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  1. Why change the card just because of its name? Rageflame is the most fire name i can think of and its a stonekin unit. The people of Nyn (frost) studied these old scriptures and are now able to recreate the ritual the amii used to repair their buildings in the old age, they call it the...amii ritual! There we go!
  2. I think the pure Lost Souls cards combine the frost and shadow signature mechanics really well: frost brings the high HP, shields, even some freeze (lost converter) while shadow is represented through corpse recycling, offering units and (de-)buffs. The ''playing on a knife's edge'' shaodow theme you're missing is represented by having the ability of revenants. You only have a short time to use them, but therefor they give you possibilities you otherwise don't have, for example making full use of ethereal storm. Everything of course overshadowed by infect, frenetic assault, overlord etc...
  3. With all the work you put in i hope you'll find at least time to play a little here and there in the future. Thank you for being part of a dream come true!
  4. It's really not that complicated: Frost is the strongest in close well situations. This has nothing to do with playstyle, meta or players adapting to mapping... Ice guardians are just really strong and in close well situations you actually get to use them. Fire and shadow really struggle cause they can't rely on their S sized M counters as usual, cause they get destroyed by master archers. So: big map bad for frost. Small map good. There's no adapting to that, it's been like that for years. One of the reasons frost was never really popular, a lot of players don't want to be that depe
  5. Is proud of ,,not playing by the book'' - plays curse well lmao Curse well was one of the lamest most played cards in the top 100. If you don't want to play by the book try one of the cards devs carefully buffed to achieve more diversity. Getting a little annoyed by people getting a whole meal for free and complain because one of the side dishes is not exactly their taste. I'm totally fine with well mannered feedback/criticism like Chronopie did, but if i read something like ,,again devs ruining the game'' i gotta stay away from the forum for a while...
  6. You obviously didn't notice they reworked a lot of the maps so that frost now has much better chances of gaining mapcontrol / defending swift rushes.
  7. SunWu

    Shrine of War

    Yeah, global stuff in solo is never as strong as in 2 or 4pl. Makes sense.
  8. SunWu


    Possible paradox: 2-3 min BH runs make some new people grind more than less. New players see/hear how easy it is to get gold and a shiny rank with these runs and stop caring about the rest of the game and don't check out other maps and modes. I don't think that's a good introduction to this game. Yeah, old players dont want to grind, but we're still on the same page when we say we want to get and keep new players, right?
  9. SunWu


    I don't think rewards based on objectives are unintuitive. Taking bad harvest as an example, Moon even tells you to do these things, so i think for beginners i would rather be unintuitive to ignore these objecives. I agree with you, though, rewards based on who takes how many orbs are indeed strange.
  10. SunWu


    Fully understand that Gold/XP distribution is the problem of this tread and not decomposer, still i think you made some flawed arguments. Nobody said that the problem is playing the game as it's not intended (complaints about amii monument go more in that direction). The problems stated were more about the consequences of totally unbalanced XP/gold rewards for 2-3 min BH runs wich a lot of new players do now since they heard of it. And a card being a certain rank in most played cards doesn't make it problematic or unproblematic. I'm sure amii monument isn't in the Top 50 and a lot of p
  11. Already saw a lot more battleships and winter witches in rPVE wich is nice.
  12. It's a feature. The lost dancers take any buffs off of units they hit. Now the good thing is: they can't hit air units. So at least those will profit from the wheel's buffs throughout the whole game.
  13. Isn't pvp far too complex for a bot? A simple decision like a) retreating or b) stay attacking depends on so many factors like: whats the HP of the attacking unit, whats the HP of surrounding enemy units, whats their damage? What CCs or dmg spells do i carry, wich does the oponent carry? you have decisions like this literally every second - is it even possible to make a bot wich isn't just a slightly better PVE AI?
  14. If you go without ground unit, revenge is really nice. Besides motivate and shadow buffs it is the only way to deal extra damage if i dont forget anything else.
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