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  1. I found a halo themed game that seems to have gameplay elements similar to BattleForge, here's a gameplay video, the game is called Halo Wars 2 Blitz (Beta)
  2. Skillet's nice in general 7/10
  3. How are lyrics about a class president girl snitching on literally all the students until there's literally noone left unsuspended but her bad? Nice song, one of those guys looks like a plague doctor, I love plague doctors +1 8/10 Here's a "sequel" @Dzodin
  4. It really didn't stick at all, was listening while in champ select 4/10
  5. 5/10 Pay attention to the lyrics
  6. I liked it enough that listening to it so that I rate it didn't bother me so not bad 7/10
  7. We almost have OVER 9000! members.

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    2. anonyme0273


      I don't remember seeing it, but if it is true, it's shameful. Just because of ones reputation doesn't mean everything he says is sh*t, just like everything coming out of a keyboard of  someone reputable isn't gold.

    3. Ultrakool
    4. anonyme0273



      Either way 9000 is drawing close. :hype: 

  8. "japanese(ish)" it's english and russian these are the openings of the series
  9. Which one do you guys like more? 1) or 2)
  10. Ikr the lyrics are awesome ~ I usually like Alan Walker stuff 7/10
  11. shoutout to @EranShoval for bringing me into neutral

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    2. SunWu


      People felt that their sense of justice got disturbed. Someone misbehaved and got punished by red reps. Then person X comes along and thinks: he shouldn't be punished. He gives out positive reps for irrelevant posts to ,,restore justice''. People who thought that his original punishment was justified didn't like that.

      Just trying to explain, it shouldn't really matter too much, though. If someone puts in positive work in the forums, it is only a matter of time to balance out red reps.

    3. EranShoval


      @SunWu II. To be honest i think there is no way back from negative rep. People will be like he's a bad community member and even if he did something good they won't give him any reputation.

    4. SunWu


      @EranShoval There might be people that think/act like that, but most don't imo. Some might even think in the opposite direction (,,This guy has a negative reputation eventhough he puts out a quality post like this? I will give him a like even more now'')

      No way back from negative reps? If you don't change the way you interact with others, of course not...but do you think Lada or Ultra still had below zero if they started with -10 a year ago ? No, they would have shaken those negative reps off within days or weeks.

  12. Idk how to rate celtic music lol, it's pretty good 7/10
  13. Nope. still don't like german rap 1/10
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