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  1. Often there are important things to communicate regarding the strategy. If someone refuses to participate in a common language even if they are aware that the other person does not understand german, russian, etc than it is a big drawback to go in game It causes frustration which some people simply prevent by not playing with a person like this Not only that, but you can say whatever you want about me in a langugage I wont understand, so I cannot tell for sure you are not flaming etc while I try my best to get in contact with you This is not an issue for someone who knows
  2. Rankerz

    Blight Expert

    Made some self challenge to clear the 2nd base with pure decks from every starting position (!) A lil trick which can help -> Sometimes we delay picking up the 2nd orb to have more time until the mini wave reaches our base Pure Fire: Bottom right is the easiest to clear with fire thanks to skyfire drakes, same as with Shadow Phoenix/ Mana wing so this replay is not added Pure Frost: Same as above, just with war eagles, so not added Pure Nature: Bottom left is already covered how to clear many times on this forum by Krumpli or the Speedrun Youtube so it is
  3. Sadly I have to sign off due family stuff came up I see someone already mentioned but I can agree that for example Friday/ Saturday or at least different time (later than lunch time ) would work better in future imo GL for everyone !
  4. Some crazy people would use this to farm lost souls only I think there are more maps which are not feel rewarding to play , like nightmares end compared to PTD for example
  5. Rankerz

    Blight Expert

    Have been experimenting on this map in the last couple of days (we even played some with MrKrumpli) and seems like most people have problems with the top-left position Even when other lanes manage to get the timing, top-left usually fails clearing the 2nd camp, not the mention the 3rd one This usually brings an unfain towerdefense turtle mode for this position while waiting on others to be helped out and carried I practiced it a bit and managed to clear even the 3rd camp from top-left with ~1:30 time left with minor changes in Krumpli's strategy Replay below if anyone in
  6. Alright, whatever floats your boat. If you think 99% players are that bad that cannot even execute the strategy, there is really no reason to fear the competition of your time I mean most of us happy even to clear an expert map Maybe you should use your 'super knowledge' to help the small community to improve other than showing us cool numbers as ego boost or pee pee measure contest But hey, if it makes you happy to keep it as secret of 4 people its on you
  7. Maybe I miss something, but what is the point of these ranking without replays ? I mean its great showing off a time like that ,congratz but the community wont benefit anything from it Everything is kept as a secret when asking around, nothing to learn from There is no actual reward attached to the ranks like BFP or money, so i ask why ? Kind of selfish imo
  8. - Reduced all booster prices by 100BFP. The price reduction will be active until the 18th January. They can always extend, or bring it back in future (like during a holiday) tho
  9. I wonder if this balance thing is delayed or we still expecting today ?
  10. I have noticed this with several t1 units nd a bit confused Is the databate outdated? Is there any general rule or just some of the cards got this bonus charge ? Thank you in advance
  11. Any estimated time when it will happen with a timezone ? Afternoon or evening ?
  12. Welcome ! Not the easiest position to be in. Most online games never truly reach balanced state and it is a never ending fight with the game and the community Be prepared to get blamed for the game being xy, then for being yz etc : P I'm happy the balance aspect is not getting ignored post release and hopefully you can make Battleforge great again
  13. Afaik it is not his decision to make. He is just a regular player like us, only the devs can decide if they support the challenge with additional benefits Regardless, thank you @Toggy for making the challenge once again ! I will give it a try for sure
  14. Thanks for all the hard work guys Hopefully everything is going according to plan from now on
  15. As a side note, you can decide to not take the free handed decks and build your own journey towards the game as original
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