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  1. SunWu II.

    Stratagies on the Feild

    T1 is really quite balanced, it's Radical who's OP. But i saw that Hirooo is in the beta now, so everything is balanced again, Thanos would be proud.
  2. SunWu II.

    Your ideas about new cards

    He's refering home soil, a card that already exists but was nerfed and that made frost cOMpleTLY UnpLAYBLE!11!. His idea for the stats is the unnerfed version, therefor ,,balanced soil''. My idea for balance would be to give stormsinger an ability like gravity surge, but it would have to cost about 100 power to not make it an OP no brainer /s
  3. SunWu II.

    The best color for PVP?

    Fire T1 is Battleforge's Bruce Willis
  4. SunWu II.

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    On the other hand who wouldn't get annoyed/cynical from time to time putting so much time and work into something to give it to the people for free and then you got so many people complaining and being clever with what you could have done better...you would have to be completly non empathic or some kind of buddhist monk who doesn't know anger. I wouldn't handle it so well i think and i'm glad there are people who keep showing patience and support and are constructive if they are critical.
  5. SunWu II.

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    You can disagree without getting vulgar and disrespectful. He called devs statements ,,bullshit excuses'' and tells them what to do. How is that not inflammatory? If somebody gets a red rep from me it's not because of him disagreeing with me or somebody else, it's because he lacks manners or respect.
  6. SunWu II.

    PVP-PVE Ideas

    T1 fights are far more awesome than T3 fights. In T1 you have big armies fighting, lots of action and strategy involved, nasty surprises, eruptions, sometimes artful nature T1 with 4 or 5 different kinds of units combining their strengths while T3 is just...soo boring to me. It's either grigori vs brannoc or grigori vs jugger or grigori vs grigori plus stupid spells like curse well and shield building. You have your exciting T3 fights from time to time, but mostly it's repetitive excecution of standard meta tactics revolving around single buffed XL units, a handful of L units and a few overpowered spells. There are no big battles of armies of XL units once a certain level of skill is involved, even if you start the game in T3 or T4. The higher tiers aren't really that fun in pvp, the epic stuff happens mostly in T1 and T2.
  7. SunWu II.

    PvP Same cards but different tier (PvP)

    Churches and voidstorm in T2...oof
  8. SunWu II.

    Multiple Accounts

    I've seen primes lose to legends and worse playing pure nature in ranked... You know the same thing happens all the time when you go inactive and then come back with a bronze- or silverrank? If you get rid of smurfing matchmaking doesn't become transparent and fair all of a sudden.
  9. SunWu II.

    Multiple Accounts

    I strongly disagree, i think the other mentioned motives like anonymity, ranked anxiety, ELO loss prevention with new decks or fun decks played a far bigger roll. I won't deny players used to do the things you describe but your painting a far too dark picture. I want to repeat a point wich too many new players don't consider: The ELO and matchmaking system produces faaar more unfair matchups than all smurfs combined. An example where the activity system leads to such: An experienced player with emperor rank (blue shield, no dots) only has time to play on the weekend. Over the week his inactivity makes him lose quite a few ranks. When he starts playing on friday he's going to run through a bunch of gold and lower blue ranked players first, every week until he got back his full activity bonus. This activity system is totaly overcompensating imo, a player that doesn't play 3 weeks isn't going to go drop from blue ranked to bronze level skillwise but the inactivity penalty drops him to those ranks. The other problematic system is the matchmaking itself, wich has already been discussed a lot in other threads...if the PvP population isn't going to explode suddenly and you're from america chances are you're never going to have matches wich are completly fair. If the aim is completly fair matchmaking, eliminating smurfing is one step, but it's a really small one, the big bloodhorn in the room is the matchmaking/activity system.
  10. SunWu II.


    Fathom lord is probably the closest thing to a crab unit we will ever have, eventhough he's more of a lobster.
  11. SunWu II.

    Why Thunder Wagon isn't called Fire Wagon?

    They're the loudest unit in the game, maybe that's why.
  12. SunWu II.

    Are towers underpowered?

    Mortar and phasetower are pretty strong, most fire and shadow players use them. Ice shield tower and primal defender are viable, too. All 4 of them are good for playing a long T1 and ice shield tower can even make for a strong support in T2 shielding your war eagles. Some stonekin players kept cannon tower for a defensive playstyle and towering into aura of coruption. Beijjingguy was able to make living tower work from time to time. But because of the need to have all of your important spells and S,M and L counters in T1 + T2 there's rarely a slot left for a T2 tower wich is at most situationaly useful. Also all of the non frost splashes prefer an offensive playstyle, wich is good, because those are the matches wich are more fun to play and watch imo.
  13. SunWu II.

    Bring back permanent Tomes

    Unless you play PvP. Playing PvP if you're into that. Come on guys, i get your point but there was a point where this discussion was more advanced. We already established that for some it's a pvp game, for some it's a pve game and for some it's a trading card game and each of those groups have different interests.
  14. Since stormsinger has been buffed she is a must have in any frostsplash and gravity surge became pretty much obsolete. Stonetempest is nice but aggressor makes life much easier because with stormsinger you already have an allround M counter and L units are the only (tiny) threat left in your T2. Crystal fiend is nice, too, but it depends on the playstyle and if you have the slots in your deck. Spikeroot or deep one is personal preference i guess, brute isn't really needed if you have parasite swarm against stuff like mountaineers or razorshards, i think. When reaver got nerfed mountaineer experienced a renaissance, (almost) everyone who played reaver before switched to mounty. Radical and Hirooo seemingly hopped onto that train.

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