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  1. exactly this. If I see a good deal I turbo-click buy without thinking to beat someone else to it. If you're missing a decimal point, someone's going to see it very quick and purchase it before you can do anything about it. Best to be careful and doublecheck your listing before putting it up. The only reason your normal auctions don't go as fast is because those same people looking for deals aren't interested in your reasonably priced auctions. But they're getting viewed just as frequently.
  2. I think the "no real money option available in Skylords Reborn" is the key to your statement that makes all the difference here. In those other games, where you can turn USD into BFP, some guy can be frustrated that you listed an item for a ridiculously high amount, but he can just charge his mom's credit card and get it anyway. There will always be people willing to pay money, even at extortion costs, to get ahead. in Skylords Reborn, there is a limited amount of BFP going around, and it must be earned, one way or another. I can't "accidentally/oh well/it's just money" spend 1k BFP on a parasite swarm. I mean I can, but if I'm overpaying like that, then it's likely that's all the BFP I had available. People are more invested in their BFP, BECAUSE it can't translate to real world cash. They had to earn it and it can't be wasted and then replaced as easily.
  3. I can almost guarantee you that those are not the successful traders. -If there are only 1 or two parasite swarms on the market, sure you can buy up those 1 or two and re-list at a higher price. -If you have to buy up 3 or more of those parasite swarms, I can almost guarantee you that it won't pay off. Try it. You'll be surprised. Why? Because the market forces work. As soon as I buy out 10 parasite swarms to start listing them, and I mark them up for WAY too much, I might sell ONE before the market corrects. people see that parasite swarm's price is up. The rest of us traders see that, and start undercutting them, but at a high enough price that we still make a profit. That guy gets stuck with 10 parasite swarms that he can't move, and the market takes literally hours to correct itself.
  4. I mean, you can think that, but you're wrong The game is and always has been a hybrid RTS/CCG. There is no "necessary evil." It's what makes the game unique and it's what brought the playerbase. No ranting necessary. If this makes the game "evil" to you, then I'm not joking that you're playing the wrong game. That's like willingly playing MTG and complaining that the game is P2W. -pointing out the obvious nature of the game that has been baked into it from it's inception does not change the obvious nature of the game. Play it or don't
  5. here's another hot take that is bound to be unpopular: Buying out a card while it's low and marking up to sell high is a risk that rarely works out, because normal market forces will drive the price back down quicker than you can cash out on the risk. As such, the successful traders don't buy out cards to artificially drive up prices. They buy when it's smart to do so- when the price is naturally low- and patiently wait to re-seed the market when it will pay off - when the price is naturally high. As such, the traders ARE regulating the market, in a good way- They're keeping your valuable cards up in price, and you want that, because you want your cards to be worth something. They're also keeping the obscenely high prices down: when some joker buys out the market, that's when your successful patient traders are going to come back in, undercut them, and make their profit- at a more reasonable price. So the successful traders are tending the market like a garden for everyone's benefit- they're the ones weeding it and trimming back overgrowth. -I'm expecting the retort: "I don't want my card prices high! I don't need my cards to be valuable, I'd be ok with my cards being cheap if it meant other cards would be cheap." -the answer to that is: you're playing the wrong game, then. The random nature of the boosters and the fact that there is a marketplace at all is essential to what this game is, at its core: a ccg. If you don't like it, there are other great RTSes that have no market element.
  6. It seems to me like if you already know which cards you want, it would be an extreme waste of effort and BFP to purchase packs. just me.
  7. Juggernaut's line, "It's an action movie." What is this referencing? My google-fu is weak. Thanks!
  8. Rude player comes in, calls all the dev's hard work trash, gets mad when people don't take him seriously. Calls them rude. Classic! I assume by the tone of your post, you learned to speak English in League of Legends? lol I haven't had any disconnect issues. I'm not in Germany. If other people were having disconnect issues, then it would be something to address. But you seem a bit alone on this.
  9. so I took a bit of German in college, and went to Germany for a summer, and so I can understand it just a little when I'm seeing it typed out. I'm a little fascinated, and not offended by it. But here's the thing you gotta understand, IMO: When someone puts you on ignore because they can't understand your language, it's not a judgement on you, necessarily. It's not even saying they're upset at you speaking non-English. All it's saying is: That person doesn't see any purpose in having you in his chat windows at this moment. And those chat windows are INCREDIBLY cramped- you have to make the most of your space as it is. So... I mean... I don't think it's being discriminated against. I think it's a quality-of-life choice for that user, which has nothing to do with you. Now... understanding that... you have a choice about whether you're going to speak non-English or not. There are pros and cons to both, as you've outlined already in your post But no one has to "not" block you just for equality's sake.
  10. huh. Ok. I must have missed that. The timing lately didn't seem like it. well my bad then, carry on.
  11. I could be mistaken, but it appears daily rotations ( such as the 45 minutes played to earn a booster discount) are renewed 24 hours after they are used up. This causes said daily bonuses to slowly pushed back just a little every day, even if you are on top of your game trying to do them asap. Eventually, then, you're going to have a missed day, as the window for that daily is going to be too late for you to complete. WoW had this issue once upon a time. They fixed it by daily cooldowns resetting at a set time every day (or in the case of transmutes, they refreshed in 20 hours instead of 24). I would recommend either of these, where not implemented.
  12. Someone in game mentioned that booster pack pricing would be going up soon, but I couldn't find any official announcement. I'm sure it's there and my Search-Fu is weak. But any help? Is this true, and when?
  13. I've been kind of wondering about this myself. This effort is different in that it's re-launching an already-complete product, and will be facing different challenges than other games. I don't know if there will be additional content added, but I'm wondering about the longevity of this thing. It seems like the game is mid-boost due to nostalgia and people realizing it's now live (like me), and I imagine people will sort of drift off. player-base attrition could be a lot worse for this game than a standard game. I'm wondering what actions can be taken to continue to grow the player base. If nothing else, to counter the constant atrophy I'm expecting.
  14. Hey all! I played back at EA's launch, put too much money into the game, and swore off EA when they cancelled the game. Now I'm back and excited to be playing again. However, I have some re-learning to do. Boosters, in particular: I don't see any guides on here explaining what each of them are. I asked for some help in trade, and got some answers, but not sure what to trust. I've been told that a booster I received as a reward is a "mini booster," and while I do believe him, I don't see it referenced as such anywhere in the game. I want to make sure I understand what I have. Also, does a fire booster basically provide only fire cards? Making sure I understand that right.
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