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  1. I am getting this error message when trying to cancel an auction of mine when someone already made a bid. "Unknown Error! Error Code: 1" The message should be more informative.
  2. macabi

    Crash when inviting players to PvP Game

    It's hard to reproduce it when I am trying to, lol. Here is the game log from today. I was able to reproduce the case where I cannot go back to the game. However, clicking on the Active "Join Game" tab didn't re-produce the crash when I tried it today. When no one joins my group yet, I am able to go back to my game. However, once someone joins my group I am not always able to go back to the game. Instead I am taken to the general map. Hope this helps. I will send you a new log once the game crashes again under this scenario. log.txt
  3. macabi

    Crash while trying to remove third charge

    Thank you for the explanation. By the way, the removal of the charge did work. I saw that when I logged back in. Which means the crash happened after that. Not sure if that helps any.
  4. macabi

    Crash while trying to remove third charge

    Do these logs offer any help for solving the problem? I don't see much information in them.
  5. Kubik, This is a big problem that happens again and again. I host 2v2 Unranked Game, then I go to search players to invite them. Then there no way to go back to my game. I am missing the "go back to game" tab at the bottom left that shows in Ranked PvP games when you go out to do something else. With Unranked games it is not possible to go back to the game, and then when I try to join it from the main map the game crashes. This problem should be given high priority because it prevents us from inviting other players to our Unranked game. Log is attached. _launcher_log_2020.02.22_426.log
  6. Crash while trying to remove third charge. Log attached. _launcher_log_2020.02.21_410.log
  7. Does anyone have an answer to my question above? Kubik?
  8. I continue to have this problem every day. Short Ranked and Unranked 1v1 PvP games that run for 7 minutes or less don't count towards the "Play any type of game" quest. Does the game have a minimum game time required to satisfy this quest? If so, then that game time requirement should be reduced to 4 minutes minimum. It's very common to lose 1v1 PvP game within 5 minutes because of the rushing strategy.
  9. macabi

    Cannot Play PvP after PvE Game

    Oh well. Good luck with your continued reverse engineering process. Too bad EA didn't give you the code itself. It would have made thing much simpler.
  10. macabi

    Cannot Play PvP after PvE Game

    Could you add a "Refresh" button to the "Options" Menu which will Log off and then immediately login back to the game without having to enter user-id and password? That would solve the problem (at least temporarily).
  11. macabi

    Cannot Play PvP after PvE Game

    I Understand the problem. I am a computer programmer myself, so the other option would be to change the way the game creates (or doesn't create) groups (assuming you figured it out already).
  12. macabi

    Cannot Play PvP after PvE Game

    When it happened again today, I tried to remove myself from the group, but that option was not available. At that point we have to log off the game. The original Battlforge game didn't have that problem.
  13. The game crashed when I tried to get back to a 2v2 Unranked game that I hosted. First I hosted the game, the I went to the "Search Player" screen to invite some players. Then I closed the screen and tried to go back to my game. But instead of bringing me straight to the game set up, I was taken to the map where I can see my own game hosted by me. There was no "go to my existing match" tab. When I tried to join my own game via the map, Skylords crashed. Log is attached. _launcher_log_2020.02.17_352.log
  14. macabi

    Cannot Play PvP after PvE Game

    This happen when I was not belong to any group. I played PvE campaign by myself and then switched to play PvP.
  15. Every day that I play there is an issue with some PvP games (Ranked and Unranked) that I play that don't count towards the "Play any Game Mode" Quest. Today for example, both Ranked PvP games that I played didn't count towards this quest. I lost both games after 7-8 minutes each. Attached are the logs. _launcher_log_2020.02.17_348.log _launcher_log_2020.02.17_350.log

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