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  1. Asj

    Server Population Cap

    They do not have the capability for everyone that want to play, to get in. The cap will increase, as this is simply them testing the water with how many people they can get online, and how long they can sustain it. When they know they can sustain the current cap, they will increase it.
  2. Why not pick nature then!?
  3. Asj

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Good luck guys.
  4. Asj

    Which was most exciting for you, PvP ot PvE

    PvE for the sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet feeling of soloing maps
  5. Asj

    Booster Simulator

    I believe so, all i get is the missing image icon.
  6. Asj

    rate the map desigen

    Not that bad, but it has a too narrow of a corridor making for easy kiting/blocking the enemy and go for a sustain push. from what i can see, 2 towers can completely block off one road and with proper AoE units, make it into a complete slaughterfest as the enemy simply can't storm you at more than one angle. The strength of PvE is that the enemy hits you over a larger surface, taking time and effort to keep every part of you safe, as the AI basically have a run it down strategy or sit at base wait at enemy to simply poke them out and kill the spawner. If you make the map larger, increase the size of the corridor, and add a "teleport" in the middle of the empty space (where the big mountain is, required to make larger map in order to not create a crossing.) that spawns enemies at a timer, that becomes stronger every wave, it force your team to defend their home base / orbs while attempting to push out. If not, this will become a 5-8 minute map where you push it down the path, take the next orb/wells and clear out the big platform i'm no expert, but that's my opinion.
  7. Asj

    too much grinding ?

    Even tho some people will grind the game and possible use multiple accounts, they still have to buy boosters to obtain cards. So the price of most cards will drop because it will be too many of them, yes enlightenment, avatar of frost, firedancer, dreadcharger, wheel of gifts etc will cost a lot, but you should have no problem building a good deck for 500-1000 bfp 1 month after release.
  8. Asj

    Avatar of frost fanart

  9. A simple solution is to have more options when looking for a PvP game. Search for opponents with only upgrade 1 cards. Search for opponents with upgrade 1 and 2 cards. Search for opponents with upgrade 1, 2 and 3 cards. This way you can fight those you like, but have to deal with the increased matchmaking time for your more "limited" matchups. If this won't be implemented, Get friends or trusted foes that you can fight in custom battles with whatever deck limit you like.
  10. Yeah, i agree. Nature and Fire combo is nice and lots of fun early game. But i like stonekin the most because of sustain and defensive buildings and enlightened to get some 4 orb unit that is normally unavailable like Shadow Worm, Batariel, Dreadnougth, Forest elder.
  11. Asj

    Faction Discussion

    I love pure frost or Nature/Frost I love making automated defencive building setups that completely counter the map i play. You can also go the sustain slow push that clears out the map with quite ease. I did some lost souls because of the launcher when i had a poor deck, but nature and stonekin stole my heart.
  12. Asj

    Say something about the person above you.

    A soulless dutch gentleman, with a great sense of humor.

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