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  1. We have also passed October, I think most of us getting frustrated to play within Q4 before reset Is it possible to narrow down the current estimated release time ? Or is there anything new since August worth to share about the progress ?
  2. Hello guys, Does anyone have the data, how long until it 'pays off' its building cost of 100? What are the numbers if it is boosted by Resource Booster ? Thank you in advance
  3. I do not think it was this easy to get slowed/stuck during moving your unit in the original game or can anyone confirm otherwise ? For example when I want to initiate a quick siege with Burrowers, they get slowed by passing over every single small units that by the time they reach their target building, they are already dead I literally stopped playing most of melee units due to this frustration I assume it is also even worse in PvP where people can unitblock on purpose.. Let me know your opinions about this !
  4. If I have only played 10 years ago and forgot 99% of stuff , do I still count as a rookie ?
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