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  1. Economy is irrelevant compared to balance. Pvp is a mode incapable of functioning without everyone being on a level playing field in card stats. No matter how long or eloquently you try to argue to get rid of free pvp decks it's pointless because no argument you can make will be worth essentially removing the pvp mode all together.
  2. I'd recommend slapping winter witch into that t4, if you end up with two frost orbs she's actually much better than regrowth, gets even better if you put ice age green in as well. You can keep regrowth for top ups and helping teamates struggling and not have to worry about keeping charges around for yourself. She's very much the EZ mode for rpve. The only time you'll ever take health damage is lost souls and then only because of lost dancers disenchant and that usually on just one unit. I don't think amazon green affects anything you have so dryad blue or blue Amazon would be better. Or j
  3. Her shield is already amazingly powerful and I don't think the shield itself needs any changes.
  4. Honestly long wished for this just to give northguard a reason to exist. Pretty much whenever knockback exists small units stop existing. Alternatively we could just give them M damage. Always wanted just a cheap m counter that isn't tied so heavily to wells/orbs. That could have big pvp ramifications though so might not be possible. Still It'd be nice to have brave defenders actually do something, even if it was something like knockback immune when next to buildings or something. Give em a unique niche for campaign to rush through titans makeshifts to kill thugs or something but probabl
  5. It would be nice. The character limit is pretty restrictive for having fun deck names.
  6. Torban

    Frost Sorceress

    Have any other suggestions to make frost t1 mirror matches less... single card then? Figured Sorc is decent candidate as she's a ranged M dmg dealer already so with a few tweaks frosts only counter to medium ranged spam in pvp isn't frostmage. This whole Frostmage is the counter to frost mage is seriously a problem. It is also exactly because Frost Sorceress is a frost/fire splash card and pve card atm that I figure she's a good candidate. Pve isn't going to be broken by a dps change to her and she's usually used in t2 for 1v1 pvp making her dps still rather irrelevant outside of t1. Not sure
  7. Torban

    Frost Sorceress

    I did a lot of testing in the forge for groups of frost mages and frost sorceress in various formations and mixes/pures, throwing in shields, ect. Wasn't relying on the card numbers at all. Couldn't find a way to make the mix up viable in it's current state. Anytime something started to work a formation change for the frostmages solves it handily.
  8. Torban

    Frost Sorceress

    I was hoping to suggest slightly buffing frost sorceress' damage just to spice up the horrendously awful frost mirror match. It's absolute boring having frostmage as the only viable unit for the mirror match. I despise playing this matchup. Currently a frost sorc is about equal for a 1v1 fight vs frostmage if it's single target and much weaker in aoe damage than frost mage especially if the frost mages spread out even slightly as they have a much wider aoe than the sorcs. Just a few points of damage could be enough to spice up this otherwise linear battle and in the very least make hybrid forc
  9. Healing? In a 2 orb frost splash? Winter witch is better than regrowth. Gotta open up what cards you use instead of just looking to nature for everything. Once she got changed to 2 frost orbs it really opened things up to rip regrowths position away. I actually think it's funny when people regrowth in rpve 9 runs and not a single unit takes a single hitpoint in damage the entire run. Her change went through with battleship.
  10. Torban

    Mountain Rowdy

    Does anyone actually use this card for anything? Frost has so many good t2 medium units it seems hard to find any use for this derpy ugly art self freezing oddball. I'm curious if anyone has found a use for him as anything but a budget stone of torment for The Soultree. If anyones ever gotten good use out of him in either pve or pvp I'd love to know.
  11. An Ice guardian beatdown of an instant t2, a little messy being low elo but the offensive well worked out. Instat2 rush.pmv
  12. The only real reason to use transformation is to upgrade old units into better ones. Also if you lack t4 charges having a train of hags for example following your t4 force you can use them to transform at a breeding grounds discount on the move as charges come in. One thing to note you need the full normal powercost to breeding ground a unit but with transformation you get it much earlier as you only need the discounted cost upfront. So if you have old units you may as well use them to get smashing earlier. Beware the transformation bug as if a unit gets knocked back while transformi
  13. I like him and would use him if he was in the game.
  14. Well against frost it's not nessisarily free. Ive dropped orbs before with a mass of archers and homesoil. I do think it's a little lame instantly hopping t2 but I'm also very much a rusher so overconfident/lazy orbs and wells are my bread and butter. The blue tides comin for ya!
  15. Not having commandos or banditos at t2 makes me sad because especially for banditos your missing out on some of the best voice acting in the game. I absolutely do run them soley for that lol. Love those crazy lads even if their ability conflicts with melee mechanics a lot Definitely extremely spell heavy, and no t2 ground presence is s little odd as is running rioters retreat without commandos. Is this for campaign or rPve btw? With three towers I'd guess campaign but very little units for a campaign deck. Could easily drop necroblaster for commandos and both get ground presence and a s
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