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  1. Recent BFP Changes that reward 250 BFP for 60 minutes instead of a Booster for 30 minutes are Bad for Daily Players. Before the changes took place players would have gained 2 boosters over 2 days after playing 30 minutes each day which is worth 900 BFP (for 60 minutes of game play). Now, with the recent changes players have to play 60 minutes each day (for 2 days) in order to gain 500 BFP (120 minutes total of game play). If you add the 100 discount for a booster that you can claim the reward is actually 600 BFP. So not only players have to play 120 minutes over two days (instead of 60 minutes), players end up making even less - 600 BFP vs 900 before for half the time. I understand that the new system is trying to help none-daily players to earn more, and that is fine. But why reduce the reward for daily players? and by so much? At the very least allow players to earn 250 BFP for 30 minutes of gameplay instead of 60 minutes, and then add more (reduced) reward for 30 additional minutes. Also, booster are NOT worth 450 BFP. Their average worth is more like 200 BFP. Therefore, the daily Booster discount should be at least 250 BFP instead of 100 discount. These recent changes will only discourage daily players from playing every day. I play most days and I am very discouraged.
  2. I agree 100%. Very good points. The market will work itself out and it doesn't matter if card prices go up or down. When card prices go up it is more economical to buy boosters and sell the cards at high value while adding more cards to the market which causes card prices to go down. When card prices are too low, players will not buy boosters and instead just buy cards at the AH creating more demand while lifting prices up. Eventually the market will balance itself at a certain point be stay stable until a new change takes place. This thread is about the major shift to a much slower grind. The grind for BFP have more than doubled as I illustrated at my above post. After playing for couple of days I found myself very discouraged. Right now there is no point for playing 60 minutes each day. There is also no point for playing every day. One of my suggestions, to encourage players to play longer on a daily basis, would be to increase the booster discount from 100 BFP to 250 BFP after 60 minutes of game play (1 limit per day). It doesn't even have to happen on the same day. A player can play 40 minutes one day, and on the seconds day once he plays for 20 more minutes, he would then be able to buy 1 booster for 200 BFP instead of 450 BFP. Make that change and you will see that players are much more encouraged to play, and play longer each day.
  3. Starting a 12 player game causes the game to crash to desktop. This happens when there are 12 players present. With 9 players, 3 on each map segment, the game starts as it supposed to.
  4. When executing the game I am getting the following error: "Could not start the launch process, Access Denied" This happens because McAfee Antivirus blocks the Launcher program thinking it's a virus. This is a new problem as a result of the new update. Please resolve ASAP or provide a work around with McAfee. Right now I don't see any options with McAfee to allow the Launch program to run.
  5. The Antivirus detection problem started only after this latest patch. It didn't exist before the latest update. Therefore, the conclusion is that recent modifications are causing it. So my question is - is there another to achieve the latest changes without making McAfee think the Launcher program is a virus. Maybe Kubik can help.
  6. I have exclude the Launcher.exe in McAfee and it is now fine for me. However, many players out there may not be able to figure out the problem which will result in them quitting the game. So I believe the developers need to resolve this problem soon since we don't have enough players to begin with.
  7. Kubik, This is a big problem that happens again and again. I host 2v2 Unranked Game, then I go to search players to invite them. Then there no way to go back to my game. I am missing the "go back to game" tab at the bottom left that shows in Ranked PvP games when you go out to do something else. With Unranked games it is not possible to go back to the game, and then when I try to join it from the main map the game crashes. This problem should be given high priority because it prevents us from inviting other players to our Unranked game. Log is attached. _launcher_log_2020.02.22_426.log
  8. The Game Crashed when trying to create a 2 player Campaign. The last file is a screen shot of the error. This crash is derived from another problem. First, I played 2v2 unranked. After the game I tried to host a new 2v2 PvP but couldn't. That's because my icon on the right was in white color. Apparently, I wasn't released from the group I belonged to despite the fact that everybody else left the group. This happens often and that is the initial issue. So in a situation like that you cannot start a new pvp game. However, some time a ago I found a way to solve it by starting a new 2 player campaign. At that point my icon goes green. I can then exit and start a new pvp game. except this time it didn't work. When I tried to create a 2 player campaign the game crashed. _launcher_log_2020.04.26_1008.log crashdata.mdmp log.txt Battleforge Crash - 2020-04-26_122327.bmp
  9. Cannot pick Gold Chests on 12 player maps. The game won't allow to pick them up.
  10. The balance problem of the game is obvious if we take a look at card prices and how often certain cards are used while others are not. some cards are so much better than others making them very popular so their price is much higher. For example, some Ultra-Rare cards are worth only 20 BFP in the OH and then you have "Infect" that cost more than 5000 BFP. The solution for this problem would be to boost unpopular cards in order to make them more powerful. That will increase their use as well as their value and while reducing the value of current popular cards. This will have to be a never ending process that keeps boosting unused cards to a certain point. That is how I we can bring card values closer together while making unpopular cards more popular and more useful. This will allow players to adjust their game play and develop new strategies which will make the game more exciting.
  11. It looks like you already have a good idea for what causes this issue. Surely there is another way for doing what you need the program to do without making McAfee thinking the Launcher is a virus.
  12. McAfee is not user friendly when it comes to adding files to the "Exclude List". Other than that it is very user friendly and very popular. Players who use mcAfee will not give it up for Skylords. There are many free games out there they can play instead. So, from one Computer Programmer to another, my advice to you is to figure out the new cause for this problem and fix it.....
  13. I managed to do that, but McAfee is NOT user friendly and it is hard to figure it out. You will lose many players because of this issue. Many players won't be able to figure out how to fix that and they will quit the game. You must figure out what change is causing this issue and resolve it. This problem did NOT exist before the recent change.
  14. This happens to me too every time. I had to disable McAfee to get to the launcher screen. The game freezes and doesn't launch. In some cases I get an error "Connection Failed" after 30 seconds or so despite the fact that my internet is up and running. You should restore the previous version back until this issue is resolved.
  15. Can you please be more specific? If this bug reporting is lacking some information then please indicate what additional information you need. I think this is a simple and clear bug that does not require a use of template.
  16. The game crashed when I tried to get back to a 2v2 Unranked game that I hosted. First I hosted the game, the I went to the "Search Player" screen to invite some players. Then I closed the screen and tried to go back to my game. But instead of bringing me straight to the game set up, I was taken to the map where I can see my own game hosted by me. There was no "go to my existing match" tab. When I tried to join my own game via the map, Skylords crashed. Log is attached. _launcher_log_2020.02.17_352.log
  17. I am sorry Zyna but I am too busy to install the test server and try to re-create the problem for couple of hours., I don't even have time to play Skylords every day.
  18. That day I believe I played 5 PvP games (ranked and unranked) but I received gold only from 3 out of 5 games. 2 PvP games gave me zero gold. _launcher_log_2020.01.30_109.log _launcher_log_2020.01.30_113.log _launcher_log_2020.01.30_114.log _launcher_log_2020.01.30_116.log _launcher_log_2020.01.30_118.log
  19. macabi

    Didn't get Gold from 2 PvP games

    This issue happens for games longer than 2 minutes. It happens all the time with 2v2 PVP where one player quits and the other 3 players continue playing the game.
  20. Sorry, but I am not on the test server. Also, this bug doesn't occur every time. Lately it hasn't happen to me on the regular server. The best solution to fix this issue is to add the small window - "go back to game" that usually shows up when you join someone else's game after you venture out. When you host your own game that window doesn't show up. Fix that and you will fix the entire problem.
  21. macabi

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    MrXLink, I understand your logic and in general it makes sense. However, my concern is that it will reduce the incentive to play the game every day which will result in fewer players Online. That would be bad because we don't have enough players as it is. So I would like to propose adding a 10% chance (each day) where a player who plays for one hour could get a booster reward in addition to the other rewards. I believe that this 10% chance to win a booster will encourage players (who can) to play every day.
  22. macabi

    PvP Rank Drops too Fast

    As you all know, it is very hard to find Rank PvP games at certain times. I try to play Rank PvP every day with long wait times between games. Despite that, in some days I cannot find any games. The best time for me to play is in the evenings after 7 PM Eastern time (US). I don't have much time to play earlier than that. The problem is - my PvP rank drops a lot on days that I am unable to find games. As a result of that I dropped from level 10 to level 3 in a short period of time which is preventing me from upgrading some of my ultra rare cards. Therefore, would suggest slowing the rate of rank decrease for PvP. A 1000 point decrease a day for not playing PvP should be sufficient.
  23. I just had a crash when I completed the Oracle Campaign scenario on Advance. It happened after the scenario was completed successfully when I clicked on the continue button. No error was produced but crash data dump was created. It simply crashed to desktop. I did however get credit towards two of my quests. Logs are attached. _launcher_log_2020.04.26_1016.log log.txt crashdata.mdmp
  24. They won't be able to implement your suggestion. That would be a huge change to the game. However, I would like to see a deck slot increase from 20 to 24. That may be a big change too. Am I correct?

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