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  1. Hi! I looked into the API a bit over the last days, and some bits of the documentation confused me. Would be nice if someone ( @fiki574 ) could clarify this For the Auctions API it states: "Backend application caches new data every 10 minutes." At the same time, the CSV export description notes "Caches new entries every 2 minutes" So, what exactly is happening every 10 minutes, and what every 2 minutes? It doesn't seem to make a lot of sense to me: Would the CSV be more up-to-date than the other requests? That'd be weird, right? But updating something every 2 minutes if the base data is only updated every 10 also doesn't seem to be useful. Help!
  2. Short and simple: When I receive a mail from the marketplace, I don't get any information regarding the affinity of the card the mail is about. It would be nice if those mails could say "Your Auction, Bandit Spearmen red, has been sold" instead of just "Bandit Spearmen", so that it's easier to know what happens to your cards Cheers!
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