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  1. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all-time record soultree: 09.24.7.
  2. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all-time record for treasure fleet: 15.22.0
  3. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all-time-record for nightmare shard duo run: 09.11.5 by Wanky and me.
  4. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    New all-time record for MO : 11.19.0 @Thanks to RadicalX who motivated me to play this map again :-) New all-time record for behind enemy lines: 11.09.7
  5. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Right now you also can play T4+amii-momument - sometimes i am doing this also in rpve or pve maps to get some nice combinations. Therefore you dont need a 4th orb requirement. Also right now you can switch the amii-monument during the game.
  6. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Playing without Amii makes no big difference - it is just slower. After you have T3 you can finish nearly everything on a pve map - with ashbone pyros, magma hurlers, swamp drakes, cultist masters, Mo, Brannoc etc. supportet by healing spells and spells like motivate, infect, frenetic assault, revenge, nether warp etc. you will also have no problems with L or XL creatures. And for sure amii-monument lowers the map difficulty but that was the idea of EA. If you do argue in this direction you need to nerf a lot more cards - or how it can be possible that batariel is finishing a whole base of XL creatures? You are so focused on the amii-monument just because of soultree? Soultree is one of the easiest maps you can play - finishing the last base to get the last orb is really no problem with T3 - it is all just about time. And like mentioned from other players multiple times - nobody is focing you to use amii-monument. You can play soultree without it. So the players that want to use it have fun and the players that dont like to use it also have fun. For speedruns it gives you an advantage to be faster - but this is just one litte piece of the whole strategy. I think you have much bigger problems with balancing in pvp - but all are focused on this amii-monument that is mainly interesting for pve. The game is great with and also without amii-monument and you also get no problems if a another player is using amii-monument in a pve-match.
  7. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Just for your information - i dont care for LSS. We dont use it for our speedruns. LSS is mainly interesting for battleground to speed it up (still depending which enemy you have to face). Also you refering to my rank level in PVP? Shows again that you dont know anything. In the past i played over 600 PVP-Games in 2vs2. And it shows that i am absolutely right in balanching disucssions - there needs to be somebody who has the motivation (up to a certain point) to show how wrong your argumentation is (mainly for PVE).
  8. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I absolutely agree. Same counts for Deldrimor : No words :-D :-D :-D
  9. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Just for clarification: 1) EA introduced the idea of speedruning - there are also special ranks for it. So in consequence we will also try to make/introduce improvements for speedruns in Skylords Reborn 2) We are not just 8 players - we are more then 20. In the past when new pve ranks were introduced a lot players were playing speedruns. Here in the forum we are maybe 8 that have the motiviation to discuss with players like you 3) We dont leave and give orb and wells to other players -this proofs you dont have any clue about speedrunning. You would see disconnected in the rankings btw. This statement counts mainly for my speedrunning mates. 4) It is possible to skip parts of the map because this are the conditions/procedure according to script of the map- proofs again you dont know what you are talking about. Understanding the map is no cheat! If i dont need to finish side quests to finish the map i will not finish the side quests. I will focus in the main tasks. 5) Like Lebovin explained some post before - there is a technical reason why amii-monument is working for soultree and not working for retreating-circle. 6) Nobody is saying that the game is build for us - but why you should want changes to cards that you are not using in pvp? Your posts also show that you seem not to be really experienced in pve and thats why you dont should rate cards changes that affect pve mainly - i am also not doing this for pvp - like i said - change your cards for pvp but dont try to focus on pve also just because you are angry on the pve speedrunners and their Inputs ;-) 7) In Consequence of 6) - balance change for mortar or nether warp healing bug etc. are fine for me. I am excited to see the discussions how to balance best. Is it not like that there also some players that try to keep their advantages for pvp because they are used to it? I hope you can finish balance discussions for pvp before Battleforge Reborn is released by EA :-). 8) PVE needs also balancing - think of rpve/pve maps that you cant finish because your cards are to weak or impossible to get orbs Summary: You hate and dont accept pve speedruners. This is ok - i also dont care about players like you.
  10. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Killian i could add to every single comment you gave also my comments - but i just want to give you my feedback to the quoted one above. I really disagree with you in most of the points you gave. For me you have no clue about speedrunning. You call it cheaty? We dont cheat we understand the maps and we are using the right cards for it. A lot of our speedruns just using the normal way to play - but really fast. I am also able to play every map in the normal way with nearly every deck. You are talking about abusing game mechanics? Look at your so glory pvp community - when there is a card that is/was overpowered most players will us it to win in pvp. So who is really abusing here? Both PVP and PVE-Players abusing game mechanics right now . So dont think that pvp-players are something special. The pve and speedrunters are giving a lot of feedback to the Sky Lords reborn team also. What are most of the pvp-players doing? The wait for the reset because they are scared not to have the perfect win/loose ratio instead of having fun with the game and to be happy that it is back. When it comes to the official votes they are not voting - so simply i also could say i dont care for pvp-players. Anyway do your balance changes that are really important for pvp and dont try to change cards that you are already not using in pvp but pve players are mainly using.
  11. Pritstift

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Update blight trio 22.0.4 - will be improved for sure.
  12. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    So you just care for pvp and not pve? In my opinion this is not the right way. Look at the votings - where are the big number of pvp-players that are waiting for the reset? Why they did not vote yet? I think the active community that also takes care of the game is small. So it would be a good idea also to take pve/rpve and also speedrunners into consideration for balance changes....if not you will reduce the active community even further. So for what reason the votings are running right now if decisions are already fixed by Kubik? Also i am sure we understand his reasoning but he also understands our reasoning? You should read more carefully - because if we would not understand his reasoning in some points we would not be able to discuss right now - right here. Anyway - go on - seems like all is said.
  13. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Are you really playing a lot of pve? Because i am 100% sure a beginner will not be able to finish a lot of maps ( e.g. blight, guns of lyr, nightmare shard etc.) just because having amii-monument or enlightment in his deck. Why should expert maps just should be for experts? This makes no sence - also experienced beginners should get in touch with this maps and there should be cards that can help them to play it more like in a fun way without training every day. Also i dont think that this cards can totally compensate skill - i played thousands of pve games and still i often see players that have a so called "overpowered" deck but still failing around. The difference is that an experienced/good/skilled player can use this cards much more effective and get much more advantages from it. So i am sure i can finish maps faster/more effective without amii-monument in comparsion to a beginner/less experienced player that will use amii-monument. He will be happy that he somehow was able to beat the map and i am already thinking what i have to change for the next run to make it even more effective. And this is for me a good mechanic.
  14. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    I really dont understand the discussion about soultree and amii-monument. I have the same opinion like Lebo has. What about other maps? It is ok for guns of lyr just to finish the 2 main camps and trigger the final attack wave? So we skip all the mechanics with Kobold-Techniki. It is ok for KOTG to change the way of Rogan and Jorne? Is it ok for Sunbridge to switch the gate every 30 seconds and therefore avoid big incoming? Is is ok for crusade to change the way of the magma hurlers? Is it ok for a alot of maps to block the income so that no new income will spawn? I dont see a big difference to soultree - for soultree we just use Amii to speed it up. And to be honest - who is running hundres of runs soultree for gold-farming? It that map really that important? I never farmed soultree because there are a lot of other maps that are more fun and better to farm gold. Also amii-monument is not that powerful that the map after you build it will be an auto-win. First of all you need to get 3 orbs to build it and after you still need to be able to finish the map in the right way...For speedrunning amii-monument is just a card that you will use to finish the map in the fastet way - and for this reason this card is great. Before amii-monument we were playing most time with englightment - this card is even more powerful - with this card you can spawn every card independend from the orb colours you have build . You can get a T4 unit just with 3 orbs - T3 still has powerful spells to support this T4 Unit...But this is the nice thing about battleforge and speedrunning - i can use such cards to finish a map in a really fast way. At the same time this cards are also really good for beginners and less experienced players to have fun with the maps (also on expert level) without train a map every day. Better concentrate really on the broken cards that could make pvp more balanced and also pve more interesting - nobody is asking for a card that is killing everything on the map:-D Also you should take into account that Skylords Reborn seems to have a small active community. Or why there are not much votes until now for really important decisions? So the future changes should go in this direction to make the game more fun and add new content to increase the active community again. I dont think that you will get a bigger community just with nerfing / "balance" amii-monument or sow...e.g. still hoping that we may get hardcore/hard mode for pve-maps in future. This camp maybe can make a difference - but still there will be 1-3 tactics that will result in the fastest way with time. Like Lebo said - more important is the start of the map - amii is just the final building to build - but if you are slow before amii-monument it will just help to finish the map but not to get a good time in comparison to other players that know a better tactic for the start of the map. So dont focus just on amii-monument - it helps to finish map - but before you have to reach the point to be able to build it.
  15. Pritstift

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    Please define what is balance in battleforge for you? With the existing cards and how they work you can create a lot of different tactics - so why i should want to have balance changes in pve? I dont see any balance problems in pve - many players here try to see problems/balance problems but what about to accept the current mechanism and in consequence how the game works. Is this not the reason why you like to play battleforge? I will give you some examples: -Amii-Monument - i have no problem to play with or without Amii-Monument - for speedruns for sure i will use it - but is this really a balance problem? For speedruns you can use every existing option to make the run faster...Also for beginners this card can be helpful to finish expert maps. So some players here think that the same content will be better just after changing Amii-Monument? This makes no sence for me to be honest. To playblight or rpve with or without Amii-Monument will not change the balance - expert maps are still easy to play without Amii-Monument. So you should accept the Amii-Monument like it is and you can use it if you want or dont use it if you dont want. -SOW - this card is perfect to make the game fast and it does fit to many different deck-colour combinations. So is it really balanching to change this card e.g. to 3x fire orbs? The consequence will be that less players will use SOW and just because some players think it is cool to play pure fire we will not have a better balanching. You should try to accept this card like it is and you can use it if you want or dont use if dont want. Also sow is a big help when you play with randoms players that have no clue about any void manipulation... For me all existing maps are easy to play - so it makes no sence for me to change some important cards just with the idea to bring more balance and indireclty making the maps somehow harder...The maps are still easy to play even with a changed Amii-Monument , SOW....Afer you may have the idea to change other cards like cultist masters , englightment, batariel.... You just destroying the mechanics in this game we love it for...better concentrate on totally useless cards to bring more options for strategies in pve/pvp instead of killing core mechanics of the game... And to finish - what are normal speedruners? I am also a normal speedruner - just with a lot of experience. After you performed the changes i am sure that the same names still will be on top of the rankings - if you know how the game is working you also know how it will work without e.g. Amii-Monument or SOW..... "Of course, all time records for some maps should be count from last balance/map change patch" - this is somehow stupid - or not? How you want to know that a tactic of a player was affected by the last change???? So e.g. every month there is a balance change - so you have to play fastetst time again and again even if there was no change for the tactic???? And to be honest - some speedruns are hard to perform to get really the best time - i would not be motivated to repeat this every month again and again...

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