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  1. For Volin's stream sake: S+ Batariel, who would've expected that. There are pretty much two valid reasons to play this deck. 1. motm competition, 2. a daily timer of 35/45mins. S-tier contains the top deck options to play when you either want to go fast but not 2fast or you're playing motms and don't have the power for a batarie ldeck because you had to place the shrines (cries in void power). Brannoc mainly reaches the A-tier for being the single best option for several t3 speedrun scenarios. All other decks - besides and - reach this tier only due to their splashability wi
  2. Since there was also a race for fastest 2p 9s alltime on the same map last month, I can't wait to find out what the standings are for the contest. Will this only be announced in the stream or is there already a publication of the rankings for the contest?
  3. That's not the worst idea I've heard today...or read in this thread.
  4. I have actually talked to my fellow rpve comrades quite recently about a similar idea for a contest. I think it's a great contest to show how much really small micro decisions can make and since it's singleplayer and only takes about 2 minutes it's easy to find room for improvement.
  5. So first of all: I don't want to talk completely badly about what has been implemented here. I think that the new Reward System conceptually contains some good approaches. In my humble opinion, this could have been a great addition to the old quests (especially the booster quest). But I still don't see how it can replace the old system in a meaningful, long-term, and above all sustainable way. The market could have been kept alive by the daily boosters, while players will have the additional opportunity to earn extra Bfp by grinding whichever gamemode they like. Why take away the dail
  6. Amen. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the following: Many players (probably most) don't even buy boosters (because mathematically it's not worth it) and I don't think that will change because you get the boosters 100 Bfp cheaper after one hour of playing. With the old reward system cards where basically forced into the market with the Daily Boosters. This will not happen anymore. I would strongly suspect that there will be less cards in circulation and they will be much more expensive. Daily active players should not outpace less active players. I can fully understand
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