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  1. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    The "Riddle" is "solved"
  2. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    You are both "Lyr"
  3. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    King of the Gaints new 3 player time. Who could that Disconnected player just be?
  4. Halis

    Connection Lost when rPVE 6 won

    I did not got that since a very long time. (And even when BF had that, it was really rare). Kubik fixed a lot of stuff :)
  5. If you know German or one of these languages, you can read the following Wikipedia Text: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marktgleichgewicht Keep in mind, that production cost of cards is constant 450BFP. The point, at which you will get on average more than 450BFP worth of cards out of a booster, will let clever player buy boosters and sell the cards, to earn some extra BFP. Edit: Found an English source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_equilibrium_theory
  6. If the prices for cards increase, it will also be possible to sell the cards from a booster for higher prices. If the prices increase even more, it will be possible to earn BFP by buying booster and selling the cards. Sure it is a bit random, but overall it would give you profit+fun over time. That would pump cards into the market, which would then decrease the prices for cards again. It should balance itself by its own. So don't worry
  7. Halis

    client hm

    Yes, you should get the gold Ja, du solltest das Gold bekommen haben
  8. There are no posts in this thread or in discord, that are suggesting anything like that I will take part in the competition. So what are you talking about? I told you already my reasons. There is no reason to speculate. As I wrote in my last post: if I would had knew, that it was possible to win with any replay, no matter if it is good or not, I would had provided at least a casual replay. And again: I gave you the 3 reasons already in my last post. But since it seems like you missed that I will quote it here again: I dont know, if it is loss of reality or not, but you are reffering to posts that do not exist and missed the reasons from my last post, which you used as quote. So, if you will answer this post with the same approach, I would prefere to refrain from further communication.
  9. The last thing he told me was, that it is no fun, if the participation is to low. I haven't seem him playing since weeks, so I guess, they just did not play. I just asked a question, nothing more, nothing less: To make the reasons clear: 1.Karl Lagafeld declined my question. 2.I also dont need the BFP since I have almost 40k BFP and more boosters than I can count. 3.It also does not make much fun for me to play that long matches. And the So, in comparison: No goal, no need for the BFP, no fun. Then the question for you @Pritstift: For what reason should I have participated in the in the challange? P.S.: If I would have seen the messages here, that it was possible to win just by providing any replay, I (and also others, who just played the map casually) could have given one or two replays. But I guess nobody did expect that
  10. I wrote "higher difficulties". I meant high level gameplay. I am sorry, for causing that misunderstanding. I know that cards seam to be broken in lower level gameplay, but they are not as good as you think in high level gameplay. Especially the LSS is not that good. LSS got already nerfed the hell out of it in EA times. Of course LSS are spammable, but that means, that you had a lot of unused energy, which is a bad sign in high level gameplay, since that means you could have used the energy earlier. No offense and no swaggering, but I am record holder for many maps as you can see here https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/6044-soloduotrio-all-time-fastest-speedrun-rankings/ and here https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/965-all-time-fastest-speedrun-rankings/ and also in the game client under "Rankings". So I consider myself of being capable.
  11. We are not taking here about fine-tuning. That parameters are off factors higher that 2. No, the plan is to have the final parameters before the Open Beta. It isn't me who has to decide that, but for fast progress it is good to sell them. That's why I never opened a booster again on the main server, after I knew, that you can trade them. I am pretty sure they did not played all maps on expert (because Kubik said one, that there are just a few people who did finish all maps on expert). Playing all maps in standard is actuall pretty easy. In some maps you can not loose at in standard. Without knowing the game mechanics it is very hard to even play advanced difficulty. They should just try higher difficulties, if they want some challange. You can download them in the game client, after someone uploaded them. Yes, with the new system, that problem will be solved. Just read it again, if you want to. It will explain why. Why should not it be a motivation to get 5x more BFP per played game with the daily boost? If you explain it that way "With the daily boost, you get faster. After the daily boost: the more you play, the rate of BFP will be slowed down." close to 100% of the playerbase will understand it. Most player in this game are not good (at least from the currently playing ones). Hard to find very good players to play with sometimes. LSS and Amii Monument are not broken in higher difficulties. LSS has very low DP20S and is very bad against S units. For the Amii Monument, you always think about: is it worth it to waste a deck slot for that card, if you can get the Monument in the map anyways? No, new players often loose games. If you start the first time to play expert maps, your win rating will be also far away from 100%. So it does not correlate. Where is the fun of a lottery, if you know, that you will win every time? If you know, that you will win every time, there will be absolutely no fun involved. Making it less random means less fun imo.
  12. Let me correct that: It is supposed to be like this: With the daily boost, you get BFP faster. After the daily boost: the more you play, the more rate of BFP will slowed down. Something like this: But that is how it looks now shematically currently, which is a problem: The current rate for the daily boost is 250BFP/90Minutes. In some cases the rate can be 200BFP/90Minutes after the the daily boost got used up, which is not how it is intended to be. MrXLink is well aware of that and I want to make clear, that it is just in testing right now (The testserver is call "testserver"). No parameter is final right now and I am sure MrXLink will take care of this problem.
  13. Actually it has some problems currently. The most problems are caused by the current parameters. One problem is that ~420 BFP (Booster) for 30 minutes playtime is to much. And if you play only 29 minutes you get nothing, except, that the played time is transfered to next day. I disagree. It took me weeks to discover the hole game. There are every now and then new community maps. Yes, and one problem is, that you get absolutely nothing after you finished your dailys. (Except gold, but anyone who plays this game for a while has more gold than he needs) There is still the daily boost Let me explain it beginner frendly: With the daily boost, you get faster. After the daily boost: the more you play, the rate of BFP will be slowed down. For me as a speedrunner, there is no favourite color That's not correct. For earning Gold, you need to win a map. For BFP you need to play long. They are not getting unified, since you still need to win matches for Gold, while I agree, that taking the daily booster away, could take incentives further away. But you still get booster for achivements. I am not sure, if the fun to open a booster will increase, if you have less of them, but I think it will. Because you will get nothing for alt-tab. Just try it, if you want to. You still get boosters for achivements I also dont know, who you are. But if you throw around with 50 cents just throw it to me. I always need that 50 cents
  14. @Navarr you should explain, that high ranked PvP players need to search hours for opponents with the current algorithm for the ranked PvP. I agree that is a huge problem for ranked PvP if searching time dominates over the playing time. To prevent abuse I would recommend to only count the searching time, if it does not gets canceled.

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