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  1. fiki574

    Open Beta Information

    Finally someone reasonable. Thanks for this comment.
  2. fiki574

    Open Beta Information

    We torment you? Ungrateful, rude, biased comment. Won't even respond. Don't like it? Buh-bye.
  3. As soon as you open a booster, the cards get added to your inventory, regardless if you have seen them by flipping or not.
  4. fiki574

    Boring for beginners

    Elaborate the thesis on how would you accelerate the gain of a single 120 lvl deck. Easier said than done. Ultrakool mentioned, and we're planning on, having more booster editions for specific card collections. So, if you're going for pure nature deck, you'll buy pure nature booster at a much lower price than the regular, all-in-one booster.
  5. fiki574

    Boring for beginners

    I'll say this again - we won't adapt to someone's personal time limits. Seems like few players are frustrated for the sake of not being able to collect all cards in a week, while playing 30 minutes daily. That's not how it works. Also, progression, boosters, card ratios, etc. will not be the same as in Open Stress Test once we hit Open Beta. You're jumping to conclussions too quickly. Once we reset accounts, the level playing field will once again stabilize, and injection of new players should help with PvP aspect.
  6. fiki574

    Boring for beginners

    So we're better off removing the PvE aspect completely from the game? Couldn't agree less. How can you compare most recent, Battle Royale games that focus COMPLETELY around PvP, and a TCG that MOSTLY focuses around collecting cards from the campaign aka PvE? Two completely different genres with 10 years of time between them. Basically, we should adapt the game to someone's personal time limits? I think you should adapt yourself to the game, and not the other way around. Just because it doesn't suit you, doesn't mean it doesn't suit other players. We've had this kind of discussions few times before, and we decided to stick to vanilla BF as close as possible. It didn't bother you then, it certainly shouldn't bother you now. I know you have to start everything from scratch again, but hey that's life, at least you get to play this game once again.
  7. fiki574

    Trade Bug

    Is it so hard to follow the bug report template? This is your second report a bug topic where you give vain explanations and are not following template. We're usually giving warnings for this, which can add up to temporary ban.
  8. Too much work for an unnoticeable feature.
  9. fiki574

    My game wont start

    Turn off AntiVirus completely, or add an exception. If you don't know how to do that, here's little help: link
  10. fiki574

    Running as nonprivileged user

    You can bypass starting with the argument all you want, just be aware that new updates won't be downloaded and your game might break randomly because others have new updates and you dont. Not a recommended action.
  11. fiki574

    Open Beta End

    Open Beta didn't even start, how you think we gonna know when it gonna end?
  12. Limit of what you see in your game inbox is 40. Limit of auctions you can put on auction house is 40. No doubts there, this hasn't changed since Closed Beta.
  13. fiki574

    49" Display Resolution Problems

    Lmao, next post: Weird resolution on 2 meters wide screen.
  14. That timer is a speedrun timer, was always there and has nothing to do with FPS.
  15. fiki574

    3 - Ultrawide aspect ration card popup is behind chat

    The game was never designed to be run in that resolution. Nothing we can do about it.

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