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  1. Introducing the Auction House Archives! The goal of this site is to track each card's journey through the in-game auction house and beyond. Since it tracks each individual auction, it can deduce when a card has sold in the auction house and for how much. With this information it can display the min, average, and max prices a card has sold for along with potential deals that are in the in-game auction house. I've also built out an API you can use in your own projects to receive information from the archive. To learn more about how the archive works, or how to use its API, visit the about page (
  2. That is because I did not disconnect during that session. So, this bug doesn't seem to necessarily cause a disconnect. I must've disconnected the first time due to something else. However, this bug still causes you to permanently lose your bfp.
  3. Okay, so I replicated the results with a friend online. I have attached the part of the log file during that login. I connected to the shop at this line "[21:20:45] Proxy::HandlePacket(): Connecting to server: Shop". Something interesting that happened this time is that I was not disconnected after I placed the bid. But the game did say the bid was successful, and I never received the card (my friend did get it after he bought it), and I lost my bfp for the bid (and they did not come back after I logged back in). log.txt
  4. NAME: In Auction, you can bid on a card after it is bought outSEVERITY: 3LOCATION: Auction HouseREPRODUCIBILITY: Happened 2 times todayDESCRIPTION: I bid on two cards today, and each time I bid on the card the game froze then I was disconnected. I assume someone had used the buyout option or the auction had already ended right before I placed my bid, as when I searched for the card after I logged back in it was no longer in the Auction House. I never received the cards by mail, and my bfp was lost. So, it seems before a bid should be placed, a check should be made to make sure the card is sti
  5. Just to be thorough, the end user still gets the bfp from the buyout (I tested it with theTED on an emberstrike I sold in the AH, he did not get the card but I got the bfp).
  6. NAME: Auction House does not show any cards when a "filterless" search is made SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Auction house REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: This is kinda related to John's post made here. I believe that also in the original Battleforge when you made a search without any filters (i.e. Color, Rarity, Card Type, and Orb Level are set to None and search field was left blank, then you click Item Search button) the game would display all the cards currently for sale in the auction house. This was nice if you were just browsing through the auction house looking for a
  7. I had this same problem too, except I got the mails after deleting an old message in my inbox.
  8. NAME: After card upgrade the chronicle is not updated SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Chronicles REPRODUCIBILITY: ALWAYS DESCRIPTION: After upgrading an enforcer to level 3, his story will not show up in the legends section of the chronicle book. Notice that the correct section is still highlighted in the screenshot, it just does not show the story. The same thing also happened after upgrading spearmen to level 1. SCREENSHOT: is attached
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