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  1. Please refer to this thread from now on:
  2. Hello everyone. This will be a very similar post and thread as the previous counterpart. I'll keep it short. Past few months, I've been working on a new, centralized UI and backend for the previously separated 3 API backends and frontends, from the upper linked thread. So, previous links are from now on obsolete/redundant, but will be still available for some time: GitHub repository: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI Statistics: https://stats.skylords.eu/ Auctions: https://auctions.skylords.eu/ Leaderboards: https://leaderboards.
  3. Numerous times before it was said that just because there is not an official staff reply in a topic or suggestion, it does not necessarily mean we are not taking it into consideration or discussion behind the curtains. Demanding replies and/or personal attention does not speed up the process at all. Having in mind the lengths and extents this thread has went to, it is obvious it needs proper look at and preparation of a reply, because a lot of points have been touched. Also, why are we being compared to big game studios at all? Totally different history, totally different circumstances, t
  4. API breaking changes have been made to Auctions as well, so check them out and update accordingly: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/blob/master/Auctions/README.md#auctions-api
  5. Possibly, but requires additional mechanisms and logic. It will stay like this for now, however it might get improved at some point. Leaderboards are getting refreshed once every 6 hours, meaning that there are 4 refreshes which take, on average, 10-15 minutes to complete, which then results in the leaderboards being "unavailable" for barely an hour in a day.
  6. API breaking changes have been made to Leaderboards, check out the changes and update accordingly: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/blob/master/Leaderboards/README.md#leaderboards-api This week I plan on updating Auctions, so next Wednesday expect an API breaking changes/updates to the Auctions as well.
  7. Damn, I totally missed your post. 3 weeks late, but I've corrected the times now: https://github.com/fiki574/Skylords-Reborn-API-UI/tree/master/Auctions#auctions-api No such player-specific API for now. Ladders are with reason capped at 200 players: a) to match the ingame leaderboards and b) not to kill our database, because the current queries take almost 20 full minutes to execute and load data.
  8. Right, but I meant on someone who does not have access to our past versions of source code(s) and is doing it from scratch.
  9. What you described, is entirely possible and most likely done already to some extent, somewhere, from someone. What I was refering to (the complete emulation of our client so you get literal, proper programmatic bot), is almost impossible.
  10. Public API doesn't provide a way to interact with Auction House other than literally just displaying the live listings. Bids, buyouts, or botting is not possible with it. Proper, in-game bot that emulates our client and network architecture is hard, almost impossible to make (if you're not using one that scans the screen and use OCR to make mechanical clicks, i.e. literally move the mouse over the button and click it). TL;DR: There is no such thing as trade/AH bots here, and if there were, they would not be "legal".
  11. They server-sided replay generator is done since long time ago. Every match replay gets stored on the server, each of the replay is about few KBs big so it won't take too much space.
  12. No, misses the point of our API and is too resource heavy to have it on our side. That's why you can query our API and create your own history
  13. Hey. Define "long-term data" exactly.
  14. I did not see a single comment/post/thread similar to yours that states that the game is remotely unplayable, let alone completely. Even other players tell and prove otherwise, so the only straight out lie here is the one claiming that the state is completely unplayable. I will not even address other stuff as you fail to realize differences between hardware and software impacts/problems. Hardware as a whole is pretty beasty, however the software is not so much, which you you would expect from a server that was reverse engineered using client binaries, but then again I don't expect th
  15. Practically the same as you previous suggestion: Just differently worded.
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