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  1. Nobody demands anything. The reality is just that there will be people like me who have very little time so with free pvp decks I can actually play pvp. Without them I won't. That's not a demand but a simple fact. Or people like several of my friends, who don't care at all about pve, so if I tell them "well, you have to grind pve for several days until you're on equal footing in pvp" they'll laugh, ask me whether I'm serious, and then play another RTS like AoE or CoH2 instead. Battleforge has many unique traits in pvp and gatekeeping them behind a pve grind is just stupid.
  2. I'd invert this. In Ranked, it should be skill that decides where you end up on the leaderboard. Not capacity for grinding. And the reality is that if you fight with a non-optimized deck vs an optimized, you WILL run into situations where you lose against fairly simple unit spams because you don't own a specific key card for that matchup, or it simply isn't upgraded high enough. Also, talking for myself and my friend group of 4 people who play RTS together from time to time, we play games longer if they're balanced and fun. Grinding purely serves as a barrier to entry. It's much more satisfying to notice how you actually get better at the game and thus win more, as opposed to winning more because you have plainly better cards. Tbh I have a hard time even understanding the sentiment of wanting grinding for PVP. I can understand liking grinding in PVE, because there you're playing against a (rather dumb) AI and thus balancing makes no sense - if it was balanced, you'd win everytime. But in PVP, adding grinding just means that you're forced to play uninteresting non-games. I remember back when BF was still an EA game and I started out with lvl ~60, reasonably decent shadow/frost deck on low ladder. Roughly a third of my games, I'd play against a clearly terrible lvl 30 or so deck and completely stomp the opponent, even though I wasn't much better in terms of micro etc. . Another third of the time, I'd play against a lvl 100+ netdeck (often pure fire) and get completely stomped myself and again, not because I necessarily played worse. Actually interesting games, against OPs with similar deck lvls that are similarly optimized, seemed like the minority of matches. Only after I got lvl 100+ myself, reached a higher rank and had all the important cards, games were decided by skill. I don't mind getting stomped if the OP is actually clearly better. But if I had as little time back then as I have now, I don't think I'd have persevered until then.
  3. I'm really confused which game people were playing before, because this has always been my experience in BF. With the difference that I can now at least start with a lvl 120 deck myself, instead of having to grind PVE until I can compete in PVP.
  4. Aside from completely agreeing with Navaar that we really need a ranked system first to have some data and that the dynamics in 2vs2 are quite different, I would also like to add that imo we should do small, incremental nerfs&buffs, like +5 or -5 energy, instead of the huge +30 energy nerfs called for here. It is much easier to keep a card playable that way, and if necessary you can just repeat the nerf until it seems fine. Just nuking a card from orbit really reduces variety, especially considering that the cards talked about here are one of a relatively low number of turrets that are actually viable at all in PvP. Killing phase tower and mortar leaves ... makeshift and what else? Cannon Tower with Nature Frost and CoN with Shadow Frost? I would honestly prefer some building counter in nature and/or frost t1, like a timeshifter spirit that only keeps buildings from attacking in a certain range. Or a frost spell that makes units much more resilient against building attacks and disables knockback from them. Not so strong that it becomes an auto include and makes beating buildings easy for them, but strong enough to use it meta dependent and counter tower spamming.
  5. Same here, it seems a lot of people have it at the same time, too ... At least in my case the chat usually still works and if I ask people, multiple answer that they froze, too.
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