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  1. LittleLegend

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    Hey Thanks guys for reviving a great game i loved to play in my childhood. You did a great job ! Unfortunately the game is unplayable at the moment due to disconnects in multiplayer maps and freezes :/ But i bet you will also solve this problem Cheers
  2. LittleLegend

    Battleforge PvP with RadicalX

    I stumbled upon your Youtube channel recently and I was so stoked about seeing all these cards I used to play in action again I see, that you play on a very high level and the way you explain things in the game sounds very technical and competent to me. The Problem is, that I have no access to the Beta and havent played the game in years and even back in the days I was more of a beginner. In general Im very interested in high level PVP/PVE tactics and gameplay, but before I can enjoy that I need to learn much more about the game and I need to be able to actually play it XD. What I would love to see on your Channel is: - Analasys/Guides that are oriented towards beginners or people, who have no Beta access. The Guides could help those people picking up the game again this year(hopefully) - Maybe try to explain some game specific terms you use like "focusing" or "splitting" and maybe even make an extra video about it to explain what they mean and how to do these things in game - I really like card challenges, because then you see cards, that are maybe not played so often and you get a break from all the meta stuff. These are my ideas so far. I really like your content and hopefully my ideas will inspire you. Keep up the good work
  3. LittleLegend

    Poll: Future Loot Lists

    Just an idea: What do you think of a system, where you could select a certain card you really want to get from the loot list and then the percentage of this card dropping would increase based on the rarity of the card. This would help players getting the cards they want/ need to build one specific deck they like.
  4. LittleLegend

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    For me it is the Soulhunter It was my favourite card to play and I was so hyped, when i got him. He was sooooo cool ( way cooler, than this stupid op harvester everyone played )
  5. LittleLegend

    The legendary forum game "count"

    2385 / 5 = 477
  6. LittleLegend

    Card Collecting Games

    Yea it ist time for a reinstall ! The game is out of beta and new cards and features will be added soon.
  7. LittleLegend

    MBTI Personality Test

    I think my result is pretty accurate Great Test !
  8. LittleLegend

    Card Collecting Games

    I have a blast playing Faeria ! It's a bit like Hearthstone, but with a boardbuilding aspect to it. Check it out, It's worth it and even similar to BF in some ways

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