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  1. Pritstift

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    We will share for sure.
  2. Pritstift

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    We will respect what you are doing and that they dont want to share the replay. But i have to mention - this rpve and not expert pve maps - so dont share replays makes less sence for me here. Every month you may have to use a different tactic. Some principles will be similar but really secret?! Treim shared a lot of replays to the community in the last years and he still is most time in front for rpve. For my part i am planning also to show my/our special tactics for pve one and two player maps :-) Just need time to play it in the best way that it is ok for a replay to share.
  3. Pritstift

    rPvE map of the month rankings January 2019

    First try late that evening - 1Player LVL 10 MOTM - 23.07. For sure much room for improvement:-). Improved time to 22.09.
  4. Pritstift

    damage your allys

    100% agree.
  5. Pritstift

    Summary of PvE maps expert replays

    Hello Mephisto, if you want you can add this new solo speedrun of titans to your list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaCIwuObrr8 Thx to RadicalX for posting the replay on YouTube.
  6. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Good to hear that we will have rankings back soon. I still will support the speedrun scene but i think i will mainly focus to improve one player maps and rpve motm. Two player and four player maps are mainly based on a strategy with feeding. I recognized that strategies that include mainly feeding are boring for me and less fun. Its more fun to try some fast tactics without feeding on 2 and 4-player maps. So every player has a specific task/strategy and you need to play much more efficient. Also there will be more different ways to finish the maps fast. But until now to get the fastest times in 2player/4player rankings - feeding is required. Would be nice to have a separate list with times that were performed without the use of decomposer (for sure amii monu and enlightenment could be also a criteria). Instead of just seeing the deck every player has used it could be also interesting to see the timings of the players e.g. time required to get T2/T3/T4. This may could revive the pve speedrun competition for existing maps.
  7. Pritstift

    What unit would you like seeing a promo version of ?

    Some of my favourites: T1: Nomad Frost Mage Forsaken Windweavers T2: Shadow Phoenix Fire Stalker Shadow Mage T3: Ashbone Pyro Magma Hurler Cultist Master T4: Batariel Bloodhorn Giant Wyrm Fire Dragon Overlord
  8. Pritstift

    Netherwarp Green bug abuse

    If this is fixed in the way you are suggest MaranV then wall hops will be impossible for pve speedruns. Would be nice still to use it for pve wall / gate hops in the way it is. But for sure i understand the general balance problem for pvp.
  9. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    It is 11.58 now - you have to check Treim :-). I am finished now with this map ^^ Will try some other maps to improve.
  10. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    Hello MephistoRoss, in the last days i was able to finish Behind Enemy Lines Expert a bit faster than you in past. Time is 12:16. Is it possible to count this run time for all-time rankings? For now i dont want to share the replay because i want to keep up the "real" competition for this map. All i can offer are the following two screenshots (see attached). Treim also checked the replay and can confirm that this was a valid and complete run. What do you think about this?
  11. Pritstift

    Which was your favorite PvE map?

    4 Player favourite = Blight (normal playing with innovative tactics was more fun than speedrun with feeding by team mates) 2 Player favourite = Crusade (Crusade challenge with Treim was big fun) 1 Player favourite = Encounters with Twilight
  12. Pritstift

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    For Slavemaster the time was 11.52 for Treim and me. for ocean speedrun i was "undefeated" - fastest time i have in my replaylist is 15.44 - same for oracle - fastest time i have in my list is 19.09 (may close to the end of the game there is the chance that i improved this times).

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