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  1. So first of all: I don't want to talk completely badly about what has been implemented here. I think that the new Reward System conceptually contains some good approaches. In my humble opinion, this could have been a great addition to the old quests (especially the booster quest). But I still don't see how it can replace the old system in a meaningful, long-term, and above all sustainable way. The market could have been kept alive by the daily boosters, while players will have the additional opportunity to earn extra Bfp by grinding whichever gamemode they like. Why take away the daily boosters from the players, which are essentially the last bastion of the already rotten market? I'll second that. What could be better in the last few weeks than to take half an hour of time during the home office lunch breaks to play some battleground. That was rounded off by opening the booster! This great experience is now completely lost. Another problem that I have with the current version of the new rewards is that daily active players will be punished additionally if they don't get their 60 minutes per day. If the Daily Boost is not played down to 0 BFP, the next day only 100 will be added to the pool. Normal players who played their half hour or less per day for the Booster this system takes away all the financial basis to be able to play the game at a reasonable level at all. In what world is that "a bit much"? The sense of progress for new players is already low and will now simply slowed down even further. This can't be seriously the idea behind all this. Slow down the process of getting cards until it takes months to assemble individual decks, under the pretext of generating long-term motivation. Most players I know enjoy playing with full decks and being rewarded for achievements rather than being left behind with semi-constructed decks for what feels like an eternity. Last but not least, I've taken some time to look up the prices of some of my battleground decks and listed how long it takes for each deck to purchase a single charge for each card in the deck broken down into "Quests + Daily" (400 Bfp per day), "Quests + Daily + One Reserve" (600 Bfp per day), "Quests + Daily + Full Reserves" (880 Bfp per day). Small note: This would be "60 minutes", "260 minutes" and "540 minutes" per day I did not even include common cards in the prices. The prices are taken from the market place today (~17:00 CEST). Fire Spell Support (Fire -> Nature -> Fire -> Fire): 4260 Bfp per charge 5 days (Quests + Daily + Full Reserves) - 540 minutes per day 7 days (Quests + Daily + One Reserve) - 260 minutes per day 10 days (Quests + Daily) - 60 minutes per day Grimvine + Ships (Nature -> Shadow -> Shadow -> Frost): 9660 Bfp per charge 11 days (Quests + Daily + Full Reserves) - 540 minutes 16 days (Quests + Daily + One Reserve) - 260 minutes 21 days (Quests und Daily) - 60 minutes per day Batariel Deck (Fire -> Shadow -> Nature -> Nature -> Shadow ): 13440 Bfp per charge 15 days (Quests + Daily + Full Reserves) - 540 minutes 22 days (Quests + Daily + One Reserve) - 260 minutes 34 days (Quests + Daily) - 60 minutes per day edit: Just wanted to mention that by fully charging the Batariel deck by playing 540 minutes per day you'd end up playing 540 hours (22.5 days) in 2 straight months => possible ≠ desirable. To sum up at this point: The normal rewards are too few. The Grind is not worth it at all. At the latest after the reset, the market will collapse like a house of cards, because there are not enough cards to satisfy the players' deck requests and very few of them want to buy boosters to gamble with the very last remaining money. @Loriens Yeah, that's indeed nice and neat. But unfortunately it is a fact that a superior proportion of the most expensive cards in the game are among those with a single charge. But yes, basically I'm on your side on this one. It's definitely gonna bring a little relief!
  2. Amen. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the following: Many players (probably most) don't even buy boosters (because mathematically it's not worth it) and I don't think that will change because you get the boosters 100 Bfp cheaper after one hour of playing. With the old reward system cards where basically forced into the market with the Daily Boosters. This will not happen anymore. I would strongly suspect that there will be less cards in circulation and they will be much more expensive. Daily active players should not outpace less active players. I can fully understand the approach. But why is this solved by effectively punishing the players who are active every day? In order to get the maximum profit out of the new reward system, you would have to play one hour before work, use up the reserve pool and continue playing ten hours later. Last but not least: Back then we had those neat 1 Bfp Boosters containing either a common or uncommon card. Due to the high spread of cheap cards, new players with little capital were able to buy at least the foundation of a good deck very cheaply. That was great! Now you guys came up with a "similar idea": The 1000 bfp boosters. Whoever came up with that idea: Congratulations! You did clearly not understand the current market situation of this game Why do you even bother to give out fair rewards to players? I don't understand it and I probably never will.

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