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  1. A way to filter out peaks would be nice, here is a prime example, where 1 transaction makes the graph next to useless.
  2. This is a bit off-topic, but are direct trades also logged? Would be interesting to see the average price in a trade vs AH.
  3. Mails are limited and cumbersome, it would be nice to be able to browse your trading history and general stats and things here on the web. (i.e. game time, online time, peak ranks...., I guess being able to share decks here would also be neat.)
  4. It would be also nice to know the average booster value sans the promos.
  5. Ca7

    Mouse cursor

    At 8K resolution, the mouse disappears when you enter the forge, on login screen it's ok.
  6. Game froze when I tried to open AH, which I had to do, because I do no have the RNG god's blessings and keep getting duplicate cards, so in hopes of being able to sell them sometime in next 30 years... p.s. the log is larger than maximum allowed file size :ddddd, I will back it up in a folder and contact me with an alternative.
  7. Just add a letter to cards name, F=fire Fr=Frost, N, S.... or, better yet, remove affinities, lold
  8. I rather agree with op here, this change is quite dumb, if you try to think about it, it doesn't make sense, if you are encased in ice & icicles, it would only make sense that something running in to you, it's gonna take damage, with smaller swift units actually taking more damage from trampling than larger ones (think skin thickness(stonkin should receive relatively little)), movement through frozen units should also be really really slow, ranged attacks should be almost completely negated with fire attacks shortening the duration of the spell/it's effectiveness, affected units melee output would drop to almost nothing, ranged units, should still be able to shoot, but only in the same direction as they were when the spell was cast, or be really slow at changing it. whole spell starting out really strong, but it's effects fading as the ice melts. With that said, that is probably too much to ask for, since FWIH, we're rather limited in what can be done. If anything affinities should be merged, leaving the great stats of both previous versions(40% reduction and trample), but requiring a building to be nearby, just like homesoil, the current increased melee DMG is complete garbage in almost any aspect you look at it.
  9. Haven't used them before, but taking a quick look, I don't think it's the best example to copy.
  10. Maybe the system in game should have an hourly reminder for using the forums, currently it seems pretty desolate here. Was gonna say, maybe the home page should be improved and link directly to popular forums with big buttons, but apparently I can't even reach it currently, IDK.
  11. Ah yes, the issues we have, the development time that doesn't exist You see, we have inflation, so instead of doing anything about that, we're gonna introduce another currency, just like in communism/failing states :O (le funny, when I was defending non free market lol) (do we really have inflation?) The least we need is a simple trade bot account who you send cards to, and he sends you BFP back, so you can open another booster and pray to gods... (RNG gods) It's a community project, not everything has to look like it has big budget behind it, it just has to function. (heck even gold would be nice, but currently only for the new players...) I do like the idea of colours, like the GM's have and while XP boost is really useless, you should just be able to buy a custom title for like 1m gold, or something, these cosmetic things could also be temporary, shades similar to ones used by staff could be made unavailable. Also, a bit off topic, but IDK who thought that making gold account bound was a good idea, TBH, quite a commie concept.
  12. But but, what about flat-earthers, I'm sure they would refuse to chat in global, and somehow game engines in general, go very well with their beliefs. (most of them are actually flat worlds xd)
  13. And, another from team Slovenia, IDK, if the OG post is still being updated, but "Krompir" is very apparently missing, as am I, but I haven't posted here yet so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. ah yes the beautiy of games made to work on low res screen that don't have UI scaling ._. -plays at 4K yeah, exactly, I think just "in/nothing" and the whole channel "word" would be nicer, but with colour codes, we could have that gone completely. Having more tabs for multiple channels would be nicer tho.
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