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  1. fiki574

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    I'm sure for at least a couple hundred. Few thousand is a best case scenario. We hope all will go well and are prepared if it doesn't, but only time will tell, it's hard to give a prediction on that since the most concurrent players were around 200ish number.
  2. fiki574

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    Lots of claims, none of facts. There are technical reasons for the reset, which have been discussed internally and externally since the start of the OST 2 years ago. Don't jump to conclussions about something you have no clue about. Can you supply your statement that the reset will result in even less players? Cause I'm aware of few 100k+ YouTubers that are just waiting for the release to happen to start playing. Now imagine how much players they could bring. I'm also aware of certain Polish and Russian communities, each with few thousand members out of which maybe a few hundred plays while rest waits for release. To get many players playing doesn't seem to be a goal for our project? Lol what? Bold statement, won't even try to give a proper response. Grave store for this genre? Lmfao, yea, we did that, not EA and other Triple-A greedy companies. A simple community revival was the nail in the coffin. Lots of nonesense in your post, but hey - this is the Internet, right?
  3. fiki574

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    Hey. Online concurrent viewers were around 300 on Twitch, idk where it shows 108. Most of the people are in the shadows waiting, so they should come (in a small part) by themselves. We have some "marketing/ad strategies" in mind, nothing concrete yet.
  4. fiki574

    ART PSD files for cards?

    Not sure that there are more than those PSD images. Also would depend on what you would want to do with them, since they are still official artwork and we (staff and community) shouldn't be messing with them a lot. Nanorhino does our own artwork from scratch, does not reuse existing images.
  5. Good discussion. Have in mind the current version of the system is subject to change. Definetly not the final version, and will most definetly be tweaked.
  6. What even is this? A bug report, a question or what? No format whatsoever.
  7. fiki574

    Crash On Login

    Nothing changed for months now, except on the test server which is not the live/production you're playing on. Check if launcher executable is even running, if it's not then it means it got blocked by AV or similar security mechanism.
  8. fiki574

    Game coming out when?

    What? Average players on the test server is 0.0000000000000001 per day. No one is testing there, let alone playing.
  9. fiki574

    Ocean campaign when creating the game

    Solved with most recent server restart.
  10. fiki574

    Exception when trying to create a match

    Solved with most recent server restart.
  11. I'll leave this open for some time, see if anyone could possibly have the same issue. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this seems very odd. Not sure if we'll be able to return your cards, unfortunately.
  12. What I can tell from checking out the database is that you either sent by mail or traded the "missing" cards with a player named Crazy_xD. That includes some of the cards you've mentioned. Now this looks like 3 possibilities: a) you gave someone your login details and then they transfered stuff to your account b) that other account is also yours, thus you are multiaccounting c) you gave away your cards long ago and tried blaming it on the bug that caused you to lose those cards to somehow get them back Unfortunately, I do not see a 4th possibility which would include a bug erasing your inventory only partially so. This is the first time anyone ever reported a bug like this to happen, only some of the cards are "missing".
  13. Hello, I've just checked your inventory, you have 722 cards, 156 card upgrades and 2 decks which use total 27 cards. I don't understand what's the problem.
  14. fiki574

    Disconnect after every game

    I laughed at the wooden server saying, good stuff! I think it could be on your end, something to do with network or AV settings or bad connection. Try redownloading and reupdating the game, reseting your router here and there. It would also be good if you attached logs after the disconnect happens.
  15. fiki574

    Suggestions List

    I stopped reading there since you don't seem to understand the basis and actual point of the reverse engineering - there is no access to any source code whatosever. There was no pre-setup, readable, compileable code given to us at any point that we could "just inspect and change". We had to reverse the software behavior from already existing binaries, executables, DLLs, PAKs. That's the exact opposite of software engineering, and game design in itself. This has nothing to do with the game design. You've written much, but said very little and missed the points I was refering to with my previous post.

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