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  1. SunWu


    This thread was about something else. Not about how much skill speedrunning needs, not about new categories. It's about an increasing mass of players who engage in the most braindead + overefficient goldfarm ever known to casual players. Some people find this problematic.
  2. SunWu


    Well if that's the case something like Lebovin's gold reduction concept might indeed be a better solution.
  3. SunWu


    I wonder - is there really any card/tactic that enables 3/4 players to do ,,nothing'' and still win expert like decomposer? I'm asking cause none comes to my mind, though some of you make it sound like there are similar things. Gold farming is one thing, spamming one unit next to a decomposer to win expert in a few minutes is another.
  4. SunWu


    Previously i was undecided on this topic, but these days lots of ,,feeders searching for runner'' messages make me think a change might do more good than bad. arguments against a change: - Obviously decomposer plays a big part in speedrunning on a lot of multiplayer maps, changing it would mean one of the most significant shifts in this category ever. No speedrunner myself but it seems like most of them seem to oppose this change. arguments for a change: - Card description indicates that the current decomposing of allied units is just an oversight and not a wanted feature.
  5. Maybe useful against firesworn spam then, but scavengers probably still destroy them. Against nature (root) and shadow (dreadchargers) steadfest wouldn't play role.
  6. SunWu

    Frost Sorceress

    Frost T1 mirrors aren't at all single unit matchups. Once the wellpositions get close, ice guardians come into play: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLv1KjWDtB0 If you want more micro in your frost T1s maybe take a close well like in the vid. At low or mid powerlevel frost mages dont kill ice guardians...you can also micro them away until they are able to reshield.
  7. Lost dragon is underrated, completly disabling annoying stuff like windhunter, bandit walker, lost dragons, artillery etc is really great support. Purple affinity is also useful cause the debuff also applies to bosses, basically a big, winged snapjaw. Not overpowered, but strong units. Lost warlord though, he's really just an average T4 XL wich sees no play cause of the orb restrictions. But if units like lost warlord get a buff maybe decks like become more interesting.
  8. I totally agree with you there. I have always wondered why some really strong cards have less restrictions than weaker cards that play the same role; overlord vs lost warlord, frenetic assault vs amok etc... reason is probably that the priority was having a nice theme going, therefor not so many splashable twilight, stonekin and lost cards (still doesn't explain spirit ship being splashable though) Where i don't agree is making more PVE cards splashable, i already don't like how some decks dominate battlegrounds. Now make batariel and we have 40 batariels running around in every lvl 9 bg
  9. I don't like the idea of every deck being nature + X. You can totally play lost souls with bloodhealing. Yes, regrowth and equilibrium are easier to play and stronger but heals aren't a necessity, they are a convenience.
  10. Keep calm, there are a lot of players that loves the free decks like they are, of course they dont come here to complain. Just look at the rankings and count the players with PVErank 0. You know 10 people complaining on the forum aren't the majority? I personally don't know what the majority thinks but i hate your way of making aggressive assumptions and accusations.
  11. We should spar together, i play shadow and do really bad against nature. One thing i can tell you is that if youre not planing on going intsant T2 or rushing an instant T2, never use swiftlclaw against shadow. Roots + windweavers is what i always lose against, rarely against someone who starts swiftclaw.
  12. yes, ,,some classes'' - he named them already, nature and frost...its the whole story this thread is about! Neutral scorched earth could be just another tool for shadow to use your swift advantage, get instant T2 and then deny the frost/nature players T2.
  13. I wouldn't want card changes just cause of little inconveniences, this happens like 1 in 100 games. With the bigger radius, wouldn't it be possible to take all 4 wells and boost them with only one booster? (mate could then take the next base/ 4 wells and do the same)
  14. Some other good options for nature/shadow: Hurricane: Sometimes roots is better, sometimes hurricane is. Doesn't hurt to have both. Embalmers shrine: Shadow phoenixes need a lot of corpses to revive. If you activate this building, they only need a fraction of the usual amount of corpses and come back much more often. Breeding grounds: On upgrade 3 units spawned next to it only cost 75%, so it's really worth it anytime you summon a big army. Your teammates can also make use of it in multiplayer. Resource booster: If you want to get power quicker, you can place it next to you
  15. F From a shadow pvp players perspective the change was great, of course. Fire still hast the late T1 advantage with sunderers and the guessing game where you don't know if youre ahead or not even after winning a fight involving thugs is gone.
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