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  1. but its just sitting there, slowly growing, transforming me into a hoarder
  2. "Because login credentials are being sent to a different server, it makes sense for antivirus programs to be alarmed. However, to be clear, what is being redirected is only the credentials you enter on the login screen. These are your Skylords Reborn account credentials, which the project already has from your registration. They are then sent to the Skylords Reborn server instead of the dead EA server. Otherwise, the game would fail to connect and not work." I'm not the most IT savy, but could it be possible to have the launcher verify credentials and not have that file rerouted? Or would trying to bypass the EA authenticator lock us out of the game? Or even worse for anticheat as we need to have a file aunthenticate at all times to your private server so we would just be flagging the file to the antivirus anyway?
  3. So cant really see what youre refering to so ill look into in more in depth just . . . that link may be a bit out of date. Edit 1: it looks like that no longer works anymore with the current version of windows, no longer sure what to do.
  4. Please add "pcre3.dll" to the downloads page as an individual file, mine got removed and I only have "Windows Defender" as the only antivirus, after I had to reinstall the whole game recently. Edit 1: Nevermind Windows Defender automatically deletes it every time.
  5. Same situation same question! can we just get the file in the "download" section, please?
  6. Try reinstalling the game, if you just want the missing file that can be arranged
  7. Gotcha option B not possible due to an inability to make map specific abilities and it being unviable implemented any other way. Thanks for clearing that up. Hopefully A & C see better luck. Edits (I didnt mean it as in 4 switches activate 1 spell in levels although that would be cool, just 1 would do a mini shrine of memory, 1 would do a mini shrine of war, etc) I didnt mean it as a card in this sense, just a toggleable "Amii building" like the switches that toggle doors ,gates and teleporting. maybe at t3 orbs 1 could have a mini shrine of war and the other shrine of memory, and at whichever % or original to make it balanced, that was my suggestion, Sorry for my lack of clarity.
  8. Making artifacts spawn in RPVE that would give teamwide buffs like a mini Shrine of war, shrine of memory or wheel of gifts buffs when activated, that way its locked to the game mode and a global persistant buff. (like the Amii Switches or the wheels in Acsension)
  9. If stacking two abilities is the issue you can make 1 shrine of war run at like 25% efficiency permanetly so its a massive downside. b) I guess the the artifact route would be only way to implement that but thats not the point c) So if you put 2 shirines of war in lets say hotkey 9, pressing Z will do absolutely nothing, you need 2 hotkeys (8 & 9) and to alternate between the two. Setting a barrier to entry for a PVE buff for the whole team because we no longer have the dexterity isnt what i call "classic RTS" (age of empires is what id call classic RTS) im not suggeting the removal of "skilled micro play" im asking for a less skilled alternative, like imagine if wheel of gifts had to be microed, nobody would run it. If you already have map wide buffs that dont require micro why not make these also accessible to the less skilled, allowing them to contribute in a PVE setting?
  10. you could make it for example: 1 BFP buys 10 gold, 100 gold buys 1 BFP. That way it lets the economy balance itself.
  11. This refers to shrine cards, "soulstone", "fountain of rebirth", the others like it (not the shadow shrines those cards just screw your team over). Not cards like "fleshbender", "lifestream", "frontier keep", "ice shirld tower", etc. These cards are the greatest barrier between "good" and "casual/new" players, mostly on RPVE, with players opting to not run them so they wont get flamed for it not being up every 30s. Here are a few suggestions for implementation: a) If you believe its too unbalance or strong you could add a toggle (idk "X") to that it auto toggles but at 50% potency? for those of us without the skillset of a pro starcraft player. (shrine of the martyrs is a decent example) b) Make it work on RPVE only game modes? and not in PVE or PVP. (another thought would be make shrines in PRVE maps like in ascension to give small global buffs when found [toggleable and untargetable]) c) If both of those options "go against the spirit of Battleforges intended gameplay" at least let us hotkey 2 buildings and press "Z" whenever we finish spamming spells on our units and remember we have a shrine somewhere on the map. If all these options seem overpowered remember wheel of gifts is a thing just balance it with that card in mind, and that card does 3 things very well and takes up only 1 slot. If you like the idea maybe "kobolt INC" ,"warden sigil", "kobolt laboratory" as those card barely see use. TL:DR Cards with 0 cost actives should autotoggle or have an option to autotoggle at a reduced efficiency.
  12. Hello same issue worked fine yesterday, it stopped working today [Edit 1] I would like to add I haven't changed antivirus since I started playing this game about 2 years ago. [Edit 2] Uninstalled the game, and for a test uninstalled antivirus too and redownloaded the "BattleForge.7z" & "SRInstaller.exe" additionally restarting PC. [Edit 3] After a clean reinstallation of the game, it seems to work well.
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