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  1. Hi, back in 2009 I made a ReplayAnalyzertool with a friend. Just found it (still looking for the sourcecode, i'll share should I find it again). It features playerinfos(deck, apm etc. ), a replay browser, a basic replay function outside of skylords and the possibility to rename your replays (on buttonpress or automatically) from autosave to something that will be kept and includes maps/playername. have fun: http://torsten-lueders.de/replayanalyzer/skylords_replay_analyzer.zip ( You will need a Java runtime for the tool and it still misses the maps and cards of "newest" Ed
  2. wow, thank you, this is great. I always have my mouse over the rewards when scrolling achievements ;). Maybe a "1 of 20 - hover for details" would still be helpfull. My friend I play Skylords with had no clue and I've also seen this question in the chat - answered with "write it down".
  3. Hi, am I right that there is no way to see which PvE missions were solved on which difficulty? Can you change that? A checkbox on the mission tab would be perfect, But it should be at least possible to show a few still unsolved missions for that difficulty in the corresponding achievement. You could show "3 of 12 solved (next: Encounters with twilight, Guns of Lyr, ..." instead of just "3 of 12 solved".
  4. hmm... so many possibilities ;). I think i'll play around a bit with it. Do you have a list of all current cardids/names and maybe images of all cards? My backup of bf programming stuff from 10 years ago is not as good as I hoped ;).
  5. Great, I really enjoyed multiplayer back then but as someone who is waiting for the reset before playing the game more often I just can't win in PvP it at the moment. I'm a little uncertain if it's a good Idea to give fully upgraded ultra-rares like mountaineer in the constructed decks. There should be a slight (beatable) advantage for players that build their own decks and if it takes months to get at least one self-made PvP deck thats compareable it might not be the best motivation.
  6. NAME: Giant Wyrm causes crashSEVERITY: 2LOCATION: Ingame (4*Random PvE, 1*Moes first Map)REPRODUCIBILITY: Spawn a Wyrm and wait/playDESCRIPTION: Something is wrong with the giant Wyrm. Almost every time I get t4 and spawn it, the game disconnects after a few Seconds or minutes. I think its when the wyrm is not moving and playing Idle Animations. The game seems to continue when I keep it flying around.
  7. same bug here, its hanging on 2/3 since 4 pve games and I do not get any rewards
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