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  1. I wouldn't want card changes just cause of little inconveniences, this happens like 1 in 100 games. With the bigger radius, wouldn't it be possible to take all 4 wells and boost them with only one booster? (mate could then take the next base/ 4 wells and do the same)
  2. Some other good options for nature/shadow: Hurricane: Sometimes roots is better, sometimes hurricane is. Doesn't hurt to have both. Embalmers shrine: Shadow phoenixes need a lot of corpses to revive. If you activate this building, they only need a fraction of the usual amount of corpses and come back much more often. Breeding grounds: On upgrade 3 units spawned next to it only cost 75%, so it's really worth it anytime you summon a big army. Your teammates can also make use of it in multiplayer. Resource booster: If you want to get power quicker, you can place it next to you
  3. F From a shadow pvp players perspective the change was great, of course. Fire still hast the late T1 advantage with sunderers and the guessing game where you don't know if youre ahead or not even after winning a fight involving thugs is gone.
  4. You still didn't tell me where i get my PVE rank from if i dont play PVE (you need a certain rank to upgrade cards). Getting bfp from quests? Forced to play PVE again. And probably not even enough for my 4 harvesters wich are needed besides 4 x 19 other cards. Your main argument to me is: ,,others get something i dont get because they play another part of the game''. That isn't enough for me to risk pvp becoming completly unplayable again. Because it is unplayable if you only have 3-7 pvp players online at the same time.
  5. The point was that pvp players dont have to grind PVE anymore. With your idea they would have to, again. Even if pvp gives me the gold to upgrade a pvp deck after some time, unless you play everyday, youre probably still missing BFP (think about how much a pure shadow deck is bfp wise) and more importantly, a PVE rank wich you need for upgrading cards. So the idea is to force pvp players into pve, again, even if they dont want to. This time just after ten weeks when some probably wont expect it... Also not nice for players like me, who enjoy both PVE and PVP - i spent all my BFP and gold
  6. SunWu

    Booster packs

    I have the feeling that on average the pure nature, shadow, fire and the amii booster might be worth a little more than the rest. The most expensive cards are mostly pure cards and with these boosters you only get those. But at the same time there are more than 400 cards and huge differences in prices - the variance is so high that luck is much more important than chosing the ,,right'' booster, even if you buy a hundred. Edit: with pure cards i not only mean , but also , in contrast to
  7. Can't stress this point enough. At the moment the pvp experience is the best since 2012. I feel like some players who feel bypassed because someone gets something for free dont realize pvp would just die again if we dont have the free decks. Or they dont care but thats just mean
  8. That was the point, there were a lot of complaints from players who wanted to play pvp exclusively and dont want to play 20+ hours of PVE first. With this system you will hopefully get players that otherwise wouldn't have played at all. I don't see a point in paying for these temporary decks, won't make a significant difference economy wise and also takes away from the purpose of the system: PVP players not being forced to play PVE. Shoutout to Radical, Hirooo and TopS3cret for chosing blue netherwarp indstead of the lame green one
  9. Using bloodhealing isn't that hard, and remember it's only 50 power wich is a big advantage over the nature heals. Yes, regrowth is easier to use and a stronger heal but as far as i see it you will either displease a lot of casual players by nerfing it or buff bloodhealing endlessly and people still won't use it as long as you don't change its mechanic and make it a generic one click AOE heal.
  10. Why should popular/strong cards become rare and unpopular/weak cards become common? Makes it even harder to get a good deck at the start and everyone will accumulate even bigger piles of cards he doesnt use. The only reason i can think of to implement such a system would be generating more money wich isnt an option for SR. Getting new players on the other hand is an aim, wich this sytem wouldn't help at all. From the beginning the relation of card strength and card raritiy had been rather random, but i think that's just because the original developers had no idea wich cards are actually s
  11. You can sell your boosters to to other players and use the bfp to buy the cards you need directly from the auction house. Compared to counting on random luck to get certain cards thats's of course a gamechanger.
  12. I love lost souls PVE decks with only lost (and not frost or shadow) spells and units. I think the colours and spell animations are the most beautiful of all factions but damn is it weak in comparison. You would expect a card with very constrictive orb restriction to be stronger than one that you can combine with other colours - but unfortunately thats so often not the case in Battleforge. This leads to a lot of cards that almost never see any play like the lost spells you mentioned. Frenetic and infect alone are so much better than anything pure lost has to offer in T3 and even T4. Any w
  13. Esepcially against the slow frost T1 you can and should always block a close well with swift units. Regarding the tournie's map pool a tower ban makes T1 relatively fair, i think. For example frost T1 might now have a certain advantage on Yrmia (short distances) while still being the underdog on Uro (looong distances). I personally like this towerban cause it means less turtling into T3 and more action: more fun to play and watch.
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