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  1. New OpenDocument Spreadsheet - Copy.ods Saturday about 16 o'clock european time. 140 player online. 45 matches running, no ranked PvP match apparently. You are free to disagree, but PvP has always been a niche despite heavily PvP focused balancing, in my opinion. By that logic, PvP should be irrelevant to balancing, because PvP is a rarely played game mode, because a very low % of playtime is spend in this mode:
  2. I think, a lot of long term veterans left SR because they are dissatisfied with some balancing changes. The missing outcry of the Decomposer nerf, compared to the Nether Warp nerf, is indicative for this assessment. The long term veterans played the game for years having a lot of fun and probably would have played it many more years. My suggestion: Make it possible to play with an older version of the game
  3. NAME: Difficulty setting restets if another player of the team leaves the previous match DESCRIPTION: If you select Expert while another player is still in match, the game will select again Standard after the last player of the team leaves the match REPRODUCIBILITY: Always happens ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As Volin mentioned, the same bug happens for rPvE as well, resetting the game difficulty to level 1
  4. NAME: No Remaining time in Market DESCRIPTION: The remaining duration for one offer was not shown. When I refreshed it disappeared. REPRODUCIBILITY: Not sure, but saw older reports about the same bug SCREENSHOT: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Ladadoos thought he fixed it: https://discord.com/channels/173414671678832640/594960703417483277/743790354968346664
  5. 50 minutes for one map? But I got told already, that it is a hard map with just 3 or 4 player 3-Player, 6-Player, 9-Player and 12-Player ingame option seems fine for me, since not many Player seem to be able to play that map on Expert (till now 6 won matches in Ascension and 18 won in Passage to Darkness according to the ranking). For forum I was thinking to add a spoiler for the 12 player maps, because 8-Player is easier than 6-Player, but still harder than 9-Player. Feel free to leave your feedback 12-Player-Maps
  6. New time for Empire, but it was not really a good run, so might be improved in the future
  7. I added it about 2h before you wrote
  8. This is a known issue. I reported it with a video. If you are still in a pvp group and you create a pve lobby the game will crash.
  9. Some people really thinking that it is hacks. It is not triggering, but should be not written in forum to prevent the spread rumors
  10. This thread is outdated and is still pinned. To avoid confusion I suggest to close it and and unpin it. @Global-Moderator
  11. @Gwiven That system is under testing on the test server. The live server is still using the old System. write !BFP on the discord server and the bot will explain it. There was the !BFP afaik on the testserver to see the current reserve.
  12. Halis

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    Maybe in the part of New Zealand, where the Magma Hurlers live
  13. Halis

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    Kiwi is a fruit https://www.google.com/search?q=KIWI&tbm=isch
  14. MrXLink did not meantioned that in his post, so I could not know
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