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  1. Halis

    Disconnecting after online for a while

    @Kubik You can maybe just copy and paste this one:
  2. Halis

    getting banned message after not being online

    That's good to know. I was never sure, because people claimed often "I just installed Cheat Engine". These guys...
  3. Halis

    16x Speed for Replays

    Is it allowed to use modified client offline? That would solve the problem for me :p
  4. Suggestion: Do not automatically remove someone from the friends list, if you add someone to the ignore list. That is confusing and takes the option to mute a friend for a while. (You need to find and add the friend afterwards again). Also since the friends list has a refresh bug, it is difficult to use both list, so players have to use the friends list instead of the ignore list to keep track of unwanted players, but that leaves the option to block the communication.
  5. . @Ponni I removed the video, because of the feedback I got. I think smaller videos about smaller topics are better. The quality of the video was also not satisfying. There will be multiple shorter videos covering the same topics. Quote Ponni: "Halis mentioned there is a cap a day at somewhere around 1200 BFP, if someone plays 24/7, that will of course help speed up the number of boosters I calculated above, but this I dare to say is not likely to happen, or?" You do not need to play 24h for that, but close to that. Or you can take advantage of the fixed rate and play one match of 225 minutes duration every 15 hour. (Effectively 360 minutes per day + 90 minutes for the daily boost). If the game does not allow that long matches, you can also play one match of 120 minutes duration every 8 hour. But as I said, MrXLink agreed to change that, because it would be not fair, if someone could play 450 minutes (=7.5h) per day to get the full 1200 BFP and other will not get it even after playing 18h of playtime. MrXLink is aware of the problems. He is just very busy lately. So do not worry.
  6. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    The "Riddle" is "solved"
  7. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    You are both "Lyr"
  8. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    King of the Gaints new 3 player time. Who could that Disconnected player just be?
  9. Halis

    Connection Lost when rPVE 6 won

    I did not got that since a very long time. (And even when BF had that, it was really rare). Kubik fixed a lot of stuff :)
  10. If you know German or one of these languages, you can read the following Wikipedia Text: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marktgleichgewicht Keep in mind, that production cost of cards is constant 450BFP. The point, at which you will get on average more than 450BFP worth of cards out of a booster, will let clever player buy boosters and sell the cards, to earn some extra BFP. Edit: Found an English source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_equilibrium_theory
  11. If the prices for cards increase, it will also be possible to sell the cards from a booster for higher prices. If the prices increase even more, it will be possible to earn BFP by buying booster and selling the cards. Sure it is a bit random, but overall it would give you profit+fun over time. That would pump cards into the market, which would then decrease the prices for cards again. It should balance itself by its own. So don't worry
  12. Halis

    client hm

    Yes, you should get the gold Ja, du solltest das Gold bekommen haben

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