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  1. They wanted to twilight-transform it and had to find out phenomic didn't have a twilight skin for this model.
  2. I feel like players would just spam the market with cards priced 999999 BFP that they don't wanna sell anyway = easy free quest money. The market feels relatively healthy at the moment. There's the occasional missing card, but usually not for more than a few hours. Rewards for playing community maps is a nice idea though.
  3. Some more with recently buffed cards: This one is fun too since battleships become swift when shielded:
  4. Love it! My favourite is the equestrian nerf - made me kill my own perfectly fine units for years when they were attacked and i had no disenchant. It's only 15%, war eagles will destroy them... vs the other frost splashes they might do slightly better than scythes i guess. Edit: I change my mind, the ,,search in marketplace'' is new best friend now!
  5. Indeed, just tested it. I only remebered crystal fiend (blue) not stacking with adamant skin and thought it's the same. Now adamant skin stacks with wheels and also with crystal fiends buff, wich i think is new then. Edit: to be clear: adamant skin + crystal fiend (blue) stack / adamant skin + wheels stack / all 3 toghether don't
  6. I think it was always cheaper than infect, used to be around 1000BFP for some time and now 600BFP, probably due to reforging. Another situation where wheels are really wasted: If there's lots of stonekin units; the devensive wheel buff only adds another 5% onto the 15% adamantium skin. For grinders the regeneration buff is redundant, too.
  7. You could play something like: T1 Windweavers / shaman / ensnaring roots / surge of light T2 Stormsinger / cannon tower / breeding grounds / cystal fiend / curse of oink / maulers T3 shrine of memory / equilibrium / revenge / thunderstorm / enlightenment T4 Lost spirit ship / grimvine / regrowth / maelstrom Just some basic cards wich do a good job most fo the time. You can also play offering and rifle cultists to get more charges for T4 units without a cooldown. For expert you will often need to make changes (more defensive towers or a stronger foc
  8. I love you all for everything you did to ranked pvp!
  9. As someone who didn't know as much about this enemy, most confusing thing for me is: ,,shares pain inflicted to him with his nearby allies.'' So that's wrong because the reflect dmg is delt to enemies and not allies?
  10. Battleships are my favourite rPVE deck at the moment. With their standard attack i find them to be realtively broing, too - but i just love the ability! The long range means you can destroy anything on the ground before it gets to damge you. It's really fun with unholy power. I don't really think they need a buff, especially when you play with winter witch, ice age or coat of protection they are already indestructible (unless magma fiend boss in fire rPVE ).
  11. May I introduce, the strongest spell in the game:
  12. Yeah, the twilight spreads uncontrollably - like a wildfire. Also the whole shadow theme of sacrifice and corpse collection doesn't really match with what the twilight curse is. Of course if they would have designed the shadow splashes in another way, shadow nature might have been more intuitive.
  13. You could also enlighten one or two shrines of war, even resource boosters maybe
  14. I remember that the class system confused me when i started playing BF. I had the feeling that there might be a counter mechanic i'm missing out on. Now it rather feels like something the original devs thought has to be in the game but then didn't put too many thought into.
  15. SunWu


    You have to amuse the booster gods by opening the cards in the right order! And grigori, ashbone, parasite swarm, roots, lost shade - that's not even that bad of a run! Edit: bad luck brag chat?
  16. Yes, this is why it would be horrible to take away the free decks again (like he proposed earlier). PVE still has about 200 cards wich are not OP, but playable. In PvP every colour has only 25-35 viable cards including 15 or more wich are must haves. Some of them are really expensive and without them you can't comepte. The free decks do not only cut down on the grind a lot, but also give a quick instruction on what's meta. (And you really can't compete with non meta decks, take away 2 or 3 random cards from a topplayers deck and he should have problems going ranked with that.)
  17. Except master archers and ice guardian So godsent that most topplayers didn't even consider using it No, witchclaw is inferior - useless ability, squad of two (half dmg once at a certain HP), only 2 can attack a well Edit: I'm gonna stop here now, at this point it's just you venting and being wrong most of the time (when it comes to facts and not opinion, totally respect you not liking the change, hate how you handle it)
  18. It is not a niche use if a scenario occurs in almost all shadow - frost pvp matchups. See, you don't have to be a pvp pro to discuss balancing, but if you don't have the slightest idea about it, never seen a single pvp match....maybe be more careful with assumptions. Cause a single change can destroy multiple pvp matchups (all of your ,,infused'' ideas would) while PVE has a little more room for change.
  19. He thinks it's funny that you're complaining about a certain niche use not being available anymore and then turn around and say ,,I feel its problematic to balance things base on such niche situation''. You see the contradiction. And while killing XL units with S units and wintertide IS a niche situation, dread vs MAs in pvp is not, it's a standard scenario.
  20. No he's right, why not just siege or rage on massed master archers, much better than supid devs ideas /s
  21. Hi, good cards for a nature start: windweavers for damage, maybe dryad (blue affinity) for 25% damage redution on your units. Surge of light for heals and having crowd control like hurricane and/or ensnaring roots is also very useful. For a fire start most people use nomads (green affinity) and mines, wich deal insane damage. You can also use sunstriders (ability disables towers) and eruption, but those aren't really needed. In T2 you can go for vilebloods, fire stalkers or gladiatrixes as units, lavafield and curse of oink are good spells. Breeding grounds give you and your mat
  22. Well you don't wait till a unit dies by enemy fire, you kill it yourself...kill a few units to get a maxed out ethereal storm, spawn new ones after that. With voidmanipulation, 2 LLS, 2 Lost Dragon and 2 lost warlord affinities you definetly have enough charges. And to be clear, i don't think these combos are superstrong, i just think they're on the same lvl / a little stronger than stuff like lifesteal, adamantium skin or twilight transformation. They all don't do that much, revenants at least look good. And i'm not against buffing revenants neither. Edit: you also don't need dead XLs fo
  23. Well there's revenants blessing and ethereal storm wich both synergise with revenants. I wonder if anyone has ever tested and wrote down numbers after testing ethereal strom with diferent amounts of revenants, on paper it seems strong. (either take almost no damage or do heavy over time damage to oponents). Personally i find these things more interesting than stonekins boring 15% deff buff or twilights weak transformations. Bandits lifesteal also isn't really exciting, it rarely makes the difference in a fight, 15% isn't enough to change anyone's playstyle.
  24. Why change the card just because of its name? Rageflame is the most fire name i can think of and its a stonekin unit. The people of Nyn (frost) studied these old scriptures and are now able to recreate the ritual the amii used to repair their buildings in the old age, they call it the...amii ritual! There we go!
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