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  1. Hey. Would it be possible to make Deathwish ability on Mutating Frenzy display how many activations it has had? This would make it easier to find out when you have charged it enough. It would look like something down below.
  2. Rare / Ultra rare Stronghold No need for any common / uncommon, already got all. IGN: Asj
  3. NAME: New deck gets deleted when i delete a mail SEVERITY : 3 LOCATION : Forge / Mail / Decks RE-PRODUCT ABILITY : Always DESCRIPTION: Step 1: Create a new deck, add new cards. Step 2: Cancel an auction in order to get a mail, or have a friend send you one. Step 3: Delete the mail, deck disappears. get message "A card of this type is already in your deck" when deleting mail and you get sent back into tutorial deck. Step 4: Open decks overview, the new deck is gone. Step 5: Log out and back in again. Step 6: The deck is now available.
  4. They do not have the capability for everyone that want to play, to get in. The cap will increase, as this is simply them testing the water with how many people they can get online, and how long they can sustain it. When they know they can sustain the current cap, they will increase it.
  5. I believe so, all i get is the missing image icon.
  6. Even tho some people will grind the game and possible use multiple accounts, they still have to buy boosters to obtain cards. So the price of most cards will drop because it will be too many of them, yes enlightenment, avatar of frost, firedancer, dreadcharger, wheel of gifts etc will cost a lot, but you should have no problem building a good deck for 500-1000 bfp 1 month after release.
  7. A soulless dutch gentleman, with a great sense of humor.
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