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  1. fiki574

    what is patreon money used on?

    What 1500$???? So you just made an account to make this post, that isn't even true? What's the purpose though? Not to mention you breaking rules about bumping old threads. If you doubt us, you can freely choose not to play on this server. Plenty of others are out there, right? The money is being saved for future usage and bigger costs because of pricier equipment that will be needed if we ever surpass the count of few hundred concurrent players to a few thousand.
  2. fiki574

    Infos on Open Stress Test status

    Thanks for the nice comment, however no dates are known at this point. Why would you need to grind though? Play casually just to get the feel of the game, then you won't be sorry or depressed once we reset the progress
  3. Alt + Shift changes the input language, Alt + Tab tabs out, so what are you referring to?
  4. fiki574

    2 - Stuck in loading screen

    Alt + Shift changes the input language, Alt + Tab tabs out, so what are you referring to?
  5. That's the problem, you don't give a f*ck for logs, and we can't fix them without those. So, bottom line, you yourself are the actual reason of these crashes and disconnects not being fixed. And, if you gave a f*ck, you'd know to clear your cache and browser history and you'd access the site through PC browser normally. Getting triggered and ranting here because of other reason than your thread refers to - helps no one.
  6. Getting triggered in the pre-release aka stress test version, where these issues are common af and where everything will get reset. Be constructive, this was just your frustration speaking out.
  7. The game was offline/dead for 5 years. We took over, and we're not professionals. The "hey come to play, we will delete your progress late" period is completely necessary. I know some may not agree or be keen of it, but that's how it goes. There are much more things that we take into consideration behind the scenes, that most people are not aware of. New player experience is not something we can improve over night (based on a single/few suggestions), slap an Open Beta tag on it and release it to public. That's why we use this stage to test and balance economy, quests, achievements and pretty much everything else. The quest and achievement amount will be much higher than the current one (Kubik, correct me if I'm wrong) once we hit Open Beta. They should be based around "forcing" (fictionally) specific playstyles and maps. Rewards gain is currently increased by 244% (iirc, somewhere around here MrXLink said at the start of Open Stress Test). It will be much more balanced in future. I'm also against some kind of start caps, but as experience taught us, people will use and abuse the cap removals and try to make excuses after they get banned. As said, this ain't done over night, but I'm sure Hawk, Link, Blank and Kubik will give it a deeper thought, improvement and actualization with some input from the rest of the staff.
  8. fiki574

    I baked a pizza. :D

    Bumping 4 years old thread...
  9. fiki574

    Account Wipe

    Another? Lol, there wasn't even the first one. And no, there (hopefully) won't be more than one wipe, which will happen on transition from Open Stress Test to Open Beta.
  10. fiki574

    Allow all cards to be tested in the Forge

    Way too much work for at least 3 people concurrently. Not gonna happen, in my opinion.
  11. fiki574

    Error ?

    You fix this first by following the bug report template and being more elaborate cause "Error?" helps no one, least us. Also, this is more of a thread for "Technical support"
  12. fiki574

    3 - badge after level up

    Wouldn't say official per se, but we consider it like that, if it ain't reproducible then we consider it an anomaly or glitch. You are reporting fine, but we just need the circa ratio of a specific bug appearance, even if it's 1 out of 5 or 1 out of 10. The point is to try and reproduce the bug more than 1 time, even if those more tries result in you unable to reproduce the bug. No worries, this report is fine as-is, I just gave a heads up for future reports as you're the one of few that reports the bugs the most and I thank you for that. I hope you understand, I mean nothing bad with this.
  13. fiki574

    3 - badge after level up

    Hey. This will be just a random thought, not tied to this report specifically, although it resembles it. I've seen you report quite a lot of bugs from start of Open Stress Test, and I'm thankful for that. However, most of your bugs are not reproducible, you just report them straight away after the first occurence. This is not a good practice, we need to know the ratio and exact/detailed steps to reproduce them. So, next time you encounter "something weird" that can be considered a bug, make sure you can reproduce it at least 2 out of 5 times. Because a bug that appears only once is considered a glitch. Thanks and best regards.
  14. fiki574

    Replay Repository

    It is still planned and being worked on, however yes it wont be anytime soon as im really tight with time. What i can say, tho, it will most definetly come eventually.
  15. fiki574

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Lmao, overcomplicated bug report template. Haven't heard this one, ever. Yea, let's just post one sentence in the bug report and leave it up to devs to figure out what the fuck I've meant with it, in the end they're working on it so they must be able to figure it out, out of thin air.

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