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  1. First new all-time record with is faster than before reset for nightmares end solo : 20.20.8 🙂
  2. Yes seems like the map is not available for download anymore! Needs to be fixed!
  3. Instead of adding dmg i would add some kind of void return xD. If you call it a spell deck you need fast void return - without its no real spell deck....its waiting for energy all the time.
  4. Dear Speedrun-Community, starting from January 2022 we will also add RPVE9 1-Player & 2-Player to the all-time rankings. Lets see who will be the first Skylord(s) in 2022 to get the all-time record at the end of January 2022 :-).
  5. Simply place the spawn building at another position that cant be so easily killed by fire stalkers or fire dancers over the cliffs. The building is well protected against air units but not against such high ranged units that just can kill it from far away. Killing the spawner before the waves spawns is ok for me but should not that easy.
  6. Due to unfair treatment of one of our speedrunning team member which is connected to a ban for the 3 next official pve/pvp events I will not participate in this event.
  7. Blight is the best example how expert-mode should feel. I am against any changes just to make the map easier for players that dont want to invest time to beat a map on expert mode. Point out clearly that you are under time pressure is sufficient for this map. You can already have great team support on this map to master it still below 20min. Expert mode should be for experienced players - most players play blight on expert and give it 1-3 trials and start to cry its to hard instead of thinking why they fail and checking the forum, youtube or discord for support. Making expert maps easier makes the game even less fun/exciting for experienced players. You can do some fine-tuning but thats all what is required for 90% of the maps - there are some exceptions for sure. Most of the changes are against speedrunners - its quite confusing - the dev team should be more creative to think about how to change a map to make it more attractive and accessible instead of just how can we crash "exploiting" speedrun strategies. Most of the speedrun-strategies are quite rarely used and mainly in focus by always the same players that even dont have a clue about all details for this strategies and still make a big deal out of it for the Skylords Reborn Community. This is also the reason why we keep most of the strategies secret for not giving feed for more sencless discussions. Also we are playing for the spirit of fastest times and not grinding the map brainless for exp and gold like a lot of players do. Also you should consider the open pve card balance changes e.g. for nightguard - the impact of this open card changes need to be considered too. This is mainly related to nightmare shard maps , behind enemy lines, titans and such maps. This maps will become a way harder if nightguard cant be used anymore. So most of the players will struggle even more with this maps. But also i have to remind that making the maps to easy can lead to even faster times and easier strategies 😉
  8. You can stop to spam this trash here now. Simply do your time post and wait until i have time to update the rankings or for rpve the month is over. If you want to have this kind of conversation do it on discord but not here please. My post was serious one to show that for rpve situation can change quite fast and that you cant force me to update every day this rankings.
  9. Nobody is salty here. But look at the rankings right now - situation already has changed :-).
  10. @Majora @Minashigo Hiko Please you can explain the meaning of this sentence for us? If i participate in different categories my times cant be all in the rankings at the same time?!
  11. Sorry this makes no sence for me. If i am the attacker and i am flying or running left side with a unit that has life weaving on it the enemy units will get dmg. So its a way of attacking units - because i could fly or run around the units and i also can kill them with it. So it should be not allowed. And if you dont want to deal dmg you should not cast this spell on your unit if you are in this area - thats the part of the challenge.
  12. This are the rules and so in consequence it needs to be checked. What would help is to give extra information of the used decks - so its more clear what could be casted from each player.
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