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  1. fiki574

    Enable all cards for testing in the forge

    Almost impossible to make due to how the card inventory works. We'd have to spend at least 7-10 days to make this working the way you suggested.
  2. fiki574

    Game usage numbers to public? / AH influence

    It explicitly says Open Stress Test so I don't know how can it be Open Beta.
  3. fiki574

    Game usage numbers to public? / AH influence

    At this point, no. From Open Beta on wards, yes we will be able to provide these details, but now they're not good representatives in my opinion. When we hit Open Beta, just create a thread (something like "Statistical numbers megathread") and we'll work from there.
  4. fiki574

    Game usage numbers to public? / AH influence

    You are right! Upon the start of Open Beta, to get things going and create somewhat of a market flow, there will be a vendor named Server (or whatever) selling cards for X amount of weeks, until enough people gather the BFP and cards they want so the marketplace can continue on it's own. About the statistical data - for now, we're tracking some of stuff that Killian mentioned, but I highly doubt we'll be able to graph those out or anything graphical like that. Concrete values in form of numbers would be possible and probably made public per request.
  5. fiki574

    Sell cards to "void"

    I agree with this. Nice suggestion tho.
  6. All matches are marked as speedrun, so you don't explicitly need to use the checkbox anymore (i think it's not even there from now on). Moving to resolved
  7. fiki574


    I'll move this to Client sided section
  8. fiki574

    High Command latency

    No problem, if you get stuck on bad performance again, respond here and we'll see what can be done for latency test. Maybe try switching DirectX versions, and disable some graphics options.
  9. fiki574

    High Command latency

    Hey. The command latency tends to show inaccurate latency rather than the actual. Are you absolutely, positively sure it takes almost a full second? If yes, please respond and I'll try to figure out a way we could record the actual time it takes to do a move.
  10. fiki574

    Lost connection

    Yes, there is something that can be done. You lowering down your aggressiveness and trying to understand that we don't owe you anything nor we have to explain ourselves to you. Saying we don't fix anything is just rude and butthurt and I won't tolerate it.
  11. fiki574

    Game server is up! indicator

    The servers are up every single minute, besides for 10-20 seconds while the restart and update process is going on. Can be done? Yes. Will be done? Maybe.
  12. fiki574

    too much grinding ?

    You bumped a 10 months old thread only to express your aggressive opinion. We're not forcing anyone to play on our servers, if you are unsatisfied you can simply leave. We run the game the way we think it will be the most enjoyable for all players, and I'm sorry if you think otherwise. Don't be so entitled, we owe nothing to no one.
  13. fiki574

    Support Help

  14. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly fine if you want to help and report as much as possible, and we/I appreciate it. But you're giving us and Mods double work if you post something that's already known, or open another thread for an issue where a thread for that issue already exists. Nevertheless, I'll leave this be here so can be used for future reference and discussions.

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