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  1. fiki574

    Replay Repository

    It is still planned and being worked on, however yes it wont be anytime soon as im really tight with time. What i can say, tho, it will most definetly come eventually.
  2. fiki574

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Lmao, overcomplicated bug report template. Haven't heard this one, ever. Yea, let's just post one sentence in the bug report and leave it up to devs to figure out what the fuck I've meant with it, in the end they're working on it so they must be able to figure it out, out of thin air.
  3. fiki574

    Home Network and Multiaccounting

    Nice big button which says "BEWARE: Multiaccounting May Cause Permabans!" has this nicely stylized quote: Roommates/Siblings/Shared PCs should remain unaffected. There is no need to contact staff for sharing a network, having the same IP or using the same device within the same household. Please only contact staff for people being banned in this situation.
  4. fiki574

    Mobile App AH

    Any kind of external AH that will use API to communicate with our servers is a no-go, because bots will be easy as hell to make and abuse. Unless you only want to be able to view auctions, but not interact with them.
  5. fiki574

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    What is there to tell you? It literally tells you what's wrong, don't wait to be spoonfed, figure out how to download new version of updater. Jesus Christ, some people... And also, this is not a support thread!
  6. fiki574

    Launcher stops working

    Nope, he didn't.
  7. fiki574

    Client issues after any new update

    Yea well, to be honest, I have only Windows Defender on all of my Windows 10 operating devices and haven't had any viruses for years now. Just be careful where you go.
  8. fiki574

    Client issues after any new update

    surprised pikachu face Sounds way too intrusive for an AV. May I know the AV name?
  9. fiki574

    client error

    The error says what's wrong. So instead of panic posting immediately, you should give your best to update your game with an Updater we've provided for you.
  10. fiki574

    Look what I found #GoodOl'Times

    Answer: And you had exactly same avatar as Ultrakool, so that means you impersonated a staff member. Highly doubt that was "accidental"
  11. fiki574

    Look what I found #GoodOl'Times

    Impersonating a staff member is, usually, a perfect shortcut to the ban list. Good job.
  12. fiki574

    Account deleted?

    - We're not EA - This is not BattleForge, it's Skylords Reborn - Google a bit to make sense of this, not just pop-up after 7 years and start raising weird questions and pointing fingers
  13. fiki574

    Multiple stuff for game incl. issues

    Excuse me, but then you shouldn't even be playing before finishing those actions.
  14. fiki574

    Multiple stuff for game incl. issues

    Brawl Stars (mobile game, mix of Clash Royale, shooter and MOBA game) has 10 seconds AFK timer after which bot takes over your character and plays insanely stupid. 5 minutes is fine to be honest.
  15. fiki574

    Game Doesn't Start after install

    See. Instead of panic posting next time, actually try those steps that are suggested and that we spent time on compiling for you players.

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