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  1. Thank you for you feedback ?. I added new stats and 2v2 PVP. PVE rankings would be nice too, maybe I'll find some time soon. I think about a different view for the stats, because it's not that performant.
  2. I created a project to track long-term data of stats and leaderboards. I already posted this project in Skylords Reborn API topic, but I think it's worth creating a new topic. Website: https://skylords.th.gl/ Code: https://github.com/lmachens/skylords-reborn-tools What's included? - Long-term tracking of available stats which are fetched every hour - PVP 1v1 Leaderboards (fetched every 6 hours) - PVP 1v1 Player Details for long-term progress To do: - Add other leaderboards like 2v2 - Optimize mobile view Looking for: - Contributors - Feedback Thx ?
  3. This looks good ? Do you plan to create a public API to make it easier to implement it in other projects which are not based on PHP?
  4. Great, is your project public @T1421?
  5. Right now, it's possible to get current stats like "how many users are online right now". Do you plan to add a history like "how many users were online yesterday"?
  6. @T1421 Thx! I saw your card stats which are great ?. I updated the project and added long-term leaderboard stats. https://skylords.th.gl/leaderboards You can expand details for every ranked 1v1 (for now) player and see rating, wins/losses and activity over time. There are not many data points for now because it is refreshed every 6 hours only. @fiki574 Do you plan to add long-term data to the API too?
  7. It's great that there is an API ? I agree with ZeraZerg, that it's uncommon to have POST requests for this use-cases. See https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Methods Besides that, I like the amount of data which is available. I created a small project to track long-term data of the stats (I started tracking Yesterday): https://skylords.th.gl/ Code: https://github.com/lmachens/skylords-reborn-tools
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