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  1. Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    They're the loudest unit in the game, maybe that's why.
  2. Are towers underpowered?

    Mortar and phasetower are pretty strong, most fire and shadow players use them. Ice shield tower and primal defender are viable, too. All 4 of them are good for playing a long T1 and ice shield tower can even make for a strong support in T2 shielding your war eagles. Some stonekin players kept cannon tower for a defensive playstyle and towering into aura of coruption. Beijjingguy was able to make living tower work from time to time. But because of the need to have all of your important spells and S,M and L counters in T1 + T2 there's rarely a slot left for a T2 tower wich is at most situationaly useful. Also all of the non frost splashes prefer an offensive playstyle, wich is good, because those are the matches wich are more fun to play and watch imo.
  3. Bring back permanent Tomes

    Unless you play PvP. Playing PvP if you're into that. Come on guys, i get your point but there was a point where this discussion was more advanced. We already established that for some it's a pvp game, for some it's a pve game and for some it's a trading card game and each of those groups have different interests.
  4. Since stormsinger has been buffed she is a must have in any frostsplash and gravity surge became pretty much obsolete. Stonetempest is nice but aggressor makes life much easier because with stormsinger you already have an allround M counter and L units are the only (tiny) threat left in your T2. Crystal fiend is nice, too, but it depends on the playstyle and if you have the slots in your deck. Spikeroot or deep one is personal preference i guess, brute isn't really needed if you have parasite swarm against stuff like mountaineers or razorshards, i think. When reaver got nerfed mountaineer experienced a renaissance, (almost) everyone who played reaver before switched to mounty. Radical and Hirooo seemingly hopped onto that train.
  5. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    I almost feel like you're not doing this by accident but AGAIN you made it all about being right....
  6. Problems with the lovely "Tobbezockt" :)

    Don't have any problems with you, but maybe it helps you if i tell you what i recognized. First thing is what LagOps said, i have the feeling that sometimes you take an opinion as a thesis wich you have to give a counter argument to. Now, of course sometimes there are facts wich we can't deny and then someone may be right or wrong. But in a thread like yours where it's about nostalgia and design there are a lot of opinions wich can't be negated by logic. For example i remember someone wrote something along the lines of ,,nostalgia plays an important role for me'' and then you answered with something similar to ,,yeah humans are afraid of change...'' It can come along as condescending if you dismiss other peoples feelings because you have another view on a topic. Just accept them with their different views and opinions and people will like you more. If someone writes something extremely wrong and stupid you can still destroy him with logic and be respected, but too often there's no clear line between right and wrong. Second thing, probably not as important to many people, that winky wink comes of as soooo annoying and smug to me when i'm in an argument with someone. It's almost like the smiley is saying: ,,Hey, don't be mad. How could you have known that...being the idiot that you are...i knew all along '' i know it's not ment that way and maybe it's just me but that winky smiley is the embodiment of passive aggressivenes!
  7. Blue pill? Red pill?

    Yes, i didn't take this poll seriously, neither. I tried to make that clear with my last statement.
  8. Blue pill? Red pill?

    This question makes me think and raises further questions...do I have to do the killing or is Dawson the henchman? Seriously i hope nobody here would ever really consider the option where people die and choosing the red pill is just a (slightly morbid) way of expressing love for this game.
  9. Blue pill? Red pill?

    So far you didn't specify whose family it is! is it some random family you kidnapped?
  10. Best Players

    Yeah we can, your deck for example wouldn't really fit in a category with Maran's deck eventhough you both play stonekin. But pure fire, lost souls, fire nature (probably the 3 most prominent decks) have a standard deck wich is played by every serious player of that colour.
  11. Best Players

    Units beijingguy had in his deck wich dekka didn't play: treespirits, werebeasts, manawing, living tower, maybe some others i forgot. But he did play energy parasites, no deep one, don't remember if he used shrine of memory.
  12. Say something about the person above you.

    Pretty fly for a green guy!
  13. Describe the game with one word!

    Lol because of those two ? -->
  14. Best Players

    Beijingguy needs his own category. Putting him and his deck in a league with dekka is almost like comparing a lost souls player to a pure shadow player.
  15. Say something about the person above you.

    has nice stats, more upvotes than posts so far!