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  1. macabi

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    You can introduce a new quest that offers 75 BFP for selling 25 cards in the AH. This will encourage many more players to put their cards for sale, as well as try selling their cards at a reasonable price.
  2. macabi

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    Very good changes, thank you. Please consider carrying over unused booster discounts to the next day so we don't lose it as well as accumulating booster discounts for those of us who don't like to gamble our precious 350 BFP on buying a booster that may turn out to be a flop. See suggestion:
  3. macabi

    Higher BFP Reward for PvP Quest

    Very good point. In fact, you can fulfill 4 PvE quests simultaneously - PvE match & gold loot & multiple players, and play any game mode. With PvP, you can fulfill only PvP + play any game mode with one huge restriction - "play any game mode" has to last 10 minutes or it won't be counted. Unfortunately, most PvP games last less than 10 minutes (including 2v2). So technically it's 4 PvE quests simultaneously vs only 1 for PvP. No wonder players choose to play mostly PvE. So the solution is - either come up with more PvP quests that can be fulfilled simultaneously, or double the reward for PvP quest.
  4. macabi

    Higher BFP Reward for PvP Quest

    Deck level is definitely a huge advantage for expert players. But there is also the skill element. Put a noob (who had 20 hours of PvP game time) with deck level 120 vs an expert player with hundreds of hours and the noob will lose within 2 minutes in 1v1 PvP. I am sure that many noobs would love to play PvP but they don't because they can only find expert players to play against. So it is a shame that pvp is technically not available to noobs So once again, higher BFP reward would bring in more noobs which will help them to find a game against another noob. Another option is to allow players to start Unranked PvP game where they can specify limitations such as number of PvP games played so far as well as pvp rank. Example - up to 30 pvp games and up to 5 pvp rank. The combination of these two factors would be the best indicator to differentiate between noobs and expert players.
  5. This problem didn't happen to me in the last few months, so it's very possible it was resolved.
  6. I can see now that in the first 2 screen shots my gold balance is 3864, and then when I took the 3rd screen shot my gold balance went up to 8064. So that looks like a lag in giving the gold reward. My second screen shot was taken at 7:40 PM and my 3rd screen shot (where the gold reward was given) was taken at 7:43 PM. So it took the server a few minutes to give the reward. I suspect that if I had stayed on the post game screen for a few more minutes, then it would have changed to show the gold reward. I have seen that before. At some points the numbers change if I wait long enough on the post game screen.
  7. NAME: Didn't get Gold/XP Reward for Completing rPvE 9 Game DESCRIPTION: This was 4 player rPvE game level 9. At the end I got gold only for gold crates, but not the 4200 gold for completing the mission and no XP reward (see screen shot). REPRODUCIBILITY: Not sure. This is the first time I didn't get the gold reward for rPvE. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: Attached are screen shots and recorded game. The third screen shot shows that I got 3 quest rewards for completing the rPvE game. LOG: Logs are attached. movie.pmv movie_deck.pmv _log_proxy_latest.log
  8. macabi

    Game Crash during 2v2 Unranked Game

    What information am I missing? I couldn't provide a screen shot since it was a crash. I also cannot really tell what led to the crash. We were playing and then all of a sudden a crash. I cannot really provide much description. I provided all the logs which include the map name. What else? the format itself?
  9. macabi

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    Yes, I remember. Promos were very expensive costing thousands and even 10,000+. More or less like today, but today they are cheaper because you can get them in boosters. Other than that, I didn't see any issues with the market.
  10. macabi

    Higher BFP Reward for PvP Quest

    Pre-made level 120 decks for PvP is a good idea. But that won't solve the problem entirely. The issue is that PvP is dominated by experts players. Therefore, noobs don't want to play against experts because they lose miserably. The solution is to encourage many noobs to play PvP where they can play against other noobs. For that to happen - the reward for Pvp will have to be increased.
  11. I have been playing the game since January and I always have hard time starting a PvP game. Often it takes 10-15 minutes of wait time around 4 PM (New York time) to start 2v2 Unranked game. These games normally last 5-15 minutes. On the other hand it takes only 1 minute to start rPvE 9 game (that lasts 20 minutes) or 2-3 minutes to start multiplayer campaign game that lasts 15-30 minutes. The bottom line is - it is frustrating to wait so long for PvP games which are also the shortest games. I assume most players don't like PvP because it's too challenging. Therefore, I would like to suggest doubling the reward for the 4 PvP games quest to 150 BFP to encourage more players to play PvP. You can add a restriction where a PvP game has to last at least 5 minutes to qualify for the quest. This is very important. PvE loses its appeal over time. PvP on the other hand can appeal forever. So please, please, do something about this issue.
  12. macabi

    Booster Discount

    I still believe boosters are worth less than 450 BFP because you take the average price which also includes cards that are sold above the fair market value. This would happen often when no one else is offering that card. So you would have cases where a common card worth of 3 BFP will be sold for 20 BFP because only one person is selling it and therefore exploiting its price. Regardless, please consider my suggestion above regarding booster discount carry over and accumulation.
  13. macabi

    We're Releasing Q4 2020!

    Why not? It shouldn't matter if it is tradable.
  14. macabi

    Quest & Achievement Suggestions Megathread

    Suggestion: Create a new daily quest - "Sell 20 cards in the AH". Such quest will insure that all cards are available at the AH at all times.

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