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  1. Lord NullPointer

    [Official] My Improved CardBase

    @gnomgrol I hereby invite you to contact me on Discord if you like to be criticized in private with some clarification on the underlying API you forgot to mention. It seems you had a few concerns about the API not functioning correctly. However I do not see why some of these restrictions should cause any constraints in development. You can find me on the discord server as "Lord NullPointer" if you need to know anything about its functionality and limitations. You can also find details on its usage here: (in case you derived your implementation purely from the original cardbase)
  2. Lord NullPointer

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    The Story of a Lord NullPointer "Hmm, nothing interesting..sigh" said Kelvin in disappointment, while reading one of his game magazines he often read when he was on holiday. He always loved reading about games, even if he never planned on playing them. The stories of many games facinated him, especially horror games, despite the fact that he never plays them. But today he would find out about something that would impact the future more than he realised at the time. "What is this...BattleForge?" he looked in facination at the pictures of battlefields with creatures of varying sizes and colors. Kelvin always loved strategy games, and this seemed to combine it with a card game, something he never seen before. However, most games in these game magazines were still in development, and thus the holiday passed, and it was forgotten. A few years later it happened. "Wait, I know this." he said suprised. Kelvin was looking over a signup page for a game called BattleForge, which just released their Renegade expansion. Kelvin logged in and got hooked instantly, the gameplay, mechanics, flavor and economy. He loved it all. He quickly looked for oppertunities get better cards. But luckily he always loved playing into economy, and he noticed there was interest in buying entire starter sets. So he sold all his nature cards for 15bfp. This was the very first step to him building up enough bfp to buy any deck he wanted. 15bfp became 30bfp, 30 bfp became 50bfp, 50bfp became a RavenHeart and the RavenHeart became a BloodHorn. This went on and on, where he ended up with all decks he dreamed off, Pure Shadow PVE and PVP, Pure Frost PVE, Pure Fire PVP, Lost Souls PVE and PVP...And so on. Time went on, and like all games, they will lose interest when played too much. So he stopped playing every once in a while. He still returned from time to time, and greatly enjoyed it. But it wasnt the dedication it started out as. In 2015 he received the dreaded mail. "BattleForge will close" Kelvin looked at this mail blankly. How could they close such an unique game. Sadly there was nothing to be done, he logged in and enjoyed his last few games. Much time went into gathering all cards he had, which was a shame. But on the other hand he did realise he enjoyed his time, and didn't feel much regret. "What is this bad excuse for a ripoff" he said staring at a page about something named Legacy Reforged. "People don't want this. People want the old BattleForge." he sighed. "This guy is trying to build it alone in Unity? Such a lost cause." clearly slightly irritated Kelvin closed the page. Time passed, it was early August 2015. "I wonder how far Legacy Reforged got.. Lets see" Kelvin googled for 'BattleForge Legacy', mindlessly clicking the first link. "What is this? BattleForge Reborn, facinating." Kelvin watched videos that were on the front page, impressed by the initial progress like logging in and being in the Forge. "Wait, they build the server in C#?" he said suprised while watching one of the videos. Why not sign up he wondered. Kelvin always loved the game so he didn't think long before creating an application in their recruitment. While they were looking for reverse engineers, he never really did anything complex when it came to reverse engineering binaries. But in his application he described things he was good at, some of his views on things and his history when it came to development. This post was easily 1.5 pages if ya printed it out. Impressed by my application the lead dev Blank messaged him that they were amazed with the post, but they really needed reverse engineers. They shelved it for now. He roamed the forums the following 2 weeks, after getting pissed at so many people asking the same questions he created Null Omnipresence in one of his free nights, after that Kelvin mailed the staff if he was allowed to let Null Omni roam as chat bot. This same day he received a message saying that they wanted to have him in the development team anyway. This obviously automatically autorised Null Omni. That same month he REed the trading system and auctioning, and implemented them (with some bugs, which was to be expected). Despite him not having the expected RE experience with binaries, the lead dev was very happy with the progress, and didn't regret giving him a chance. Lord NullPointer was there to stay. This was my story when it comes to BattleForge. Lets realise this game together to bring it to its original glory.
  3. Lord NullPointer

    It is all over now.. Farewell

    No worries. I will never like PHP.
  4. Lord NullPointer

    Your best gifs

  5. Lord NullPointer

    Watermelon Anime Madness

    My Little Watermelon Can't Be This Cute.
  6. Lord NullPointer

    Potato Anime Madness

    My Little Potato Can't Be This Cute. Still the best.
  7. Lord NullPointer

    The Shipping Thread

    @Shotty & @Dallarian For those interested. I once made a Skype assistant bot, which was modelled as female. Was kinda funny will probably remake it alittle more advanced, but Null is not modelled as either male or female. However, since alot of answers from null are modelled after my own sarcastic and cynical self. I guess you could consider it male
  8. Lord NullPointer

    The Shipping Thread

    I thought @Dallarian would be shipped with Null Omni (Ignoring the fact that its one-sided)
  9. Lord NullPointer

    Preventing Multiaccounting: Restrict Trades

    Im against making any quest/map etc having a single reward.....we call them "daily" quests but in my opinion its better if we just make them repeatable quests.. If people play more, they will gain more. simple. Some people will whine that it means that they cant play enough due to job...but imo thats just too bad for them. Only way to remove multiaccounting is the removal of its benefit. By following my previous statement the only "benefit" they could have would be PVP ranks etc. Placing restrictions wont help anyway. People will just make new accounts and train them..
  10. Lord NullPointer

    Logo & Avoiding Legal Issues: US Intellectual Property Law

    My compliments for this quality post and proper reasoning. Damn, I wish we had more of these.
  11. Lord NullPointer

    I feel like things might go wrong...

    Kill progression by getting to the end quick?... Wouldn't want that myself. Less time means ya wont be in the top players when it comes to progress... But those people spend lots of time to get to certain points. Progression is part of the fun for many of us, skipping would only reduce the playtime for some. You should see Skylords Reborn as a fresh start. Re-experiencing the rush of getting that card you always wanted etc. That's imo the best part of a game like BattleForge...which is an experience you will no longer get end-game. We have no way of knowing you actually had certain progress previously. So that probably aint happening. So if we make the game easy it would have to be easy for everyone. We don't want to add p2w for 2 reasons: - Everyone is equal despite the size of your wallet - We simply cant take money
  12. Lord NullPointer

    Rank Images

    Why do devs get Bloodhorn...why not..Harvy...or an Avatar of Frost... You disappoint me.
  13. Lord NullPointer

    Some ideas of mine

    Any way to get bfp through money would kill the game. Your idea is probably worse than reimplementing the old system... Higher prices means that p2w becomes more tempting...Which is exactly what we want to avoid.
  14. Lord NullPointer

    NullPointer's Song of the Day

    I choose them myself each day.
  15. Lord NullPointer

    NullPointer's Song of the Day

    I won't run out of music anytime soon. So for now rather not. Maybe later. I try to have some variety in the songs, so a genre you like will be in the list sooner or later.

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