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  1. Hi all, Just trying to catch up after more than a year being away, and I see a lot of changes have happened regarding PvE-dominating cards The biggest ones I have noticed: Nightguard mindcontrol rework Breeding Grounds cost increase Shrine of war orb change Batariel damage buff nerf Also changes regarding various Expert maps starting power and stuff like Convoy Walker timer I was excited to see how this impacted the meta, and seems like one clear outliner is still dominating most of the maps: Shadow Phoenix The AoE nuke damage while being unbound power is not something any T2 card or combo is even close in my eyes, regardless how many buffs other cards have received Is there any plan to change this card in the future or is it fine and I'm being too narrow thinking here? (I was searching for a topic on this forum about Phoenix but not much discussion I have found)
  2. I always keep on eye on the Community updates, even when I'm not playing actively. Feels like such a nice way to let the people know what is going on behind the stages. Keep up the good work guys !
  3. I did not play for over a year, but this patch deserves the check for sure ! Thank you for the great effort you do, to make this game evergreen awesome :)
  4. Even in the old days, matchmarking on Ascension map2 was a nightmare. I played hundreds of runs, since that map is my all time favourite. I could play it all day literally non stop But I do not remember any other map where you have to be so strict and rigid to check the decks on map2. You have to have taunt/ cc or basicly 11 people will fail eventually in 99% of time. (It is even more depressing with lower playerbase in current days) Since opening up game space on map1 is already suggested, I wonder if we can open the deckstyle for map2 as well a bit - The straight up way it to make more spells able to interact with Viridya, But this would still limit non-cc having classes - Out of the box idea of making it possible to stop Viridya via other methods , like when she took X amount of damage in X amount of time This would open up chance to be played for pure fire for example - Changing the behaviour of Viridya, making her slower, predictable etc I personally do not like this approach since the map is already not that hard, only too restrictive in deck bringing imo I do not want it to be an other PTD where people can literally bring random decks and still win, but some non-frost/cc fresh air would be nice Overall great changes, love how we evolved from barely able to run the client to make our own map change choices together !
  5. Would love to have the option to choose between the altered PVE maps and the original ones. Some people are back to this game due the nostalgia it brings, and they like the original maps even when they are not perfect 🙂
  6. Hey guys Did not play in the last month or two, can anyone tell me how is the game doing currently ? Is the playerbase still decent enough or decreased much ? How is the auction and market looking ? I see no patch notes so I assume no real content has released since January but correct me if anything is on the radar worth noting Thank you in advance!
  7. I do not think there is any better person to learn from about pvp
  8. Timing of teching is part of the PvP strategy imo From your words, you have more problems with the balance of T2 matchups, not the actual time of being to play it Also if your deck has advantageon T2, I dont think you can blame people for using it especially in ranked enviroment I love T1 fights as well, but most people don't maybe due the lack of experience, skill or the fact that T1 balance can be also 1 sided in certain matchups Some maps or classes does not allow to make an effective punish for the T2 rushes is also a different story
  9. I think this mode was implemented because people demanded a way to not be forced to face the free pvp decks The devs made it into the game really fast, yet people are still unhappy about it I mean, let's wait a longer period until you totally cancel a game mode Most of the people are still on the hard road of getting a decent collection Giving out small rewards can be ok, but I think this mode is only an extra The devs are really trying everything in their power to make the normal pvp popular and balanced first
  10. I mean most of the time it is only a short burst of price increase, if you wait a couple of hours or a day the prices go almost back to the same range as they were You can see they are trying to manipulate even the crappiest card which cost 3 BFP and next day it is sold by 1 -2 players for 400 BFP each, but they fail miserable due the low demand We have the technology now to even check back price history with tools like SMJ it was non exsistent back in the days, so overall I think price manipulation is barely a working and with a bit of patience and research you cannot be fooled at all As a short note, there are also normal sellers via chat and discord where you can find reasonable traders as well if the marketplace is going the silly way with your card
  11. Can you share what is the thing you dont like about the economy of now ? Would you trade more or was it more engaging in the old BF ?
  12. Similar to the SMJ site, there is an extra rarity for Promo cards only Link as reference : https://smj.herokuapp.com/cards
  13. Curious what you guys consider your personal end game in BF, for example : Battlegrounds ? Big collection ? High PVE/ PVP rank ? Expert PVE maps ?
  14. So usually there are 2 SoW built which lets you permanently activate the ability as like a passive bonus The only thing is, you have to click on it every 30 seconds even in the middle of the fight It is even more harder to notice when for example Wheel of Gifts are active, and the global icon is not showing I think this method is really outdated and would not change much about the card usage Let me know your thoughts on this
  15. Saturday and 3 PM thats a good improvement
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