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  1. After sending many emails, and tweet messages to game reviewers, I finally got the first article to be published. This article was published by Jonathan Bolding a month ago: https://www.pcgamer.com/skylords-reborn-brings-back-unique-rts-plus-ccg-battleforge/ I hope more will follow.
  2. I started this post back in September before the release when the number of players was small and almost nobody played PvP. That situation has changed now with the new release. It is now easy to find a PvP game. Therefore, the moderators are welcome to close this thread.
  3. PvE gives better Gold reward than PvP, especially when you win. When you play PvP and lose you hardly get any gold so there is no incentive for players to play PvP unless they really enjoy it.
  4. That's too bad. I am really like the fact I can buy a booster for 250 after playing for 45 minutes. Are you planning to bring back the discounted boosters again at a later point? I hope you do.
  5. I agree with you that we don't yet have a player base to support all players for all levels. I believe most players play PvE and not so much PvP because of the greater gold reward in PvE, especially in rPvE 9 where in one hour a player can gain more than 13,000 gold. I make only 20% of that if I am lucky after one hour of PvP. So to increase the player base in PvP we need more gold rewards/achievements for PvP. We also need more players to join the game. So I am hopeful the developers put extra effort in advertising the game. I also suggested earlier adding option
  6. When I started to play Skylords in January 2020, before free PvP decks existed, I had to start with no cards and no upgrades. That forced me to play PvP and PvE with cards that are not the best but it was fun and interesting experience. Buying new cards and upgrading them contributed to the fun greatly. I always preferred PvP (since Battleforge days) so I had to play PvP with low level decks and lost most of the games, but I was fine with it. What I didn't like so much is grinding gold with PvE (especially rPvE level 9) where most of the gold is. Unfortunately, losing
  7. I agree with you 100%. Unlimited mode accommodates these players. But then there is a second group of players who expressed their opinion in another thread where they like the idea of grinding for PvP cards and upgrades. So the developers came up with a good idea of adding a Collection mode to accommodate these players. However, if unlimited is the easier choice then everybody will play Unlimited mode and not many will play Collection mode which is a fact so far. That is why I suggested more rewards for Collection mode to encourage more players to play that mode.
  8. I agree. Now with the free PvP deck I don't have the need to buy PvP cards such as Fire Dancer or Mountaineer. There is also no need to upgrade many cards that are used for PvP. At this point we just go after PvE cards and PvE upgrades. This means that the longevity of the game for many players could be cut in half. My suggestion is to make "Collection" PvP mode more appealing by awarding much more gold. You can also make Ranked games "Collection" only. In addition to that, you can add make PvP Collection quests and achievements more common. This way, Un
  9. I understand that it makes sense certain modes give more gold than others. However, IMO 6 times more gold for rPvE vs Unranked PvP is a bit too much of a difference, so I wanted to bring it to the developers attention. Also, I want to remind everyone that BFP is being given to players at the same rate for all game modes in contrast to gold. I want to emphasize that my suggestions are simply suggestions not complaints. My intention is to offer suggestions to improve the game and the experience for as many players as possible. Pointing to imbalance is not necessarily
  10. Today I played only Unranked PvP games (2v2 and 3v3) for more than an hour and accumulated around 2000 Gold (won half the games). Compare that to rPVE level 9 where within 20 minutes a player gains around 4500 gold (including gold crates). In that hour I could have played 3 rPvE level 9 games where I would have gained more than 13,000 gold. That is more than 6 times compared to PvP. That is not balanced IMO. No wonder most players prefer PvE over PvP. PvP should reward much more gold than it is now.
  11. I don't think the developers can nerf or take away the Unlimited decks now. Some players will get upset. We need to find a way to encourage players to play Collection decks instead of Unlimited. That can be done via more boosters/BFP/Gold rewards for playing with collection cards.
  12. 100 Gold reward for several achievements is way too low. That is not enough even for level 1 common upgrade. I suggest making that reward more meaningful. Therefore, please Increase Achievements Gold Reward from 100 to 1000.
  13. Stone Tempest (Purple) is missing English Text under its special ability (X).
  14. Long time ago I suggested adding deck level range to the setup of PvP games. For example, the game will allow deck level from 1 to 20, or 20 to 60 and so on. This feature will insure that players with similar deck levels play together. The downside is that it requires more PvP players so there is enough games to accommodate everyone. Therefore, I believe that much higher gold reward should be given in PvP games. Right now it's easier to grind gold in PvE. I enjoy PvP much more than PvE yet I feel I am forced to play Random PvE because of the greater gold reward.
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