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  1. New-All-Time-Record Ascension: 12:25.3 DeleriuM + DerNewYork + DieToPlay + Hirooo + LEBOVIN + Luschy + Michielos1 + Pritstift + Sheepmonster + SylarXXI + Treim + Wanky
  2. New All-Time-Record for the Dwarfen-Riddle:
  3. Back to business - new all time-record drawen-riddle 05.9.4:
  4. I dont know what is wrong with guys like you - i think guys like you are just pissed of that you dont have good mates to play with and develop own speedrun-tactics. All you can is attack us here and state that we are fearing the competition - these are empty words that just try to force a senceless discussion here. And just for your information - there are not just 4 speedruners - our team is just the most active one and we had nice competition in the last months with other teams. I hope there is another pve community challenge - you can take part and show us how good you are ;-). Replays
  5. I am totally bored to answer this again and again - if you would invest a bit of your time you could have checked the pages here before where this was discussed several times - so kind of selfish from your side to attack us here again without checking evten what was written here before. We have no contract or obligations to show our tactis to the community - there are rankings and we try to run for the best time because this our spirit! There are some teams and also sometimes some new that are willing to develop own and unique tactics. Guys like you come here and want to have every
  6. New All-Time-Record Drawen-Riddle: 05.30.4: New All-Time-Record Convoi Duo: 05.49.6
  7. Ok...You can start with Introduction :-)
  8. The map Introduction still needs to be updated: Treim did a new record this month. Congratulations M8 :-).
  9. New All-Time Record for Nighmare Shard LEBOVIN+Pritstift 07.13.0
  10. I think Lebo mentioned more than enough details of all the 3 runs that casual players and non-speedruners are able to catch during the video. You can write a seperate guide for your run and upload it here. Better be happy that somebody like Lebo invests his time to share and comment replays on a high lvl No need to recommend him sth. here - the map itself has to much random elements. Thx to Lebo!
  11. I heard after reset the main community of pvp players will comeback - so this should fix your problems to find an opponent
  12. Hope that we will have again like for last challenge enough participants even if there is no free booster yet :-)
  13. New All-Time Record for Nighmare Shard LEBOVIN+Pritstift 07.31.6 @MephistoRoss can you pls update the rankings for blight, nightmare shard, passage to darkness - thank you :-).
  14. New All-Time Record Blight Expert by LEBOVIN + Pritstift + Treim + Wanky = 10.27.7
  15. Lebovin i dont see a big problem with balance changes. I think everybody can choose if to play on testserver or mainserver.
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