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  1. YES! The only deck wich let's you get a T4 army of whatever unit you want in a reasonable time. Only possible with resource booster/enlightenment/offering and void manipulation.
  2. Getting a parking ticket or your phone running out of battery is annoying. The things you describe are straight rage-inducing and would make me stop playing a game forever and avoid anything else from that company, too. I'm glad Blank said no ads.
  3. So...a stonekin deck with some fire cards? You might be right though, tbh i can only make wild guesses because i can't even imagine how the T1 fights would be. How long they take would also highly influence if a T3 can be successfull.
  4. Arrrr....the white juggernaut! I'm glad i never faced Mo in PvP but i've seen him played and played him myself. I used him for a short time playing pure shadow but this isn't really the best deck for him. He's playable in pure nature thanks to the power you get through shrine of memory and the heals are also nice. I've also seen him played in a shadow/nature deck with fire T3 and disechant which makes him unstoppable if you have the power.
  5. Enforcer + wareagle with maybe netherwarp or lavafield should be able to deal with any firedancer attack i think, at least as long as it's not to cliffy and the defending player anticipates a little. I can imagine T2 would become a game of finding the weakpoint in your oponents T2 and then getting the perfect unit constellation to win trades. It would surprise me if there was more welldropping than in standard 1vs1 with all the CCs, protects and strong defensive spells and units you got here. (well maybe more well dropping than in a stonekin mirror :P) I would definetly give an amii ritual T3 a chance, once it's up you have the ability to completly negate damage on buildings. Combining that with voidstorm would leave your oponent incapable of any attack and you could pretty much do whatever you like then. Edit: How much happens in T2 will also be very map dependend, playing this mode on Yrmia for example might certainly end in a game like you describe. On the other hand some giant random maps favour the T3 player.
  6. I wonder how a PvP meta in this game mode developed, would there be T3 still? Maybe even T4 because everybody has building protects and cc and now every game takes 30 minutes, i don't know but my deck would probably look something like this: - scavy, nox, forsaken, dryad, homesoil, glacier, surge of light, ensnaring roots, nasty surprise edit: should maybe fit hurricane somewhere in here - harvy, amii phantom, oink, parasite swarm, shadowmage, disenchant, koboldtrick, enforcer, wareagle, firedancer, area ice shield...i wonder if buffs like lifeweaving would still be played if everyone had access to disenchant I wouldn't be surprised if this mode led to a strange meta, for example one where only superdeffensive decks have a chance and at least two T4 cards are a must. Somebody has to find a find a safe way through all the T1 and T2 madness first, of course, but after that it would be amii ritual spam and destroying/rebuilding monuments to get that winning score. Maybe a curse well / orb here and there to spice things up but that could be a quite boring meta in the end wich is counterintuitive when you look at the sheer amount of cards
  7. Hughgrant
  8. Edit: both have two arms, two legs, one head and take part in interstellar conflicts. Both have hair. Both are part of the same successful sci-fi franchise. Both like to think they fight for the ,,good'' side (lol)
  9. Wheels of gift abuse was fixed way before the end of BF, there were probably at least 10 more patches after that. I think it's good that they fixed it, abusing the ability animation to get abnormal buffs made something like rPVE a joke. It was pretty much the same with the second chance glitch.
  10. X is the answer, but it's really hard to figure out to what question. It's all to big and flashy for me, too...reminds me of yellow press titles.
  11. Are tremors still meta ? You didn't see them that often in the end. If not i would say core dredge.
  12. PvP needs the cards that are needed to play competitve, wich are the best cards. Not necessarily the most expensive ones. But having unfair matches, a hard time and less fun is not an option for most PvP players. In Battleforge next to nothing about PvP can be larned in PVE. In my 2 years of casually playing PVE i got about 3% of my current PvP knowledge. When i jumped into PvP after 1 or 2 years of being really interested in the game and having all cards i was still at the lowest level of PvP skill. I wouldn't have done worse if i had started PVP without playing PVE before, maybe even better. I learned nothing about counterysytem, mechanisms of poweflow or why it is important to no not lose a well. The problem arises because you can have casual PVE fun without realising how complex the game is and most information is easy to find on the internet but unfortunately not so much ingame. There are also a lot of cards that are pretty much PVP-exclusive and you won't get to see/use them in PvE. The same overflow of cards exists with charges!? Needing only 25% of each card doesn't change the ratio of UR:common. In the end players had 250 lighblades in the old game, too.
  13. i think you can combine these two!
  14. voidstorm
  15. Flower girl with balanced stats here. I guess it fits, i take a hippiesque approach to life from time to time.