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  1. SunWu II.

    BF Memeville

    When you meet a top PvP player in rPVE
  2. SunWu II.

    *Fixed* 3 - "Mine" spell card used without fire orb

    Maybe a teammate supporting him? You can't see who lays the mine, it would only be suspiscious if there was nobody with a fire orb.
  3. SunWu II.

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    unless treespirits
  4. SunWu II.

    T1 Fire vs T1 Nature

    Mortar definetly helps and should turn the matchup in your favour. I would recommend wrecker because it's a cool card and you never really get to see it in ranked but it's worthless against treespirits. @RadicalX can probably tell you the most about the strategic approach cause he knows the ins and outs of both T1s.
  5. SunWu II.

    nerf amii monument

    Okay, every nonsense aside: - we're only talking PVE here, amii monument does not play a role in PVP - i thought your argument was ,,people who want to nerf amii monument are inexperienced/want it easy/don't want to find better strategies'' - i countered that by saying Treim who has mine and your experience times ten is against amii monument, saying it actually destroys other strategies by making maps too easy - stop mirroring me by saying i'm the condescending one, i didn't call people frustated and accused them of crying. it was you from your first post on.
  6. SunWu II.

    nerf amii monument

    So Treim for example is a frustrated player because he didn't learn to play the game? He's one of the, maybe the most experienced speedrunner in the forge. He made a lot of solid arguments against amii monument. Did you read them or did you just come here to vent, that's what it seems like to me. Your only argument is amii monumetn should stay as it is because people who want to nerf it are [insert condescending adjecives]. Nice.
  7. SunWu II.

    nerf amii monument

    No, you're not. You come across as angry and condescending. i'm tired of reading the same ,,learn to play'' worded differently ten times, why don't you learn to engage in debates in a respectful, factual manner? Nobody buys your opinions as facts just because you declare them as such.
  8. SunWu II.

    BF Memeville

  9. SunWu II.

    The Fire Worm Dilemma

    Is there only one form of rage? I think flame crystal on red affinity units only does up to double damge if i remember correctly.
  10. Shoutout to whoever made the Yrmia map have a comeback in ranked PvP! :frostorb:<3

  11. SunWu II.

    Frost/nature pvp deck help

  12. SunWu II.

    damage your allys

    This discussion was held back then, too. The developers statement vaguely was that these effects are an important part of the shadow faction and should therefor stay. I agree with them, it's annoying if you have to leave a game because somebody goes against you with shadow but i haven't had that happening in the last years, at all, not a single time in hundreds of matches. I assume it's really a few players only and my opinion is that we shouldn't change mechanics and balance because of some idiots. I'd rather note their name and call them out and not play with them again if i see them.
  13. It really has, it's hidden/for some reason not included in the description.
  14. Pretty much every mission on standard / advanced. I'm not expecting every player that asks for deckadvice to do expert right away. I also think there are a lot of expert maps where an allround deck is doomed to fail and a specific deck is needed.
  15. I think the studio wasn't as full fledged as you think. They barely had the ressources/manpower to concern themselves with balancing issues. And despite that balancing came a long way when you consider what a mess it was in the beginning.

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