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  1. NAME: Deck disappeared in Forge SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Forge REPRODUCIBILITY: Really rare (Something like 1/1000) DESCRIPTION: I got a message with the daily reward. I collected the BFP and clicked then really fast on delete, which caused an Error message ([System]: Fehler beim Löschen der Nachricht! Fehlercode: -1) In Inglish: Error while deleting the message! Errorcode: -1. Then I clicked on the "News" to see the other quests and the Deck disappeared. Please ignore the other 17 messages with "Card is already in your deck". I think, they are caused by a corrupt deck of mine ^^ SCREENSHOT: https://ibb.co/mqWqgNK https://ibb.co/Bz60qX2 https://ibb.co/G0g5Q7p https://ibb.co/zskNLDH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The 17 other messages form the corrupt deck are causing some lag every time, so maybe they have something to do with this bug, but I dont think so I tried to enter a lobby with that bug and the hole game crashed ^^ Here is log after the crash: log.txt.txt
  2. Halis

    Cannot collect Cards for Mails

    Thank you Ladadoos, works fine now
  3. I guess, it is easier for the devs if you report the bug like this here: https://forum.skylords.eu/index.php?/topic/4208-how-to-report-bugs-template-inside/
  4. NAME: Cannot collect Cards for Mails SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Mailbox REPRODUCIBILITY: Always (other players as well) DESCRIPTION: Cannot collect cards from the Mails. Need to delete them. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxYINhSfj-U ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Other Players have also the problem (See global chat in BF). Happen through the last Update. Before the update it worked. Restarting the game does not change anything. The error message appears only the first time after login.
  5. Halis

    2 - "Errorcode -1" when trying to login

    For me it helped to restart the game
  6. Lost BFP while streaming yesterday: After the server restart/Relogging all BFP are lost: You can also watch the hole stream if you want to. Twitch Stores the Broadcast for 2 weeks. NAME: 2 - Lost BFP while writing a message SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: Forge/While sending a message to a friend REPRODUCIBILITY: I dont want to loose more BFP, so I will not test it again DESCRIPTION: Tried to send a friend some boosters and some BFP. The BFP got lost after I relogged. I had to relogin because of the server restart. I translated the German error messages to English below. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: just watch the short clips above. They contain all information. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I did not send any message that day, afaik. I can double check the stream, if it is important. So it is not possible that I reached or exceeded the daily max messages. First Error message (Not a bug, just input error by me): German: Nachricht-Fehler: Fehlender Betreff oder Benutzer Translated: Message-Error: Missing Subject or Username Secound Error message: German: Du hast dein tägliches Ausgabelimit überschritten Translated: You have exceeded your daily spending limit (This one must be a bug. I did not reached the daily limit, for sure (I dont think, that I even sent a single message that day :))) Third Error message: German: Fehler beim senden der Nachricht! Fehlercod: 1 Translated: Error while sending message! Error Code: 1 (This error could be caused through the first one, because I clicked a secound time send.) Edit: I updated some Information above

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