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  1. Em, ok, first, we are talking about pure frost, don't talk about heals pls, second, all that "micromanaging" "better spell usage", "smart tyming" doen't care when ur mate is rushing camps with 3 spells, all your solutions are stay back and wait to put the shield, then go to fight, that means what you said, you CAN'T wait the perfec timing all the camps, specially when your mates use frenetic into infect into nether into next camp. Just waiting for shield up before approaching the camp is not "strategy" is just a waste of time. You can't make "more op" what has never been, a
  2. I think the problem with pure frost are the shields, is frustraiting when your units are fighting, some of them are half life and you use any shield spell and any unit get a shield except those who have 20% hp, or when you are cleaning a camp with your t4 units, some of your t4 will die, then you try to save them with coat and booooom, the shield ends in the little and cute tiny minions from mate´s Infect................. Maybie you should make that shield spells with 2 options, cast free or cast only on your units, or maybie "when you use the shrine of frost all the shields will apply on
  3. Hi guys, I wanna talk about one of the new achievements "Not even my final form", the rules are simple, can't use cards of t3 and t4, I tried that after I completed the Soultree achie where you can only use t1 and t2 cards, I tried Encounter with the twilight with the same deck, but the last boss is hard, was there when I detected something, the achie description is different, one says that you must use ONLY nature t1 and t2, and the other achie says that you can't PLAY t3 and t4. That's the clue, u can use the twilight transformation to use t3 and t4, and now I can confirm that, I just d
  4. Oh god, i totally forgor this post. @Dallarian @Eirias bros, you are been so radical, you are going to the extreme of the situation, a situation where you are playing a game with the top 10 players in a game of 20 mins, but in this situation, if the player wanna be in the top, they need to work for it, why they dont need to play the game to get cards?, you dont need all the upgrades to start to play, for example, do you know how much times ive used juggernaut in a pvp game?, like 1 in one year of game, in some cards of course you will spam, but this is part of the game. You are telli
  5. @Dallarian Thanks for the answer, only i never said to add amii monumento to pvp deck, i said to create a free pve deck and add amii monument. @Eirias Thanks for the answer. This is not the point of the game?, to create new experiences, to test, to fail, to lose, to win in game and in economy?. Because you said plaing vs experienced players is frustrating but, sorry if i said in that way but players who are bad are bad, if they have full deck or half deck will be the same, if they just attack while the experienced player def ant attack 2 or 3 points, always the experienced
  6. Hellow guys, first at all, i'm just learning english so if a make a 1k mistakes mb :v. I make that post because i can't understand how much afect to the economy the free pvp decks. in pvp I only play pure fire and pure shadow since 2012, and the funniest part was to get all the cards, i remember yet when i got my firedance promo, trolling and playing with girl power xD, and in the beta i got again the same decks, i was so happy to get my pure fire pvp deck lvl 120 again, but each time i play a pvp game, i think, why i need to buy cards, why i need to upgrade cards, right now i have a lot
  7. I always won a lot from ah so.....ill be happy to test the new system, but, i think is a good idea to create a +reward in pvp quest, no one play pvp, maybie if u create a lucrative reward for this...maybie xD pvp could be more active, i wanna burn skylords :v
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