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  1. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Ocean new all time record 15:53.2
  2. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    It was the same situation for skylords reborn - the game was not here for years and still we are using this part of the forum to collect all the best times - including old and new ones. Nobody does know if Pritstift is still the same Pritstift like years ago - but Pritstift still is improving the times - so it seems like that he is still the same. So if you add existing times and somebody would copy my nickname - i dont see any advantage for this person. This person will not create new records - and if this would be the case - this would be nice for Pritstift ;-). Also the community will figure out really fast that this person is just a fake and will pay not attention to him. So even if the devs dont want to add such a feature because of the mentioned reasons from your side - we will still use this part of the forum to collect all the times - even if the nicknames have changed. Is it possible to link the forum account with the game account? So you may could block the existing nicknames for the right players e.g. creating a special password or code or something like this before reset?!
  3. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Would be nice if you think about a separate feature to add the existing all-time-rankings + skylords reborn rankings (maybe top 3) also to the game after reset. The players invested a lot of time over years/months/weeks to create this times for every map - would be fair to show the best results for every map ingame. I also think that a lot of times are really hard to beat now and some will still last for years - maybe forever.
  4. Pritstift

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    I am not saying that new content is more important than server crashes. I am saying that is makes no sence to make the game progess slow to get cards and content that we know for years. So for me it is ok to have most of the cards after three months of intensive playing. A lot of players here invest a lot of energy to create ideas how to make the game progress and getting new cards really slow - i dont like this from my point of view. But this players are not really useful for the final release of the game - they should invest now the time they can to make the game now better and help the devs to find bugs etc. In my opinion the devs did a great job until now and the game has not a lot of crashes - also the daily quest system makes it easy to get some good cards and bfp without investing a lot of time.
  5. Pritstift

    Current Proposal: Rewards

    True words. I dont can understand players that wait until the game is "finished" - they should be part of the battleforge community now and not later. If you love this game you want to be a part of the restart from the beginning and dont wait years until the work is done by other players.... Btw we are talking about a game that was released 2009 - i dont want to play a lot of months really slow to get content that i already know for nearly 8 years. Better focus to bring new content in e.g. rework of existing cards , new maps etc.. in future.
  6. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Ingame is nice but we miss the old and still valid all time records for some maps ingame. In consequence the list of mephisto is still nice to have and to be updated. Also we show to the community that pve speedruns are not dead.
  7. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Mission completed - new all time record 11.30.1.
  8. Pritstift

    1 - units target incorrect unit/building

    I know the problem you are describing - but based on my experience you have to check which target indeed is marked. So this is a problem you can solve by better micro of your own. Sometimes it also helps to change the view angle of the camera a bit.
  9. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    There was also a small update for behind enemy lines in the last days from my side:-). Still hunting to get below 12 min again.
  10. I think the decks shown are the decks Irysunna used for the speedruns of him and his team? The 11.29 of Mo was done without the use of stampede bug.
  11. Pritstift

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    I really dont know what is wrong with you xD. Your argumentation is illogical and a bit childish. But i think we cant change this and we have tp accept players like you. I just want to add one more point. It is right that we had a talk to Kubik - we were asking him if it is possible that somebody gave OUR replays to a member of your team because we were wondering that you are able to do similar times shortly after we did. Kubik clarified that this was not happening. So you know what is the difference? We accepted that you found a similar/maybe same tactic for new guns of lyr speedrun and we not started to flame you in the way you are doing right now. So we started to improve it again and again. You should also think about that there are maybe different ways to do it faster. So how you want to know that we have the same tactic like you? This is just speculation - also from our side. As soon as we have improved the time again and we think this is the maximum we can do - we will share it to the community. Maybe you can use this time to accept that there is/was a fair competition.
  12. Pritstift

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    Asgard57 it is nice that you are willing to write something in this forum but it should make sence. Lets have a closer look at the history: 1) From October 2013-2019 the record for guns of lyr was 06.48 min. 2) The first team that was able to beat 06.48 was our team and not YOUR team. Btw we used a new tactic that was developed by ourself. For sure we are sorry for this. 3) The first team that was below 6min was our team and not your team. The first team that was below 5 min was our team and not your team. @MephistoRoss@Kubik@MrXLink - is it possible that you can show a time list for guns of lyr speedruns for which both teams were involed? Team "Germany" including Pritstift, Treim, Lebovin, Tomate, Wanky, BehaaaveBaby (replay times): 23.01.2019: 06.41 - beat old record - YES!!! 24.01.2019: 06.20 - improvement 25.01.2019: 06.10 - improvement 25.01.2019: 05.59 - first time below 6 min - YES!!! 26.01.2019: 05.49 - improvement 26.01.2019: 05.30 - improvement 26.01.2019: 05.29 - improvement 26.01.2016: 05.12 - improvement 01.02.2019: 05.04 - improvement 01.02.2019: 04.58 - first time below 5 min - YES!!! XX:XX:2019: 04:XX - we will see (also without your replay) So please stop to flame here. The Devs (no Germans) can also confirm this. You can write something here but stop to lie and to write things that are not true. You have to accept that there are also other goood players that are able to compete with you. BTW this players are not just Germans. I think for you and your team it is a new experience that there is a team that is able to beat you also in 4player maps. Do you know how we call this in Germany? COMPETITION. BTW we also able to play all other 4player maps fast. We just need the time for it. I want to clearly point out for all of my teammates that we never used any cheats or even server hacks or sth. like this. Our times are the result of good ideas hard training and skilled players. I am sorry that the RUSSIAN speedruners cant accept this. It is also not ok that you try to involve the developers of Skylords Reborn in this. The whole team never would give out replays of other teams. To finish this : It seems like that you and your team are just sore losers.
  13. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    I think it is time to update the all time Rankings again :-) ? In January new all time records were created - old records were beaten - competition is going on. I think this is really good after a long long time without any speedruns. I know there are still some small problems with ingame time. But i dont think this is a big problem because the showed times in the rankings are slightly slower (and not faster) compared to the time of the recorded replay?!
  14. Pritstift

    Build in Expert Strategy Replays

    I cant agree in this point. Most of our tactis were developed by ourself - we did not create just simple copies of existing tactics. We developed tactics on a higher Level - we invested a lot of time and trained for this a lot. If you share all the tactics to the community everybody will simple copy it . I think for speedrunning you should start to understand the mechanics of every single map by yourself. In this way you may can create better tactics and you will also be able to compete against the existing speedrunning teams. If you know a good strategy for a pve map you can repeat it again and again until it is nearly perfect. As a consequence of this the situation is much different compared to PVP. In PVP every match can be different - so in my opinion it is no problem to share tactics here . Depending from the single situation in PVP you can decide which tactic or card combo you may like to use in the match. Also showing the deck can be critical for the Top 3 rankings. Just one different card can make the difference here. It is not always possible to hide a strategy by adding stupid cards in it - for some speedrun decks i am using every single card because it is mandatory. If you understand the mechanics of a speedrun and the map an experienced player can read the strategy the other team may used just by checking just the deck. I can say this from my own experience - lot of tactics were copied from me and my team mates in this simple way. You also can recognize this right now - if we would show our new decks for guns of lyr speedrun everybody would get a good idea how we are able to finish this map so fast. Motivated players should better reflect for themself how this map may can be done faster and they should invest the same time to train possible tactics.

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