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  1. fiki574

    Soultree crash bug

    The crash isn't important, the spell cast that crashes it is!
  2. fiki574

    Soultree crash bug

    I wonder how you can't provide even a short 30 seconds video if you have recreated it 10 out of 10 times.
  3. 1. Unfortunately, no. People are expected to read at least FAQ when registering or using our forums for first time. No shoving in the face. 2. We've decided to go for the lore being completely unlocked from start, and there's no way of us controlling the lore book from the server. However, I might direct this to our client developers which could figure out how to prevent that flashing and annoying openings. 3. Right, but you are referring to card prices here, not rarities. If we begin to interact and mess with economy, we'll end up screwing something up. So, the prices are determined by the market and we wouldn't like to intervene in any way. When it comes to rarities, there could be a merge, like: common (common+uncommon), rare (rare+ultra rare), promo (as is now)
  4. fiki574

    Progress rate too slow + other concerns

    By MrXLink's words, all gains are increased by 233% so I really don't see how the progress rate is too slow.
  5. fiki574

    <1> < Invalid Account >

    Your email shouldn't be longer than 24 characters, your password shouldn't be longer than 16 characters and must contain only upper and lowercase alphabet and numbers 0 to 9, so no special characters.
  6. fiki574

    Someone is changeing the old cards!?!

    I highly doubt that Wiki pages represent the actual and correct values. It might have been a simple mistake. We haven't touched a single card yet as far as I know, so if any changes were done it must have been from EA prior to the close of the game and you must have forgot it.
  7. fiki574

    Crashes to desktop, no error message.

    Thanks, bare with us, I'll assign our Client Developers to check out what these are.
  8. fiki574

    1 - Constant connection loss in singleplayer missions

    Well, you need to have 2 years of experience first so I guess good luck!
  9. fiki574

    1 - Constant connection loss in singleplayer missions

    C++, OpenSSL, TCP, MySQL You'd need those for this project, specifically.
  10. Also try running it in window mode.
  11. fiki574

    Option Graphic Help

    Best bet would be to delete "My Documents\BattleForge" folder entirely. If you want to reset it from login screen, I'm sure there's like a reset to default option for graphics.
  12. fiki574

    Crashes to desktop, no error message.

    Hey. Mind uploading whole logs as attachments (don't know what are the sizes for them). You can use Pastebin alternately.
  13. fiki574

    1 - Constant connection loss in singleplayer missions

    Unfortunately, this problem isn't map or player specific, it's just happening more frequently in some parts. Base problem is the same, some just experience it more, some experience it less. The general stability and less disconnects should be possible over time when we improve the networking even more. For now, unfortunately, you'll have to bear the frustration and enjoy the game as much as it allows you to do so.
  14. Hey. Just for testing cases, try playing in windowed mode and see if it's any better. As for the freezes, I really don't think that our launcher is causing this directly, however it might be problematic depending on how much RAM and free space you have. Mind posting your computer specs? Also, while you're in windowed mode, open Task Manager and screenshot processes list where the launcher/updater process is seen.

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