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  1. Practically the same as you previous suggestion: Just differently worded.
  2. We don't have an infinite amount of achievements ideas. New ones are supposedly planned to be added, I don't know when.
  3. If you Google for "Skylords Reborn" and set the time filter to "Last week" or "Last month", you'll be able to see that quite some number of gaming mags and websites picked up the news already. However, there might be another form of "advertising" (or rather attracting interests into the game) planned, more on which would know either Zyna or Lada.
  4. Do you know difference between an open source and closed source repositories? Open source: opened source code to everyone to publicly use and contribute Closed source: closed source code from everyone to only creator and handpicked contributors So, in our case: Open source: frontend applications, and API specifications that can be found in respective README.md files in the respective GitHub repositories. Closed source: backend applications, actual API implementation of which the source is not publicly available, and will not be ever. No one is trying to make or port
  5. It is not recommended and in most cases not supported to have a request body in a GET request. Since you are sending a JSON to that endpoint, it should use POST. This is basics of web development and semantics. Frontend applications and API specifications are open-sourced, backend is not. I highly doubt you found many other errors cause I have no problems running any of the applications, be it frontend or backend, locally or on a VPS. You might have found some misstypes or inconsistencies, but I hardly doubt you found errors per se. All reports and suggestions are welcome here: https
  6. Never, unfortunately. Explained somewhere that it opens up too much boting possibilities. Yea, have a list but without images. https://auctions.backend.skylords.eu/api/cards/all
  7. Glad you like it. All suggestions are welcome here: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/issues Just the live listings.
  8. There isn't a way to get it directly, but you can query the card details endpoint to see what can be used. Steps: 1. Fetch the auctions: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/tree/master/Auctions#post-apiauctionspagenumber 2. Use the cardId fields from the response array 3. Fetch card details: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/tree/master/Auctions#get-apicardscardid All suggestions are welcome here: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/issues The backend returns JSON as a response, which is definetly a digestable a
  9. Unintentional cap, removed it.
  10. (have in mind since we just released, data will be missing as we've reset everything)
  11. Hello everyone. I'll keep it short. Past few months, I've been working on our web API that is completely public and available for everyone to use. I've also created simple, functional (but stylistically not very pretty) user interfaces that visualize and consume the said API. User interface applications are open-sourced on my GitHub. The repository also contains complete instructions on how to consume the API yourselves, if you were to decide to create your own frontend applications. But, you have to be somewhat profficient in web development to understand and begin doing stuff on yo
  12. It will most likely include an update, but not too big of a one.
  13. Everything but experience is unfortunately gone. Those projects dated back to pre-2015. Most of my public contributions and repositories can be found on my Github.
  14. Fan projects that you're referring to most likely broke a part of the verbal agreement. Fan projects I've been involved in, that got shut down, in 100% of the cases, had wrongdoing on their own end (this is my 4th fan project, previous 3 were DMCA'd). It always boiled down to one thing: trying to monetize a part of the game, and not be particularly careful or clever about it. However, this does not mean that a similar fate awaits us, or that we should live in the fear of being shut down. So far, the EA has been nice for the past 5 years, hopefully it continues because we've been
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