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  1. Will be going on next patch.
  2. If this happens again, please also attach a replay alongside the prints.
  3. By at least rank 10, you get players with a certain level of experience. There are always exceptions, but the rank reflects how much time you played. Now, the achievement requires preparation, how much are you willing to invest on instructing, every time a random player joins? Some maps require certain combination of cards, like Bad Harvest pos 3.
  4. We could use the "locked" mechanic and limit by rank. Would be like "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here" = "Win 20 randomly generated PvE scenarios of difficulty 10." which requires PvE rank 10 Highlord.
  5. Can you post screenshots of where you are rank 3 ?
  6. Name: Twilight Infestation Tier & Orbs: T3 Fire Nature Fire/Nature Type: Spell Power: 100 Spell Effect: Mass Shapeshifting Infects up to 10 friendly and hostile units within a 25m radius with the Twilight Curse and immediately turns them into Twilight Pests. While the spell lasts, they will no longer grant ground presence to play out cards or claim structures near to it. After the spells wear off, they will be retransformed into their actual forms. Lasts for 15 seconds. Reusable every 30 seconds. Explanation of idea behind the card: Twilight needs a CC card,
  7. Name: Magma Phoenix Tier & Orbs: T3, Fire Fire Neutral Type: Unit Power: 100 Hit points and Size: 700 plus L Attack value and Type: 3500 plus ranged and special-counter Passive Abilities: * Fiery Dive: Unit starts a powerful and quick suicidal attack that deals 1000 damage to enemies in a 25m radius around its target, up to 3500 in total. Unit dies during the attack. Knocks back small and medium units. Affects ground targets only. Deals half the damage against buildings. Has a 6 seconds cool-down after the card was played out. * Swift: Swift: Moves at high speed.
  8. Going for consistency around the T4 shrines, where none have this, Worldbreaker Gun even has slowed construction. Generally, you would play this first, then play your other units, wait to gather some power to activate Revenant's Doom, then fast construction isn't really necessary.
  9. Name: Lost Obelisk Tier & Orbs: T4, 2 Shadow and 2 Frost Type: Building Power: 150 Hit points and Size: 4000 Attack value and Type: None Active Abilities: * Soul Extraction: [Power: 0] Activate to extract revenants from own lost souls units in a chosen area of 25m radius within a 200m range. Affected units that have Revenant's Doom activated will have their revenant forms forcefully spawned, but then Revenant's Doom will be removed from the unit, won't trigger anymore when the unit dies and cannot be reactivated while the unit is alive. Reusable every 20 seconds. P
  10. Pure Shadow card, was thinking if it would also drain friendly units, but then wouldn't be that viable. Main weakness is ranged entities. Penumbra Shroud: [Power: 60] Activate to engulf own entities within 20m radius in a deep shadow. Those entities will be hidden from hostile players and cannot receive commands except move. This unit deals 50% more damage as long the ability lasts. Lasts for 15 seconds. Reusable every 60 seconds. Essence Drain: Unit is surrounded by the anti-life aura that deals 120 damage to every hostile unit within 20m radius every 2 seconds. Life
  11. All cards benefit from Frenetic Assault, it was too strong, now with the nerf, other decks got a chance to shine. And there isn't a card named "War Shadow".
  12. Both Lyrish Knight and Amii Phantom have conditional Swift. Lyrish Knight: Triggering the first ability Protector - Be near friendly structures (40m). Amii Phantom: Activating the third ability Amii Ashfighter. If you look better, both Swift are below the conditional ability, maybe the placement of the icons / text could be better when hovering them.
  13. UltDragon

    Altar of Chaos

    I have mixed feelings about Altar of Chaos, it has a huge potential but not that good play wise. I built this deck around it: Build 4 Altar of Chaos in a circle pattern Build Furnace of Flesh in the middle Spawn 5~6 Cultist Master Then use his ability and the altars with Nightcrawlers, repeat 4 times. Spawn 1 Lost Warlord and activate Revenant Doom. Go to the enemy base with 1 Lost Warlord, use Life Weaving so he won't die easily. Cast Frenetic Assault on the enemies. Put 1 Nether Bomb near enemy camp, cast Shield Building on it.
  14. War eagle does really seems a bit slower So does this mean that an attack speed of 3 could be from 2,5 to 3,5 sec (or lower/higher depending on rounding rule) ?
  15. War Eagle target and splash damage are both higher than Skyfire Drake, but the displayed the number on the card is lower. One or both of them are wrong: War Eagle = (20 / 3) * (170 + 250) / 2 = 1400 Skyfire Drake = (20 / 3) * (150 + 230) / 2 = 1266
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