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      Open Beta Information!   12/29/17

      Open Beta will soon be upon us! Check out all you need to know here: https://goo.gl/nNr1qU


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  1. Open Beta Information

    Donations are not a form of payment for a content.
  2. API for Cards and Decks

    Possibilities are endless once we get stuff running.
  3. Open Beta Information

    Our initial patch files and launcher + dependencies = 20.7MB Game files with HD textures = 12GB When added to .rar archive, it's a lot less of course.
  4. move problems in Bf back in the days

    1. Not the game, only the server(s) component(s) 2. ?
  5. Open Beta Information

    Phase 1 should last longer than 2 months, however MrX was, is and will be taking care of the game's economy.
  6. Battleforge and Resolution

    I don't know, to be honest. We'll have to test it out. If it doesn't require much work, maybe it get's done eventually.
  7. Open Beta Information

    Quote from first post: "we would love to allow everyone to just join Closed Beta right away but sadly that can't happen as we have no idea how much the server can handle which is why we have to add people slowly and carefully to monitor and test how much the server can handle and it wouldn't be fair to give all of our members access to the server which would just crash and then we would have you (our members) disappointed"
  8. Open Beta Information

    I think that was said in context of Closed Beta.
  9. Open Beta Information

    We were adding 20 people per month for Closed Beta, has nothing to do with Open Beta. Whole point of Open Beta is that everyone can access it, at the same time, any time. Was said and cleared multiple times, but for interest and fixing sake, I wonder next: 1. Where was this said? -> "not everyone in the forums will be able to play in the open beta" 2. Where was this said? -> "we dont want people reporting the same bugs all the time" Where are you even pulling this information? This is the least problem, we have moderators that will take care of this and ensure no double threads.
  10. [Trailer] Open Beta Announcement

    Show some love mah bois and gurls!
  11. Here is a little something for someone who spots this post first and figures out what is this for:





  12. My Project v2

    If " " were causing confusion, then programming is not for people that are not capable of understanding string principles. And go for highlighter and compiler for your language, fun stuff to do.
  13. My Project v2

    Like it so far (gj on docs as well), though would be good if you treated strings with " " instead of without, I mean it's okay like that as well, but looks nicer with "string". Also, have you though about making your own or using existing syntax highlighter?