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  1. Halis

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Would it be okay, if I upload the game data to another hoster like openload.cc?
  2. Halis

    All-time fastest speedrun rankings

    after the record from Kyuubii LEBOVIN Pritstift and Wanky with 2.48.7 the Corruption Team did it in 2.43.3 thx for updating Edit: Loriens had no time, so Speedy help us out. It is at 2:37.6 currently
  3. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

  4. Hi Dallarian, that is not a buy. The second cannon above is firing. They are shooting across, so at the north wall there should be no shooting anymore, after destroying the 1st cannon (The south cannon)^^
  5. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Did I say something wrong?
  6. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Looks like ducarev made it today in even less time (7:23.5)
  7. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Are you sure it was January and not March? Can you check if you still have the replay?
  8. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    With better cards, you can get better times. Now it is free to play and you can get all cards for free. Back then you need to buy them for much money. Same story for the PC Hardware. I would be not surprised if will see even better times in the future.
  9. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    --Updated/Corrected a few timesand doublechecked all times during the past days-- Kubik told me, that the times are not always correct in the replays. That idea sounds really interesting and I would love to compete in such events. The only problem is, that there is only one full team doing the speedruns at the moment. So we are missing some competiton. Hopefully the number of full teams will increase to two at the end of this weekend. For the future we can do such events, but I think, there should be at least three active teams to make such events worth it. The reason for the Duo and Trio rankings is, that there could be more smaller teams compete each other. Otherwise you can say, that your team is the best in BF, but it is not better than any other team, since there is simply no other team playing at the moment.
  10. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    If possibe, I would like to shift the discussion. This topic is intended for new speedrunning records.
  11. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    @PritstiftI read your comment before it was edited and it really hurt me @Pritstift@MephistoRossDannyxx also known as DieToPlay, a known Speedrunner, got permanently banned in the beginning of the stress test, because he violated the rules. The rules clearly say "The usage of any bugs within any in-game content to any unintended benefit to any user in the game is forbidden and will result in bans." Using bugs/glitches is common for speedrunning as @MephistoRoss mentioned above and also used in Battleforge in 99% of the speedruns. So what is wrong in asking for green light? As I can see in the rankings, that not many players played the 2-Player motm rpve last month. There is also no Solo 2-Player motm rpve of @Treim and afaik he did not liked the map. So I guess, he just did not even tried it. I am pretty sure, if he would have tried, he would have archived a similar time or even a better time. I dont think, that my time was really extraordinary. Even @Loriens and @ducarev (Rank 1 last month) said, that they could have made 14:xx with their strategy. Now I am asking you: Would be your Solo run 16:9.1 in Titans possible without using all the bugs? Here are the bugs, you used: Using Nightguard to take over a 3 orb unit (The description of the Nightguard says "Restricted to 2 orb creatures with a maximum of 150 power costs."): Fathom Lord (3 Orb Unit): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaCIwuObrr8&t=78 Swamp Drake (3 Orb Unit): https://youtu.be/yaCIwuObrr8?t=142 Using the bug with the Gate Switcher to get ground presence: https://youtu.be/yaCIwuObrr8?t=793
  12. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Updated times for 2-Player King of the Giants and Guns of Lyr @MephistoRossDo the other Admins share that view? I did not used that bug since back then, because I was not sure
  13. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    Updated times for Empire (with 3 Player) and Guns of Lyr (with 2-Player) and added times for Battlegrounds @MephistoRoss@Kubik For the Blight you can see, that there is actually a case of a disconnected player. I guess, almost every speedrunner will agree with Mepistos opinion. Already the free monument from the disconnected player is a huge advantage. @Kubik I do not know, if I should count the Solo in 2-Player Battlegrounds time, since I used a bug. (I am not sure if it is a bug. Could be also intended from the old devs.) I know in almost every map speedrunner are using bugs like taking energy wells through walls (The Darwen Riddle) or triggering an later state of the game before finishing the current mission (Guns of Lyr) and even using the decomposer to transfering energy form one player to another player is already a bug, but used in almost every multiplayer speedrun. (The description of the decomposer explicitly says "decompose an own unit"). But for some reason, some players blamed me for bug abusing, when I used the bug (if it is actually a bug), so I want to know it. Is it now ok, to use bugs to archive better times or is it against rule "13. Game client and bug abuse"?
  14. Halis

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time fastest speedrun rankings

    There are times, where I had to write "Does not appear in the 10 pages of the rankings" or "possible better times of MONTH are not included". I went until the end of the 10 pages and could not find a single game with the matching amout of players. I think, it would be a nice feature for the speedrunners.
  15. MephistoRoss created the official All-Time speedrun ranking here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/965-all-time-fastest-speedrun-rankings/ But it does not show the fastest Time with less players than allowed (Solo for 2-player maps, Duo for 4-player maps or Trio player for 4-player maps). That is why I created this topic. Here are the missing times: Solo in 2-Player maps Convoy: 7:10.6 Pritstift June 2019 Crusade: 14:16.3 Pritstift April 2019 Nightmare Shard: 18:14.6 Pritstift February 2019 Nightmare's End: 40:37.0 Pritstift June 2019 Slavemaster: 23:54.4 Pritstift June 2019 Sunbride: 14:44.5 Treim June 2019 The Insane God: 13:03.0 XxBlueFirexX February 2019 Solo in 4-Player maps Bad Harvest: 25:24.1 MephistoRoss April 2019 Blight: 34:12.4 Pritstift April 2019 King of the Giants: 17:38.2 FiFcio May 2019 Raven's End: 29:59.2 Treim February 2019 The Dwarven Riddle: 13:11.2 Pritstift July 2019 The Guns of Lyr: 7:24.4 Halis July 2019 Titans: 16:08.8 Wanky May 2019 Duo in 4-Player maps Bad Harvest: 37:05.5 Rychy + Darshan May 2019 Blight: 22:16.9 LEBOVIN + Pritstift April 2019 Empire: 17:22.9 Halis + ducarev July 2019 King of the Giants: 11:00.1 Halis + ducarev April 2019 Raven's End: 27:38.4 Pritstift + Treim January 2019 The Dwarven Riddle: 10:33.4 Pritstift + Treim March 2019 The Guns of Lyr: 4:52.0 Halis + ducarev June 2019 Titans: 16:06.7 Halis + ducarev April 2019 Trio in 4-Player Maps Bad Harvest: 03:29.8 BanGo + LEBOVIN + Wanky July 2019 Blight: 27:45.6 Pritstift + Tomate + "Disconnected" January 2019 Empire: 18:34.0 LEBOVIN + Wanky + Pritstift April 2019 King of the Giants: 9:03.9 Asgard57 + ducarev + Alexx-Serg January 2019 Raven's End: 21:32.5 Wanky + LEBOVIN + Treim June 2019 The Dwarven Riddle: 8:25.9 Wanky + LEBOVIN + Treim June 2019 The Guns of Lyr: 3:8.5 Halis + ducarev + Hittimo July 2019 Titans: 16:07.9 Wanky + felkin + Navarr March 2019 Battlegrounds (Every month a different Map) Solo in 2-Player: 22:38.2 Halis March 2019 Solo in 4-Player: 18:46.0 Treim March 2019 Duo in 4-Player: 13:05.2 Pritstift + Treim March 2019 Trio in 4-Player: 13:11.5 Wanky + Treim + Pritstift March 2019

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