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  1. @gnomgrol I hereby invite you to contact me on Discord if you like to be criticized in private with some clarification on the underlying API you forgot to mention. It seems you had a few concerns about the API not functioning correctly. However I do not see why some of these restrictions should cause any constraints in development. You can find me on the discord server as "Lord NullPointer" if you need to know anything about its functionality and limitations. You can also find details on its usage here: (in case you derived your implementation purely from the original card
  2. My Little Watermelon Can't Be This Cute.
  3. My Little Potato Can't Be This Cute. Still the best.
  4. @Shotty & @Dallarian For those interested. I once made a Skype assistant bot, which was modelled as female. Was kinda funny will probably remake it alittle more advanced, but Null is not modelled as either male or female. However, since alot of answers from null are modelled after my own sarcastic and cynical self. I guess you could consider it male
  5. I thought @Dallarian would be shipped with Null Omni (Ignoring the fact that its one-sided)
  6. Your title was too tempting not to click. And I can sum up a few rules ya just broke, but I'm gonna wait for the moderators to do something~
  7. I won't run out of music anytime soon. So for now rather not. Maybe later. I try to have some variety in the songs, so a genre you like will be in the list sooner or later.
  8. We can discuss genres all day...Im pretty sure it sounds like DnB and punk has alot of screaming (if not more) too. Its a rather unique song..but Its not metal atleast. lol
  9. There are more songs, I may re-post some..But meh, I doubt people are looking for that one.
  10. Hey there people, As some of you have noticed, Null omni now has the Song of the Day feature. To make sure you can access the music anytime, I will keep a list of all music with dates here. First State ft. Sarah Howells - Seeing Stars (Vexare Remix) 2016-11-13 [Dubstep] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G96JAR6wPYU Elliot Berger - Diamond Sky feat. Laura Brehm 2016-11-14 [Melodic Dubstep] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_JoPwSJBtY Bailey ft Jodie Connor - Higher State 2016-11-15 [Trance] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wo1pWer7G0 Krewella - Surrend
  11. @Drezrak If you're not in the anime scene you only get to see the most outrageous clips... Because..well. they are outrageous...But every season there release 30 animes at least....And certainly not all are like that..the majority arent.. Its not a "genre"..its an industry... A HUGE industry. Japan has its problems, certainly, but they dont make a problem out of everything, sexualisation in anime is not something you should limit, because some people simply enjoy it, both female and male sexualisation Why should WE deny it to them. Their entertainment is open and targeted, and people have
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