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  1. Topic title: Game froze, chat worked NAME: Game Froze, chat worked & Camera worked DESCRIPTION: Was Playing Rpve when suddenly the game lagged/froze, typing into chat seemed to work and got a response, no idea why or how, was trying to summon ghost ships when suddenly the game stopped working REPRODUCIBILITY: i got nothing SCREENSHOT: . . . damn ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I had a GM in the game with me at the time( {GM}Dallarian ), I joined the game in question at 21:32 (logs time) everything before then are other games Issue occurred minute 21:48 the "Throw Null" m
  2. That's Fair, how about a BFP value for each tier? for example : 50 cards -> 10bfp market value card (ex) skeleton warrior or knights of chaos 100 cards -> 20bfp market value card (ex) Phase tower 250 cards -> 50bfp market value card (ex) Necrofury 500 cards -> 100bfp market value card (ex) embalmers shrine or Shadow phoenix 1000 cards -> 200bfp market value card (ex) cultist master or Wrathgazer (current prices in the marketplace at time of writing) I played a standard bad harvest game this morning and a bronze 3 player was in slot 2 and cleare
  3. Whole point is to discuss, which cards do you believe should be changed?
  4. Hello, For new players its pretty hard and expensive to get a decent deck, which puts some people off and makes playing some standard difficulty maps a challenge. What I am proposing are more Achievements aimed directly at new players. for example: Play 50 nature cards -> 1x Werebeast Play 100 nature cards -> 1x Shaman Play 250 nature cards -> 1x Manawing Play 500 nature cards -> 1x Grimvine Play 1000 nature cards ->1x Deep coil Play 50 fire cards -> 1x Nomad G Play 100 fire cards -> 1x Mortar Tower Play 250 fir
  5. Quick question, When you say "the Newbie Card Pool. By participating, players of Bronze or Silver Rank will automatically receive an uncommon random card" how long would one wait for the automatic-ness of this feature?
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