BattleForge\config.json" - Edit "screenheight" and "screenwidth" accordingly - Try launching the game
  3. Joined because of this, I looked at those potential featured and thought "I need to make this happen". Been so long! Those things take a lot of time and effort :X Cosmetics - Done Compare Profiles - Done Community Map Rework - Done One day, all of those will be done :)
  4. The achievement text needs clarification. Although it is written as "any leaderboard", it only counts the rank for the "default" filtering for player count. With "default" I mean on King of Giants you need to select "4 players" in the filter, and get 3rd place in that leaderboard.
  5. I've identified the issue, the fix will go on next patch.
  6. Will be going on next patch.
  7. If this happens again, please also attach a replay alongside the prints.
  8. By at least rank 10, you get players with a certain level of experience. There are always exceptions, but the rank reflects how much time you played. Now, the achievement requires preparation, how much are you willing to invest on instructing, every time a random player joins? Some maps require certain combination of cards, like Bad Harvest pos 3.
  9. We could use the "locked" mechanic and limit by rank. Would be like "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" = "Win 20 randomly generated PvE scenarios of difficulty 10." which requires PvE rank 10 Highlord.
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